LET’S GO!! That sauce just different! New York rapper, Curly Savv, releases his latest visuals for “TOAST UP 2/NO WAHALA“ & the way he you can tell he in his bag right now. Still fresh off his latest project “GLOCKY SZN 2” featuring collaborations with some of the hottest new artists from the East Coast— Rah Swish, Quelly Woo, Dread Woo and Chicago’s finest G Herbo. He been applying pressure dropping nothing but sauce! Curly been rapping since FOREVER. Curly Savv is and will forever be one of the pioneers of drill music in Brooklyn! One of the only BK drill OGs dats still dropping heat. I’m rocking with the fact Curly Savv ran this beat too. Curly’s effortless glide over bass-heavy drill beats really shows you how his sauce is different from others.

This just another banger that added to his sauce. We already know Curly flow is unmatched! Curly always been that guy. His flow is creative & not the usual drill rap flow. If Curly talking hot, you know the track about to slap something serious. Curly Savv got his foot all the way on the gas with this one. Curly has now reached where he once fell from. He doing what he want now & it shows. This man getting better each day. Curly’s too underrated. This run he is on proves he still got his sauce! He already flipped 50 cent’s “Candy Shop” & Michael Jackson’s “BILLIE JEAN” that was too crazy. It’s safe to say HE’S BACK! Curly sauce never left just got BIGGER. Keep being great. He snapped on this. The visuals was heavy! That sauce right here!


Drizzy Juliano – “WHO I AM” (MUSIC VIDEO)

You know what it is! Sauce talking about that sauce regular! My Guy Drizzy with another one! I keep saying it but they don’t believe Drizzy Juliano is really one of the best to do this music stuff & I just love when he drop. This joint right here was just a message letting you know who he is! The New York artist just released his latest visual “WHO I AM” & THIS WHAT BROOKLYN SOUND LIKE! Drizzy still moving like he got something to prove & it got him in his bag musically. That energy & along with the bars is always on point. One of the very few artists that can actually rap on any beat but his flow is just nasty.  This joint he was just giving us that real sauce. This man is too underrated at this point! He can gave us these type of joints or bangers at any given moment.

The emerging artist Drizzy Juliano is really one of the GOATS of the NY Scene. He got the bars, the delivery, the authenticity, the pain, & the story. It’s like, not only do he put that pain into his music but real drill rap. Drizzy Juliano cadence & attitude be everything in his songs. You feel it. He straight sauced on this! He was killing alot of drill beats but now he back telling stories & dropping music that’s making you think. He talking to you on this. Every joint he drop, he really spit that sauce. NOTHING BUT PRESSURE! He doing what he want & it’s a must we speak on it. That talk different. Tune in! 

MarleyFrmDaBush – Take It Easy (Official Audio)

Let’s get it! New Sauce Alert! You know I had to bring this to the sauce! Another hot new joint out from Marley. It’s like this joint is 10x better since it came out! He really in his bag getting comfortable with his sauce! This is just what we needed, something for the ladies. Ever since the EP “Never Left”, he’s just been working & cooking up that sauce as always! The joints he be dropping letting us know, he can make music outside of just drill. The rising Brooklyn artist Marley talk that talk when he jump on beats! He dropped a new joint “Take It Easy” which sampled DaniLeigh’s “Take It Easy” & he straight bent this! We don’t hear a lot of music for the ladies so you know we had to. We seeing him different light and how good he really is. Definitely not your ordinary New York artist. Marley don’t be in the mix unless it’s time for pressure. A very versatile artist right here, Just how he move on the beat sometimes, it’s like he running with it.

If you like drill beats, you definitely gonna love this. This joint will have you head rocking but you listening to him talk smooth & slick at the same time. As a new artist, he’s definitely kicking some doors in. This so happens to be one of my favorite songs right now. That beat was too fire. It’s the summer & this joint definitely set the vibes for the night. Right now, you can tell Marley is in his own lane musically & with so much more in the stash makes me anxious how he about to come. I like artists who can just give you the real but also can give you straight sauce quick! You don’t know what he got next but you know it’s that sauce! This joint is definitely in the playlists. My guy is who he say he is! Stay tuned in with him! That Sauce As Always!

