Rhymrcka Hits Hard In New Single & Video “GET IT!”

While the world is still buzzing from his triple assaults of “Autobiography,” “Look Out Boy,” and “The Matrix,” Rhyrmcka delivers brand new heat produced by @pesopapi223. DCM ENT, WhoMag, and Sony Orchard present “GET IT!” single and video.

Rhymrcka, an American Cream Team/Wutang Killah Bee affiliate, delivers vigorous reps of cut-throat bars over gritty NY production, which vibrates the entire video. Rhymrcka’s mean-mugging and rawness drive the track and depict his extreme 24/7 hustle and grind. Some coin Rhymrcka as a mercenary because they simply can’t handle his moves. Whether he’s shaking the underground, stomping through NYC’s 5 boroughs, serving fans like feigns and tearing down stages, or catching worldwide flights; Rhymrcka lives to get it. Watch the video and connect below.

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R&B Phenom Taurie Releases Sexy New Video “Redo”

Taurie is celebrated worldwide as not only an award-winning, Top 20 Billboard singer, but also as a songwriter, producer, choreographer, and model. In her video “Redo” she shows off a sexy side to her audience while pleading for a redo. Her sultry vocals express a time when she was getting to know someone and abruptly it ended. Taurie wants more time talking, dining, and maybe sharing intimate moments. With Taurie exuding seductive vibes along the oceanside and in a bubble bath sipping wine, what man could resist her request for a redo? Watch the video below.

LaBronx James Delivers “The Plug” Official Video Ft. Thirstin Howl The 3rd

LaBronx James unveils the official video for “The Plug” featuring Thirstin Howl The 3rd with production by Zay Skillz. The acclaimed MC, entrepreneur, and member of Lo Life Miami Family shows off a mastered lyrical and business wit that depicts just why he is the plug. Whether it’s kiting packages across the globe or serving fans like feigns, LaBronx James is the perfect remedy.

Skillionaire The Polo Rican or to some Thirstin Howl The 3rd drops his verse to piggyback the theme of “The Plug.” The duo hit hard over enticing horns, striking drums, and classic NY bass.  “I’m the plug I keep ‘em Polo down to the socks…The plug I can ship it to you get it to your block” echoes throughout the video while a blend of NY/Miami vibes leaves it impossible for audiences not to get on their feet. Watch “The Plug” and connect below.



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High Nelson – Sunday (Official Video)

New Sauce Alert! Rising new artist High Nelson is one of my favorites after this one. With Trinidadian roots, he’s coming out of Bronx, NY making them look good. He recently dropped off his latest visuals “Sunday” & everything about this video was just SAUCE! He started taking rap & the whole craft seriously in 2016. Speaking on his influences, in his own words, Nelson explained “My upbringing plays a part in the constant push and pull between right and wrong. There are many contradictions in the way I was raised by my family and the way I learned to survive outside of my household in the Bronx; these concepts live within my music.” High Nelson new is definitely somebody to tap into. His artistry is just different & I love it. He just focused on the craft as he gears up to release a lot more content around his music as he continues to build on his growing audience

Being raised in the Bronx no doubt influenced High Nelson’s sound. His New York state of mind combined with rich Trinidadian roots have organically fused together to create a perfect mesh of raw and authentic rap style, with a touch of easy going Caribbean swagger. High Nelson need to stay consistent with this sauce because he’s next to emerge if he keep moving like this. It’s been a little minute since I’ve seen a video with naturally beautiful black women. This joint just gave nothing but good vibes & he was speaking realness. He is putting on for the culture right now. He talking that talk, giving you hip hop but good vibes feel.  He’s said to have a bunch of music in the cut but he’s more focused on bringing attention to his music getting into blogs, doing podcasts, appearances, and music videos etc.. So, expect to see & hear more from him soon. Straight sauce right here! The culture need more artists delivering sauce like this! 

Cee Glizzy BigSteppa “Super Gremlin Freestyle (Kodak Black Remix)” Video

New Orleans native/rapper Cee Glizzy BigSteppa and ScrilltownMO Management release visuals to “Super Gremlin Freestyle (Kodak Black Remix).” Glizzy’s catchy bars flow over trap-infused melodies while bands of money on the floor spell out his name. Immediately after pressing play audiences will see and hear just why Glizzy is too legit. Pop a bottle or pour some liquor to experience this club banger. Stay tuned for Glizzy’s forthcoming project which features many award-winning, platinum producers.

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Edurk Black Pablo, The Streets Can’t “Tear Me Down” (Video)

Reality rap artist/CEO of Awol G.Code Promotions Edurk Black Pablo enlists T. Rell and Ziggy Zig Zag for his latest single/video “Tear Me Down” with production by Pablo and Frank G.

