Drizzy Juliano – “WHO I AM” (MUSIC VIDEO)

You know what it is! Sauce talking about that sauce regular! My Guy Drizzy with another one! I keep saying it but they don’t believe Drizzy Juliano is really one of the best to do this music stuff & I just love when he drop. This joint right here was just a message letting you know who he is! The New York artist just released his latest visual “WHO I AM” & THIS WHAT BROOKLYN SOUND LIKE! Drizzy still moving like he got something to prove & it got him in his bag musically. That energy & along with the bars is always on point. One of the very few artists that can actually rap on any beat but his flow is just nasty.  This joint he was just giving us that real sauce. This man is too underrated at this point! He can gave us these type of joints or bangers at any given moment.

The emerging artist Drizzy Juliano is really one of the GOATS of the NY Scene. He got the bars, the delivery, the authenticity, the pain, & the story. It’s like, not only do he put that pain into his music but real drill rap. Drizzy Juliano cadence & attitude be everything in his songs. You feel it. He straight sauced on this! He was killing alot of drill beats but now he back telling stories & dropping music that’s making you think. He talking to you on this. Every joint he drop, he really spit that sauce. NOTHING BUT PRESSURE! He doing what he want & it’s a must we speak on it. That talk different. Tune in! 

ELTHIEFO MAR – WE DONT SMOKE THE SAME (Official Music Video) (Shot By @d1zzypshotit)

New Sauce Alert! Rising new artist Elthiefo Mar got some heat for us. He heavy on it too. “Elthiefo Mar” AKA Shamar Davis-Carrier is a young upcoming artist out of North Carolina. He recently dropped off his latest visuals “We Don’t Smoke The Same” & it’s been on repeat since I heard it. His passion for music started at a young age of 3. He grew up listening to and was most inspired by 50 Cent. Elthiefo Mar didn’t start rapping until he was 17, after being inspired by his closest friends to get in the booth. It took him little to nothing to devote his undivided attention to the actually starting a music career shortly 2 years after. “Never Lackin” & “Crunch Time Ft AK-PO” were 2 songs he put out that showed off his potential just starting out & has grown as a artist in his own unique way ever since. Elthiefo Mar is really starting to master his sound & peak as a artist, recently dropping his last project called “Solid Til The Finish” along with debut official visuals “Solid Til The Finish”. He making a statement early. He only 20 years old right now & his potential is CRAZY! is gearing up to release a lot more content around his music and hopes to continue to build his growing fan base.

After putting out a solid debut project in  “Stay Solid Til Finish”, Shamar has shown more talent & sauce throughout his most recent drops “Stay A Hunnit”, “Tryna Get Rich” & “We Don’t Smoke The Same” which are all doing numbers throughout all platforms because they fire! The visuals are taking YouTube by storm slowly but surely. Elthiefo Mar is now debuting his new song “On Go 4 Bro” from his next upcoming collaboration album with Lil Kaedoe while building anticipation with all of the new videos and songs that will show off the next chapter in his career. Elthiefo Mar is next to emerge and ready to to do his thing. He talk heavy on almost every joint he get on & he be speaking facts. His sauce really different & you can hear it but see it as well in his content. He released most jointas with little to no promo, just hard work and determination. Expect to see & hear more from him soon  Straight sauce right here! Tune in!

Eric Cohen – Don’t Let Me Fade

New Sauce Alert! Emerging artist Eric Cohen coming from from Kansas City, Missouri got some sauce for us. He dropped this track “Don’t let me fade” not too long ago & he got real on this. Truly an underdog artist right here with a story to tell. Eric has been doing music for the past 2-3 years now & his goal is to spread light. With a history with darkness. From a chaotic childhood of poverty and addiction, to my his experiences with sin & vice. Definitely a sauce story right here. The right way is never easy, we all just got to do it. It hasn’t been an easy road, but he making a statement by believing in the craft and chasing a dream for a WORLD purpose. This track really is my favorite by him. When you speaking real, it has to touch the site. He’s been through some things but he’s still here PUSHING which says a lot. Eric has so much more content around his music on the way as he hopes to build a following with his music.