I-I Fetti – Whap Whap (Official Remix Video) [@dirbyraymundo] #FreeTheArmy

Yup! You know the sauce here!! The homie I-I Fetti is just different! The one & only goated for a reason. He dropping nothing but sauce right now & this just turned him up, not gonna lie!. He’s been doing his thing this whole 2022 dropping back to back visuals & new songs. I’m just loving how he has fun on tracks like this but still be snapping. He out here doing what he want on beats. He just dropped his remix To Skillibeng’s “Whap Whap” & this definitely the hardest remix out! Straight Up SAUCE MIX! One of the hottest new artists on the rise coming out of New York & we gonna keep saying it. His flow is really crazy & he knows how to catch it, & just go. When he dropped the snippet of this, we just knew the song was gone be fire! One of the very few young new artists who elevates with his new music every time he drops. It’s just getting better & better!

This joint gone have you up on your feet but listen to him snap! Fetti always talking his talk on tracks but he just step on this different. He make all his music seem effortless. He’s out here making the music he wants to make & is being consistent with the drops. There is no other young artist stepping like he stepping. The visuals was point & this joint was just fun to listen to & watch. His version of “Whap Whap” got the streets right now. He just did this joint dirty. Like we always say, he really got his own sauce & you don’t see that a lot with young artists. Everybody too busy trying to be something they see. He’s proving he got that sauce with every joint he give us. I-I Fetti really got his foot on the gas with all this heat he been dropping. Fetti 2022, WE HERE FOR IT. Tune in! That sauce just DIFFERENT! 

Bleezy – Live From Sutter (Official Music Video)

New Sauce Alert! Sauce talking about that sauce of course! Bleezy is on different type timing once again!! This joint too real right here & he really give me real hip hop vibes! He just released his latest visual “Live From Sutter” & It’s real as you can get! Bleezy was spitting bars on this one, effortlessly. This joint had to get played back more than a few times. The Brooklyn music scene got some artists to talk about & Bleezy is one of the main ones that’s been holding it down. The nature of the hip-hop sound is struggling to pinpoint what’s the next road out NY but If you ask me, Bleezy already there. This man been dropping sauce all year & he’s only getting better! The way he spits & flips tracks, it shows you he really in his own lane musically. He really influenced the whole NY with his sound whether you believe it or not.

The homie Bleezy D.O.D always deliver that sauce whenever he jumps on somethingHe got the lyrics, the delivery, the authenticity, the pain, & the storyIt’s like, not only has he been putting out some fire material, he’s really catering to his music drops. Bleezy talk that pain talk in his music when he not talking HOT. He straight sauced on this! It’s always a step up with his music every time he drop something new. Every joint he seem to drop gets better & better. Whether it’s drill talk, or that storytelling, Bleezy can DO IT ALL! This joint right here IS WHAT NEW YORK SOUND LIKE! THAT PRESSURE RIGHT HERE! We need more of this from Bleezy. That talk!

FatboyFetti – I’m Back (Official Video)

Heavy on it! New Sauce Alert, The homie Fatboy Fetti just dropped some heat once again, finally. The rising Brooklyn artist Fatboy Fetti has been cooking up sauce & throwing snippets on social media since the last time we spoke about him. Hearing his unreleased music & what’s to come got me excited as he continues to drop new sauce. He recently released his new visuals “I’m Back” & you can tell he stepped his sauce up. The way he came it on it was BOSSLY. This joint right here speaks for itself. Not even gonna lie, Fatboy Fetti lowkey went harder on this than his last joint just off his cadence. Big Boss Fetti aka Fatboy is gearing up to release a lot more content around his music and hopes to continue to build his audience. He really getting better with how he put it all together.

Fatboy Fetti dropped last project “Forever Solid” was just to knock the rust off & it’s still bumping if you ask me. He really got so much better musically. His flow was on point. New York’s talent is unlimited.. You gonna run this back a few times. He’s just finding his footing & getting comfortable. Once he adjust, he’s gonna be on some necks. The homie Fatboy Fetti is only getting started! One of my favorite new guys out right now. Him & the whole “FettiWay” camp got their own sauce. Waiting for it to catch fire as it should. Fatboy Fetti is ready to show why he’s an artist to watch. Banger alert right here. Fetty Way! That Sauce Right Here!

City Girls Ft. Fivio Foreign – Top Notch (Official Video)

New Sauce Alert! This joint right here something special.. The City Girls & Fivio Foreign just dropped a straight banger with “Top Notch” This link up was something I never really even thought about. Fivio been going crazy lately like super crazy. Since Ye album, That man been in his sauce bag foreal. JT really got the sauce. She deserves more respect. She really be chewing & her attitude makes her verses 10x better. I been listening to her on & off the past 3 years & the versatility in her flows is crazy! One thing about her she gone ride the beat in several different flows! They really just bounced off each other there wasn’t really a chorus or anything. They was just saucing & sliding on this!