Pablo and featured guests deliver a potent reminder about the consequences of living the street life. They use cut-throat vivid lyricism and wordplay to depict specific consequences…prison and death. Streets are nothing to glorify as they will swallow you whole with no return. Take heed to the jewels being dropped in “Tear Me Down.” Watch the video and connect with Edurk Black Pablo below.

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Steph – Under My Bed (Official Video)

New Sauce Alert! The homie Steph has been grinding nonstop to bring us nothing but sauce! Emerging artist Steph’s anticipated new joint “Under The Bed” visuals & audio is finally here! Steph has been going hard with his music for around 3 years now. If you heard joints like “Past the surface” & the “demo tapes” which was a few older tracks on the site, you gonna love this. His versatility really puts him in his own lane. Not your regular R&B artist, his style ranges from classic R&B to singer/songwriter vibes to pop rock with rap influences. The way he incorporates pop rock vibes with hip hop is just too fire. The visuals was like gritty art which was dope. He talking heavy on this joint. Since his last releases, he definitely elevated his sound & cadence in his music.

After Steph graduated with his public relations degree at West Virginia State University, he’s been moving more like a brand than an artist making some power moves with his career. So free spirited & with the a voice like his, it just takes you away and have you in another space. His storytelling got so much better as an artist. He’s a fun artist & you feel him when he speaks. He always giving out positive messages through his music. This year he’s more focused on bringing attention to his music getting into blogs, doing podcasts, interviews, and music videos this year. While putting together his next few releases which are coming pretty fast one after another but we definitely gonna enjoy them when they drop. Steph is next to emerge with these new vibes he giving off, letting us know he’s ready to deliver. He got our attention with this song right here! Make sure you tuned into the sauce & ready for those next releases. That sauce will be here of course! Tune in! It’s the countdown! Get with him on social media @RealLifeSteph & the pre save here!

LeflossMarv – WIN (Official Music Video)

New Sauce Alert! Emerging artist Lefloss Marv just released his latest audio & visuals to his track “WIN” on all platforms. You know now I had to talk about it. Lefloss Marv been stepping his sauce up with each release but he definitely showed it in this! The Haitian American rapper coming from (Canarsie)Brooklyn, NY AKA The Flossy as we know. He still fresh, only been rapping for a few years now & just been grinding giving us vibes & that talk. This charismatic rapper managed to combine stunning melodies with bars and good beats in order to create a catchy joint like this, AGAIN. His joint “Dropping tHe wHa?” addressing disrespect to people dropping other sets, or disrespecting other people’s countries was fire & still bang to this day. He knows how to create good music. Lefloss Marv is a great example of solid work ethic with sonic vision, marking a really unique step forward for him. His sound is becoming increasingly more define, one release at a time.

This is a song anyone can relate too! Everybody out here got people hoping they don’t win. He was delivering nothing but sauce from the dance moves to everything he was speaking on. It’s full of energy makes & don’t let me get started with the females. The visuals for this had me locked in. “Win” is one of those joints you throw on when you get in that “nobody can f*ck with you” mood. He spreading a message. Win regardless! He was giving you witty lines and sauce at the same time. Lefloss Marv is next to go up and is consistent with the sauce. Lefloss hopes to continue to build his growing audience as he drops more content. The culture needs more of this type of realness. Only a certain few can feel this type of music & it’s understandable. Definitely will keep you updated with his moves. You gonna listen to this & like it more each time you listen. It’s in the blog’s playlist. Tune In! Straight sauce right here!

1 OF 1 – HIMOTHY (Official Video)

New Fire Alert! Rising artist 1 OF 1 is a New York native who just dropped some sauce off on us. He just dropped his latest single “HIMOTHY & he was talking sauce talk on this. He been making music seriously for about 1 year now & he ready to step his sauce up. Tuned into his catalog of songs & he’s solid with great potential. He giving you bars while being smooth. 2022 expect more live shows, appearances, interviews & more as hopes to continue to build his growing fan base. He just focused on getting better as an artist & receiving more attention around his music. 1 OF 1 is gearing up to release a lot more music so, watch the sauce.

This new joint, “HIMOTHY” is pretty dope. His music is just a loose generalization of what’s happening around him, experiences, tribulations, & more. 1 OF 1 is ready to deliver that sauce! This joint definitely had me rocking but I sat on it for a day longer & to really feel him out. The new single is “HIMOTHY” features some good visuals & he lowkey snapped. With thoughtful lyrics & tons of references throughout the song. Its a real & vibe type jam that talks about how he’s that guy. He got a few new singles called “I Feel Alive” & “Party Outside“ coming soon along with many more. A lot different sounds with bars. Straight sauce right here! Tune in, straight sauce! Be on the lookout as he go on his run!