After putting out a few singles last year, “Paint A Picture” “Back To Basics” & this joint “Don’t Let Me Fade” he’s been focused on bringing attention to his music getting into blogs, doing podcasts, and more this year. He has a very decent catalog for a musician. Showing his development and bars while telling his story through each song. His music is for people who coming out of darkness or looking for a way to come out of it. It’s not easy but you could do it. All of us experience darkness at a point but it’s how we find the light. He recently had a performance at at the Groundhog Theater as well as released another song “Salvation” which is on all platforms. Eric just grinding & proving that he still got the sauce. He has 2 performances coming up, (one on June 18th for Juneteenth celebration & another on June 25th which is the Spirit & Fire Festival in Independence, Missouri. He’s been on the grind, creating, releasing with little to no promo, just hard work and dedication to share his story which can possibly help others on the journey. Make sure you take a listen. Some sauce right here. Tune in!

Ru Heart – Preach Remix (Official Music Video) Dir by D’Monte Gaw

New Sauce Alert! Emerging artist Ru Heart born and raised in Memphis, TN but relocated to Missouri because of the music. He  just dropped off his latest Visuals “Preach (Remix)” & he was talking his talk. He started taking rap & the whole craft seriously when he turned 18 & his friend Keshun” passed away, As I said, the music made him relocate because he was just getting so much good feedback & encouragement. Ru Heart new music is definitely something to tap into. He making a statement early that he’s not with all the clout chasing & gimmicks. He just focused on getting better with craft and keeping Keshun’s legacy alive. Nothing more, nothing less. His new joint “Preach” showed his ability to jump on any style beat and deliver as needed which in this case was a southern gospel beat.. Ru Heart is gearing up to release a lot more content around his music and hopes to continue to build his growing audience.

As you can tell by the title of the song, He was speaking heavy! Showing his bars & storytelling skills on this. He preached a testimonial on this. He spoke on real life situations in a creative manner to express what’s been on his chest. You know we love that. Ru Heart is next to emerge and ready to deliver that sauce. This song is not only relatable but solid from beginning to end. He released both a few visuals including this one with little to no promo, just hard work and dedication. He’s said to have a bunch of music in the stash but he’s more focused on bringing attention to his music getting into blogs, doing podcasts, appearances, and music videos this year. His recent Austin, Tx SXSW performance was lit & you can definitely catch that content across social media. Expect to see & hear more from him soon. Make sure you take a listen. Straight sauce right here! Tune in to this. From the trenches with it!

SAMBO – French Quarter (Official Music Video)

Sauce Alert! SAMBO always got some sauce up his sleeve & this one was nothing different! SAMBO just released his latest visual for his track “French Quarter” which is on all platforms as well. He has already accumulated over 25,000+ views in almost 2 weeks & it’s still going up. The rising independent artist from Louisiana has been dropping nothing but sauce. His most recent project “Situations” was a headbanger. Smoked a wood to it & didn’t skip a song. His hiatus got him coming back with more sauce than he started with. Just more cadence and better content. You still hear the fun but raw sound in his music. He telling more stories & talking more sh*t. One of the rawest indie artists on the circuit. SAMBO is on the come up and people are starting to catch on slowly but surely. With attention catching lyrics, and high quality visuals, SAMBO talk is rare & we love rare!

The video was directed by Opusmercury & features a beautiful look at a New Orleans culture that is known and loved all around the world. His video had me locked in the whole time he was snapping! Ever since SAMBO jumped into this music game & started getting busy, he’s been working! Every song & video always have gotten better & some of his old music sound better now. He’s said to have a bunch of music in the stash but he’s more focused on bringing attention to his music doing podcasts, appearances, and interviews this year. Expect to see & hear more from him soon. As you can see, THAT SAUCE DIFFERENT. He’s also on the music entrepreneurial side with one of the hottest indie clothing brands out! Sauce got some! He’s already released some fire merchandise from His “Nine Lives” clothing brand with more coming very soon. He came with that sauce on this. Tune In. That sauce right here!

Check out the “French Quarter” visual below:

None Before – I Like

New Sauce Alert! We talking sauce as always! The south is known for many things that impact the music and entertainment industry. One notable quality is that the south continues to generate new waves of MC’s such as South Carolina duo None Before who has now made their official stamp in the music industry after inking an equity distribution deal with Roc Nation in late 2018. They recently dropped a single “I Like” & they definitely delivered with this one. Before the group members, Marvolus & Gemstar Da GoldenChild deal came about with one of the hottest labels, None Before released their 17-track mixtape “Upper Echelon” hosted by The Breakfast Club radio host DJ Envy and running a South Carolina Battle league called Barbarian Rap League where they became friends with Wild N Out stars Charlie Clips and Conceited. None Before is gearing up to release a lot more content around their music with hopes to continue to build their growing fan base.