Both of them did amazing. As I said before, I’m not a City Girls fan but I think this is one of their best songs. Young Miami stepped her sauce all the way up, and Her & JT was like Steph & Klay. Fivio Foreign never disappoints on a feature! Even before he was signed, he was killing every feature he did. My guy really got the sauce & he isn’t going anywhere no time soon! I’m really rocking with this from verses, to the choice of director, down to the fashion. That’s what happens when you in NYC. You start rapping hard! They killed it. Gonna be the song of the summer for sure. Popular opinion: This song is definitely a MASTERPIECE. Tune In! Fivio energy is just different. This Joint Was Too Much Sauce!


Drizzy Juliano x Omb Jay Dee – “OFF MY MEDS” (Official Music Video) | Shot By @MeetTheConnectTv

Drizzy Juliano back with that pressure!! Him & JayDee just released “OFF MY MEDS” & it’s fire as usual. I was waiting on this to drop since i seen the preview clip on Instagram. This joint crazy right here! They both been putting out that fire lately! Drizzy going out of 2020 with that sauce! His foot been on the gas since “Blame The Streets! DRIZZY NEED MORE RECOGNITION HE TOO TALENTED. NYC is Heavy right now with new artists on the rise! JayDee & Drizzy is one hell of a duo! The homie Drizzy been snapping on everything he touch.

JayDee came home from jail & didn’t miss a beat. You can tell his hunger is still with him & a little stronger than last. He been putting out some crazy joints. They keeping the streets fed right now. Drizzy speak that pain talk in his music. He was talking hot on this! Every joint he seem to drop gets better & better. JayDee was a nice addition to this joint. If they ain’t coming with straight bars, it’s straight disrespect & I love it. They delivered that pressure with this one. Straight Sauce Right Here!

GLIZZ – STUNTS (Official Video)

That Sauce Right Here!! My guy Glizz really just dropped some sauce! He just dropped his latest visuals “STUNTS” & He talking HOT. Glizz is a 18 year old rising artists coming from Asbury Park, New Jersey & has been making music since he was 16. He’s just now starting to take it seriouslyThis joint been on repeat since in dropped. He was talking his talk through this whole video. Over 4,000+ views in counting already & still going. Everybody need to stop sleeping on my boy. One of the very few artists from my hometown that’s really talented & can actually take it all the way. Not too many people make it where we come from. I can vouch & relate to almost everything be speaking on. I know him personally, and can tell you everything is solid with him. Glizz got a lot more including a mixtape on the way. He focused on the grind & ready to torch everything in this music industry. Everything was on point from the visuals to the beat & his cadence on on it. This is how you step up to the plate & bring it home. Expect to see his name around this year. Won’t be the last time you see or hear him on here. We just getting started! He has his own style & he’s versatile when it comes to switching it up. Going Up All 2021 With This One. Tune In!

Big Moose – Envy (Official Music Video) Shot By @HoldUpTV

Moose Money 🔥!  This one of my favorite bangers on the project! Big cousin really in his bag right now! My guy Moose starting off 21 off just right. After recently releasing his latest project “Top Opp” which is everywhere right now including my playlist on Spotify, he just dropped back 2 back new visuals “Roc A Fella” which was recently & “Envy Me” earlier today. His flow be crazy when he hop on tracks especially when he get to switching it up! It had to hit the blog. It’s already been on repeat in my Spotify playlist(SauceFromVeli). I knew it was coming when he would become a top 5 artist coming out of Jersey. His elevation, grind & work ethic is phenomenal. He put out a lot of sauce last year CONSISTENTLY & he stepping it up! Everything he put out gets better over time. This gonna have the streets & Tik Tok jumping.

My guy Moose really going off right now musically. I was waiting on his project & when it came, I wasn’t disappointed at all. Moose got Jersey on alert right now! He giving us nothing but sauce right mow! This joint gone have you lit. The real always prevail in the end. “Top Opp” project is full of heat. His catalog already crazy & he just keeps adding to the sauce. Not too many artists or rappers can talk like this & it’s REAL. Make sure you’re tuned in with him on social media (@BigMoose280). As I said before, it’s only getting better as he go. One of the hottest, LITERALLY!

Check Out That New Sauce!