I-I Fetti x Koda Sparks – Wanna Cry [Shot By] : @Bigape tv ( Prod : War )

New Sauce Alert! The homie I-I Fetti know how to show that sauce when he need to. Emerging artist I-I Fetti just dropped one of the craziest joints I’ve heard in awhile. The sample was too damn hard! He recently dropped off his latest visuals “Wanna Cry” featuring Koda Sparks. they flipped & straight sauced on this. Fetti been kicking up lately dropping back to back visuals & new songs. I appreciate his passion for this because he could be dropping weak content just because he can but he dropping straight BANGERS. He making a statement that he’s definitely an artist to really watch out for. This new joint “Wanna Cry” something different. Immediately slap as soon as you turn it on. This had the aux heavy lately! He go crazy on everything he jump on, truthfully. One of the hottest new artists on the rise coming out of New York. It’s like he be gliding on the beat effortlessly lol.  He knows how to catch it & flip that sh*t. Different type of sauce right here. One of the very few artists who elevates with his new music.

They both got wavy on this! Koda Sparks did his thing how he was supposed to. Sturdy. Fetti always talking his talk on tracks but the way he came on this & sauced was too hard. Lowkey, one of the hottest joints in the city right now. I was gonna throw it on the blog as soon as it dropped but I been playing it since it dropped. Like I said before, he really got his own sauce & you don’t see that a lot with young artists. His potential crazy & he’s proving he got that sauce. I-I Fetti just jumped on the gas with all this heat he been dropping. “Wanna Cry” beat is one of the best I heard this year. Fetti straight sauced on this! They on demon time with this joint!



Dave East – Bet It [Official Video]

New Sauce Alert!  This joint just proves that Dave East is still that guy when it comes to real music. I like that he is SHARP again with the bars. He has been floating with the crazy flows for a minute. Glad he is tapping into that mixtape East! EXCITED for him this year, foreal! He’s one of those artists that been solid from the beginning. He talking that talk, giving you that raw hip hop feel as always when he spits. His latest joint “Bet” is one of his hardest joints in awhile. The visuals was so dope & original. Dave deserves his flowers man. Had one of the dopest flows in the game for years. He set the bar high & just keep reaching every chance he get. Dave East never disappoints he’s always getting better and better.

When he said “I’m really an MC that came with a hammer, I don’t do no dancing, I’m too legit”, I thought my laptop caught on fire lol. He be going in. He really holding the culture down with his music. This generation never know the real value of Dave. He would fit better in 90’s. I loved this joint! The way he shows off lyricism in topics he’s precisely molded for. He kept me entertained throughout the whole hardcore urban Hip-Hop theme evolution. Hard ass concept! Kept it about Money & Sports in his flow. East just enjoying life, you can feel him through his music. He not faking it. One of my favorite song/videos out now. Catch it in the playlists as well. He always had the sauce! This crazy!

Frankie Blue Is Coming For The Takeover “Now” (Video)

Up and coming Hip Hop artist Frankie Blue and Iconic Records Philadelphia LLC release the official video for “Now.” The single is from his latest album ‘Born Rich.’ It’s no secret Frankie did some time in prison and his tight bars capture his life now, out of prison. He’s living it up chilling with his crew, enjoying the company of women, and drinking the finest. Don’t get it twisted, although everything screams freedom Frankie has to adjust to survive his city, all while getting to the bag and gearing up for a music takeover. Watch “Now” and connect with Frankie Blue below.

Frankie Blue EPK

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Billionaire Buck Delivers “Lanez” Visuals

Billionaire Buck delivers compelling bar work heightened with raw emotion in “Lanez” video. The Compton-based rapper wastes no time sharing past street mishaps, ups & downs, along with other destructiveness. He invites viewers into the madness as he knows it’s one step closer to redemption. At the end of the video, we see Buck make a plea and ask God for forgiveness. This will ensure forward strides while leaving the past behind. Watch “Lanez” and connect with Billionaire Buck on Instagram and Twitter @comptonsbuck.

Queen’s Native LowkeyNel Drops Steamy “Mercy” Video

LowkeyNel, an esteemed Queen’s-based rapper, releases sexy visuals to her latest hit “Mercy.” The single is off her new album ‘Gemini Vibes 2.’ Over smooth yet pulsating tones LowkeyNel wastes no time dropping blatantly bold, erotic wordplay. Her message is a relatable one but one that many women might not be so blunt to express. LowkeyNel’s message? F*ck her good but don’t complicate the game with love. Her level of confidence in deliverance is strikingly empowering. Watch “Mercy” and connect with @lowkeynel on Instagram.