Now they are running their own label U.P. Entertainment with themselves & artist Spoken Conscience & Beuo Oslo they released another album with DJ Envy called “The Endgame” in March 2021. This EP is just a loose generalization of what’s happening in the trenches. Not everything is gold. Some people really got to get it from the muscle. None Before is next to emerge and ready to deliver that sauce on all levels. The title of the song speaks for itself. They sauced on this whole joint. They released multiple tracks projects with little to no promo, just hard work and dedication. None Before said to have a bunch of music in the stash & will release as he brings attention to his music, getting into blogs, doing podcasts, appearances, and music videos this year. None Before is releasing a new album February 14th called “For You, From Us” with the lead single “I Like”. Make sure you take a listen. Straight sauce right here! Tune in to this.

Big Moose – Against The Grain (Official Music Video) Shot By @HoldUpTV

This energy right here, I’M LOVING IT!. The homie Big Moose just did this joint real dirty. Big cousin getting real critical right now! My guy Moose been on his bully since the year came in. After releasing his latest project “Top Opp” earlier this year which is everywhere right now including the blog playlist on Spotify. He look like he in bully mode & it should be that way because he coming for a lot of spots. Making hot music is something he’s very good at. Almost every joint you get from him, is either some real or a banger. This had to hit the blog. It’s been on repeat since it dropped. His elevation, grind & work ethic really been crazy since he been out here in the game Moose flow is one of the best!

My guy Moose really going off right now. I was waiting on his project & when it came, I wasn’t disappointed at all. Moose got Jersey on on his back right now when it comes to rising artists! He always giving us nothing but sauce, CONSISTENTLY! This joint gone have you lit but like “Damn!”. The real always prevail in the end. His catalog already fire & he just keeps adding to the sauce. Not too many artists or rappers can talk like this & it’s REAL. Make sure you’re tuned in with him on social media (@BigMoose280). As I said before, it’s only getting better as he go. One of the hottest, LITERALLY!


Let’s get it! That sauce right here! The Recipe is back with some sauce & continues expanding on his already established legacy with his newly released single “Fly N Flashy” which is on all platforms right now! The Recipe is a resident of the infamous streets of San Francisco’s Hayes Valley neighborhood. Being a fan of the sounds of 80’s hip-hop, The Recipe developed a love for the music genre after listening to Emcee’s like Run DMC, Fat Boys, MC Shy D, and Too Short, among others. From there, he dedicated his time to evolving his craft. As he excelled upon the mic, he began working with neighborhood friends and fellow rap artists like Andre Nickatina, J.T.The Bigga Figga, and Messy Marv. Definitely not your ordinary artist though he doesn’t look to be flashy nor talk tales in the music. Everything is 100 when he speaks his experiences.

The Recipe has really been saucing his way through the ranks and worked with a wide array of musical powerhouses like gospel rap icon, Easop, Leanin (Mz Daizy), Spice 1 (Jive Records), Bay-area legend TC, half of the legendary duo of TC & the Enhancer, D.J. Quick, Kid Ink, Dizzy Rascal, and J Stalin. His hard work and talent have gained him the #18 rank on Reverbnation. Being a skilled Chef himself, The Recipe went on to combine his two loves, Music and Food to create his own show “Recipe TV” on Cable Channel 29 in San Francisco. The show incorporates hip-hop acts as well as the culinary arts which I think is next level sauce.

Since becoming respected on the mic, The Recipe built upon his fascination for the studio and composition, evidently adding producing to one of his many talents. Launching his production company “Back Against The Wall Productions”, The Recipe was becoming the go to producer for artists big and small alike. Becoming bigger and bigger in the game, his production company involved everything from production to management to features, consultation, and distribution, and his name gained recognition among prominent figures like Suge Knight, Brooke Wentz, and Jonathan Hey

The Recipe continues to sauce in the rap game no matter the levels he has already attained. He’s Currently prepping the release of two new singles, “Give Me That Recipe” featuring Equipto, Fega Michael’s and Big Mack. They will be exclusively distributed by OneRpm. The song “Back in The Kitchen Cooking” featuring Rome will exclusively be released by Songflowr. These tracks showcase The Recipe’s ever evolving flow and lyricism that brought him global accreditation. He’s a quality artist especially in this time where almost everything is watered down. They showcase the true art of hip-hop, packing a punch that can spar with any lyricist in the game. Lyrical, methodical, The Recipe’s longevity reflects his stature as an artist. More music is expected to be on the way. just make sure you tap into his catalog & see what he’s put together. He’s dropping some quality sauce right now. If you haven’t checked out Go do it. Tune in, open your mind, & learn something as you bump the sauce!