RealThurlSammy – Know About It (Official Audio)

This my joint right here! Ain’t even gonna lie, I caught a snippet of him of him performing few joints on the gram while he was in the studio and was like he cooking up some heat. You know I been waiting for this. The rising Philadelphia artist known as RealThurlSammy recently dropped his latest single “Know About It” He got a few joints unreleased that I’ve heard & they are straight heat. I feel like bro in his own lane with his music. He talking to the streets with this one. Definitely an artist we should be searching for. This joint kind of give you the chills. He ahead of his time creating tracks like these! You know it’s fire when it’s coming from the heart. One of my favorite joints on the blog right now. His project “Hood Therapist” dropped late 2020 & that was just a sample of how he coming this year. A few tracks off the 5 track EP is in the Spotify Playlist. This joint “Know About It” is his first single this year & it’s just right.. He just speaking on being in his environment and the trials of getting out. Straight sauce right here! 

DreamRich DreMo – “Nobody” (Official Video)

New Sauce Alert! Rising new artist DreamRich DreMo just released his new visuals “Nobody” which is his most recent EP “Black Heart”. DreMo is coming from Columbia, SC but is based out of Atlanta, GA. With convincing from a longtime friend, now business partner, DreamRich DreMo made the decision to pack his bags & move to Atlanta to pursue his career vigorously in 2017. DreamRich DreMo new project is definitely something to tap into. He also recently released his single “Made Me” featuring Foogiano. DreamRich DreMo is gearing up to release another music video for his latest single “Made Me” and hopes to continue to build his growing fan base.

One of his songs of the project I most relate to. Everyone is out here of self. DreamRich DreMo is next to emerge and is consistent with the sauce. The culture needs more of this type of realness & artistry. Only a certain few can feel this type of music & it’s understandable. He’s one of those artists you listen to & can either learn from or turn up to. Definitely will keep you updated with his moves. You can listen to this & like it more each time you listen. Straight sauce right here! Tune In!

FatboyFetti X I-I Fetti – Get To Clappin

Heavy on it! New Sauce Alert, The homie Fatboy Fetti just dropped some heat. This is only the beginning. Fatboy Fetti is from Brooklyn, NY & he only been serious with music for a year. Hearing his unreleased music & what’s to come got me excited as he drop. Him & I-I Fetti linked up & recently released their new visuals “Get To Clappin” & they both went crazy. I-I Fetti is one of the most consistent Rising artists coming out of New York right now. This joint right here speaks for itself. They got straight groovy on this! Not even gonna lie, Fatboy Fetti lowkey snapped on this for this to be his first joint out!  I-I Fetti was talking his talk. I been a fan of the homie I-I Fetti ever since “Slide”.

Fatboy Fetti dropped his new project “Forever Solid” as well recently. It’s so much more heat to come from him. 2021 gonna be a good year for him. Some of the most underrated artists in New York doing their thing. You gonna run this back a few times. The guys need all their credit for this banger! The homie Fatboy Fetti is only getting started. They was talking hot but keeping it sauced🗣! One of my favorite new guys out right now. The whole “FettiWay” camp got their own sauce. Waiting for it to catch fire as it should. Fatboy Fetti did not disappoint. Banger alert right here. Fetty Way! Straight Pressure Right Here!

Matti Baybee – Stand On Business (Official Video) | Shot By:@Dalton_Fyler

My Boy Matti “Mula” Baybee starting the year off right with that flame!! This jawn fire right here! Matti gave us a lowkey BANGER. He just dropped the visuals for one of my favorite new songs out right now. “Stand On Business” which is off his latest project “King Mula 2” that dropped on ALL Digital Platforms back in 2020. Love to see how far he came when it comes to this music stuff. I been a fan since he & I both was young kids but now I feel like Matti at a point where he has nothing to prove musically. He gave out a lot of hits & a few classics since he been out. When you get in certain moods, He’s like the perfect artist to throw on, especially when you focused on the bag. Still most Underrated coming from Chicago. Tired of people sleeping on him. He hopped on this joint Spazzing 🔥! The game needs him badly but when you real, it’s a little harder to get what you deserve.

Most of everything he drop is flames but his last 4 joints been crazy even the features. He got so much to offer this game since they taking his sound and running with it. A lot of cats can’t do it like Matti Mula though. This jawn tough! The whole project is tough. You won’t skip not one song on the album. As soon as I seen this was out, it was only right that I roll up & play this. I haven’t heard This Mula Flame since 2016-2018 when he was in his bag. Matti is putting out sauce right right now. One of the most consistent independent artists to date. This can be found in my Spotify playlist “SauceFromVeli”. This getting played like crazy. Matti been putting on for years. He’s been one of the hottest. That Sauce Different!