I-I Fetti – Whap Whap (Official Remix Video) [@dirbyraymundo] #FreeTheArmy

Yup! You know the sauce here!! The homie I-I Fetti is just different! The one & only goated for a reason. He dropping nothing but sauce right now & this just turned him up, not gonna lie!. He’s been doing his thing this whole 2022 dropping back to back visuals & new songs. I’m just loving how he has fun on tracks like this but still be snapping. He out here doing what he want on beats. He just dropped his remix To Skillibeng’s “Whap Whap” & this definitely the hardest remix out! Straight Up SAUCE MIX! One of the hottest new artists on the rise coming out of New York & we gonna keep saying it. His flow is really crazy & he knows how to catch it, & just go. When he dropped the snippet of this, we just knew the song was gone be fire! One of the very few young new artists who elevates with his new music every time he drops. It’s just getting better & better!

This joint gone have you up on your feet but listen to him snap! Fetti always talking his talk on tracks but he just step on this different. He make all his music seem effortless. He’s out here making the music he wants to make & is being consistent with the drops. There is no other young artist stepping like he stepping. The visuals was point & this joint was just fun to listen to & watch. His version of “Whap Whap” got the streets right now. He just did this joint dirty. Like we always say, he really got his own sauce & you don’t see that a lot with young artists. Everybody too busy trying to be something they see. He’s proving he got that sauce with every joint he give us. I-I Fetti really got his foot on the gas with all this heat he been dropping. Fetti 2022, WE HERE FOR IT. Tune in! That sauce just DIFFERENT! 

Zilla – Smoke Sessions (Official Music Video)

New Sauce Alert! Emerging artist Zilla from Williamsport, PA (UPTOP). Zilla back with another one! That sauce right here! He just dopped the latest visuals for “Smoke Sessions”. This joint was a straight vibe. He kept it light but that talk was still there. The West Philadelphia artist has been dropping nothing but content since he been home. Don’t forget he dropped the documentary to his upcoming EP & it’s here on the site. Zilla is definitely an artist to tap into! Zilla has been working non stop giving us visuals, music, docs, & more just in the cut waiting to drop. The sauce love this type of talk. This definitely something to throw on & smoke to.

 Zilla got so much to offer the culture not only musically, but experience wise. He still was talking that talk on this but he kept it light. He ate this joint, effortlessly tho. Too much drill in rap & not enough real. Zilla talking pain & hustle at the same time. Zilla got the sauce & is next to emerge to become one of the top artists in Philadelphia. This was too relatable.  He spitting bars, giving you that sauce talk. “Pint Of Real: The EP” and The Documentary dropping this summer! Excited to see him dropping fire right now! Turn this joint on & let it just vibe out as you smoke & think about something. Make sure you tune in. Straight sauce right here! From the trenches with it!

Meda – Just Wanna Know(Foreal) Dir. By Six

New Sauce Alert! Rising new artist Meda is a recording artist and producer coming from Willingboro, NJ & just recently dropped some visuals to his latest joint “Just Wanna Know” & his lyrical wordplay in this joint show you his sauce different. Meda began as a battle rapper as a youth and being arguably undefeated at such a young age. 16 years old at that time, it gave him a rapid buzz. Records like “Just Wanna Know” shows a direct example of what he sees and goes through within the local issues of his area. Meda is definitely a new artist to tap into. He making a statement early that he’s not with all the clout chasing & gimmicks. He just focused on the craft. This joint right here really brought you into his world. The latest project “Where Ever It Takes Me” contains original production from his Honor Society partner SoundCap. He really went in on this! 

His voice immediately had me when I saw a clip of this! Pain, Hunger, Strength & more is what you fely as he giving real sauce showing his wordplay, bars & storytelling. After this, you have to tune into his latest project “Where Ever It Takes Me”.  It’s just a loose generalization of what’s happening in the trenches, how far he came, & where he going. Not everything is gold. Some people really got to get it from the muscle. Meda putting on for the home state & is next to emerge with sauce, FACTS. He talking that talk, giving you that raw, gritty, hip hop feel.. He released both projects with little to no promo, just hard work and dedication. He’s said to have a bunch of music in the stash as he’s more focused on bringing attention to his music getting into blogs, doing podcasts, appearances, and more videos this year. Meda got a lot more content around his music coming & hopes to continue to build his growing audience. Make sure you take a listen. Straight sauce right here!  From the trenches with it!