Mackdous – Love & Hate

New Sauce Alert! Rising new artist Mackdous released a cool hip hop joint “Love & Hate” on all platforms not too long ago. The Lebanese born artist lived in Dubai for some time & tried to make lanes for his self in the rap culture out there. It was rough for him at first literally getting laughed at over being hip hop influenced & culture differences but he kept going! Mackdous has been rapping since he was 13 years old. He’s been making music with a lot of heavy rap moguls in the city of Los Angeles, CA ever since he left Dubai 4 years ago. Mack is out here grinding, just networking trying to find his way as an independent artist that ultimately just wants to rap for the rest of his life .His journey looking back has been one hell of a grind. This single was definitely a good track for him. Talking about Love & Hate which is a large subject dealing with people & our wants/needs. He says new music is coming. He’s been loading the clip for 4 years so I’m anxious to see what he’s cooked up over some time. Enjoyes this joint though. Check it out! Stay tuned with him on social media https://instagram.com/dousiie

B.MORGAN “Str8 Jacket” Official Music Video

New Sauce Alert! The rising R&B/Soul singer/songwriter B. Morgan just released his latest Visuals “Str8 Jacket” on all digital platforms. He was really showing his sauce on this. The rising artist representing Bronx, NY. B. Morgan (Born Desmond Morgan), was born to parents of Jamaican heritage which inspired his earlier afro Caribbean style of music making long before the current afro beats boom in music. It would be towards his late teens where he would zero in on his Niche, R&B. With over a decade in the music industry B. Morgan has earned the respect of his peers both mainstream and underground/indie making him one of New York’s most respected artists. Not only has he put in the time but has a catalog to show for it featuring collaborations and shows with Omarion, Tony Yayo, Grand Puba, Mario, Sammie, Eric Bellinger, A Boogie Hoodie, Fivio Foreign, Rick Ross, MMG, 50 Cent, Maino, Fred Da Godson, Total, Carl Thomas, Freddie Jackson, Musiq Soulchild, Dj Marley Marl and French Montana to Name a few.

His music spoke for itself when he stepped on the set. B Morgan got a dope ass catalog in the. He’s a R&B based artist but not afraid to take the leap & step out his lane.  He always finds a way to incorporate real life in his music. I’m rocking with this joint right here. His voice is it & that vibe he giving is different, In a world where everyone is trying to be tough and make party records, we need joints like this JUST for the females. The Homie B. Morg got a pretty decent catalog of music. Its a few saucy joints in his catalog like “YKTV”, & “LAM”. He be talking real slick to these women on these tracks! More sauce on the way so you know I’m anxious to see/hear what’s next! B. Morgan is coming with that sauce & it’s only getting better. A must listen right here! Straight sauce! It’s in the “SauceFromVeliTV” playlist on Spotify too!!!

Harrdluck – Get Money Freestyle Ft. Young Toc

New Sauce Alert! Harrdluck dropping visuals right now from the tape right now & it’s going crazy!. Harrdy already proved why he one of hardest artists coming out of New Jersey when he dropped “Ghetto Ghotti” & “Ghetto Ghotti 2”. I’m still bumping those till this day. This new mixtape he recently gave us is nothing but SAUCE! He talking heavy as ever on “Harrdy World 2” I been listening to him for years especially since we from the same state. One of realest guys you’ll ever meet doing this music stuff. Nothing sauce talk & raw artistry. His project “Harrdy World” is out now on bandcamp! He was having his fun with this one. I been listening to the project nonstop. When we talking about independent artists, Harrdluck one of the coldest in the game. Every time he talk he giving out the chills.

