The Misconception About The Record Labels Owning 

Unless the artist completely relinquished the rights to the masters on a contract, a record label rarely owns 100% of the artist masters. Usually ownership is between 90/10 and 60/40 on a good deal. An artist with a 50/50 contract is practically in a partnership. The misconception about the record labels owning 100% of the…

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Flexx Fargo ft BlakkBoy & Mulaa – 3 for 3(Official Music Video) Directed By. @Dizzy2Turnt

OK OK,This joint lit right here! All I have to say is JERSEY! Clicked because of Mula but Flexx & BlakkBoy went crazy on this too! BlakkBoy sauced on this! I seen Mula drop a snippet of this on Instagram recently about this coming, Now its here. Mula went crazy on this but he been…


PaqGod – No Gimmicks

PaqGod (formerly known as Khari G) is talented artist residing in the Bay Area of California orginally from southeast Washington, DC. Paq has made his own lane for himself within his own lane, managing to mix a nice blend of two different coasts nearly effortlessly. After the passing of his mother due to cancer in…

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