This Get Money Freestyle featuring Young Toc j strictly for the trenches!. Young Toc did his thing as well. They knew what time it was when they recorded this. This for the trenches right here! Some of what he be talking be real as you can get. One thing that really sets him apart is that he is so raw with his content & sauce. Harrdy was talking real filthy as always. Harrdy talk too real at times & how he put it together + deliver make you wanna run it back every time. His hunger is just different. He smoke everything he touch. One of my favorite artists out right now & has been since I first became a fan. He not going nowhere no time soon. His style separates him from the rest & the way he body these songs, it’s too easy. Make sure you stream his latest project titled “Harrdy World” which is on Bandcamp right now. Tune In! Straight PRESSURE Right Here! Fire joint right here. You will enjoy this one. Happy to finally hear his name again. This is crazy 🔥🔥! Stay with him on IG: [@Harrdluck]


NEW SAUCE ALERT! ReemoVanPrez out here with that pressure. New visuals for “BELIEVE” finally here featuring Drizzy Juliano & They Snapped!!! Reemo is on his way up! Reemo been stepped his game up musically plus his grind. He been putting nothing but quality sauce since I became a fan. This just reassured me that he is still that guy. The exact reason why/how I became a fan in the first place. This New Joint was get you in your zone. You can feel it when he speak. He sauced heavy on this joint. His flow made him catch a body on this. He was talking that talk on this! Reemo not going nowhere but to the top. straight Pressure🔥.

Drizzy Juliano like 5-5 right now! The 3rd Part of “GDK” is was too crazy & he just rips this! He been putting out a lot of fire lately! His foot back on necks. NYC is Heavy right now with new artists on the rise! Reemo & Drizzy really a hell of a duo! One of my favorite songs on the blog right now. This definitely motivation right here! They got the sauce right now! That Sauce Right Here!

Flexx Kapone – 901 To 662 [Mixtape]

Flexx Kapone a.k.a Jeremy Jones was born in California but raised in MemphisFlexx moved back and forth from different regions of Mississippi & Memphis during his childhood years & due to the constant moving he became more serious about his music career as an artist. He felt that music symbolized some form of stability in his ever-changing life and the constant obstacles he faced growing up. Flexx began learning about free-styling from watching hisolder cousins freestyle he decided to follow their footsteps and tried freestyling himself at ten years old. It wasn’t long after that when he picked up writing as he got older. Flexx did this as a way of expressing himself and to stay out of trouble. What once was a hobby for Flexx grew to be a passion. Flexx continued to freestyle and write as it helped him to cope with the struggles of growing up from a broken home as if being raised by a single mother wasn’t enough Flexx never really knew who his father was growing up.

In early 2015, Flexx signed to Colossal Records and started making a name for himself in his city by releasing his first single “Straight 2 The Point” which featured Allen Mathis due to the massive support and good feedback Flexx decided to release another single “A1” which featured June B this single got his name buzzing in his city which than eventually led to him dropping his first mixtape “No Turning Back” in 2015. 

The following year in 2016, Flexx released his second mixtape titled “Already Major”. He followed that up with his third project titled “Forever” 2 years later in 2018. Which was a compilation mixtape of hits and than 2 years later in 2020. He released his fourth mixtape 901 to 662. Flexx since then has done shows in his city. He’s also traveled outside of his city to perform at different shows, events. He’s been featured in many magazines and has had his music featured on many mixtapes and radio stations. Flexx brings pain and real life experiences into his music to give listeners an understanding of where he has been and to give the story of a true underdog who is trying to overcome all odds to reach his dream as a musician one day at a time.

https://spinrilla.com/mixtapes/flexx-kapone-901-to-662 CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE PROJECT!

THB Salle Feat. Pilot Reg – Hindu [Official Video]

My Bloody got another banger right here! The homie Thb Salle back with that sauce! He been on my Instagram timeline with his snippets to this joint which sounded hard. It was only right I come peep this. He dropped off his latest visuals to “Hindu” featuring Pilot Reg. They both flamed this. THB Salle really make music for the streets. He been on my radar ever since his song “Headshots” & project “Free Rich Blow”. He’s been putting out some quality bodies of work sine he been home. It was only right I stay tuned in with what he doing.

The homie THB Salle got the East-Side of Detroit (Harper & Chalmers) on his back something heavy right now. He out here really evolving with his music. I feel like since he came home from that bid, he been on a mission. He just recently released a project “Salle Talk 2” & from the few joints That I’ve heard including this song is pure sauce. He was talking real pluggish on this joint. One of the realest joints on here & in the blog playlist on Spotify! It had to hit the sauce. Y’all gonna play this back a few times. Straight sauce right here! Sauce Up 2x!