Break the Rules – FlyBoiiDada (Shot By @StarrMazi)

That Sauce as usual right here! I keep saying it. FlyBoii DaDa is an Artist 2 Watch right now. When it comes to new artists, my guy is is the one. This year you can tell he’s locked in. He already dropped like 4 bangers the end of 2021 which was getting us ready for 2022. This visual “Break The Rules” is nothing unexpected because that fire is every time with him. Last year, he dropped some of the best trap music you’ll ever hear. He’s been one of my favorite artists since he started. 2021. It’s how he talk that talk in his rap! He get you in that mode! He really got the sauce & after watching a few videos back to back, IT SHOWS. He’s not new to delivering heat. His versatility with his music its crazy. He may not get too much attention but he’s up there with some of the top guys that’s on the scene now.

FlyBoii DaDa talk heavy on everything he touch. Can’t wait to see what he’s got in stored for 2022! His project “Trap Baby” is still on the way (Hopefully) lol. So we just patiently waiting. He giving off them “I’m not playing with you” vibes. The visuals was on point. He was talking too sturdy through this whole thing. The real gonna love this right here. His music is strictly for the streets but it’s industry cats that can’t touch him. His catalog already fire & this just added to the sauce. Not too many artists giving the artists real vibes that go along with the music. Every time he drop, you know it’s here. We not with the politics. You know we got that sauce here! Make sure you’re tuned in with him on social media (@FlyBoiiDADA). It’s only getting better as he go. This for the streets & the culture! Tune in.

Fivio Foreign – Squeeze (Freestyle) [Official Video]

Aww man! My guy Fivio really out here saucing like crazy. It’s just me ?? Or Fivio keeps getting better & better every time he release a song. The Big Woo aka Mr. Big Drip Fivio Foreign just released the visuals for his new joint “Story Time” & it’s fire! Lately, since making his appearance on Kanye West’s “Donda”, he’s just been in a different bag. His music getting better & better! This is INSANELY good for Fivio Foreign. He came too hard with this one! His flow is literally evolving in front of our eyes. He was real believable. To watch his growth from the beginning is amazing. This man came from the bottom. He always had the sauce we told him when he dropped “Noahs Ark” with Sosa Geek & Gino in 2019.

He damn near body everything Fivio has literally elevated his rapping ability since he got signed!! Everything he’s dropped since getting out that jam has been fire! he sauced on it. It’s been awhile since artists came out like Fivio. This one just hit different, real emotion along with the hype. I been said he’s one of the coldest artists coming out New York. Fivio more than a drill rapper. One of my favorite artists out right now & he been saucing since he touched. 2022 gonna be crazy for him. That sauce right here. His adlibs and flows are improving! This a different Fivio we witnessing. We need a part 2 or a whole album of this flow! Tune In

Zay Flamez – Mill in The Safe (shot by @RARI DIGITAL)

Sauce Alert! Emerging artist Zay Flamez going off right now! He just dropped the visuals to “Mill In The Safe” which happens to be one of my favorites from him & is already over 5,000+ views on YouTube. This joint “Mill In The Safe” is straight pressure! His work ethic is something serious. With all the sauce he been dropping the past few months, this definitely his hottest joint right now. Everything he put out he talking heavy & giving you pressure! You might miss a crazy line if you not paying attention!. You already know as soon as that sauce drop, It’s UP! He’s amassed over 100K views total across YouTube, off of just grind & it’s only getting better!

One of Jersey’s finest going hard as ever! This should let you know he’s not going nowhere. Not too many young artists in the game with their own sauce. One of my favorite new artists out right now after this. The beat selection was crazy. He had some of the hardest lines I’ve ever heard in this. He not going nowhere no time soon & will be on here more after this. One of the very few artists on the rise with crazy potential & this one of those joints worth talking about. Zay Flamez just stepped on necks with this!

I-I Fetti x Prince Fetti x Rich NuNu – W T W (Shot by KLO Vizionz) (Music Video)

Heavy on it! It’s a few young cats doing they thing & the homie I-I Fetti is one of them. I been a fan of the homie I-I Fetti ever since “Slide”. It’s been nothing but flames with him since then. Him, Prince Fetti, & Rich NuNu released their visuals “WTW” not too long ago & they all went crazy. Every time he goes quiet, he just pop back up with something fire. I expect a lot more bangers from him down the line & for him to goo off the rest of 2021. Some of the most underrated artists in New York doing their thing. They all walked this effortlessly. The guys need all their credit for this banger! Rich NuNu was talking spicy but keeping it sauced! He putting on for Fort Greene right now. Prince Fetti a straight demon on tracks. Their chemistry on this was tight. One of my favorite new joints and artists out right now. They got their own sauce & you don’t see that a lot with young artists.

It;s really some talented artists running around New York doing their thing. They have been releasing some heat the past few months! Definitely artists to watch out for if they keep up with that sauce. They can give us drill, real rap or joints for the females which I-I Fetti did! A very versatile group of artists. One of my favorite new joints and artists out right now. They got their own sauce & you don’t see that a lot with young artists. Waiting for it to catch fire. Fetti still got the sauce. Banger alert right here. Fetty Way! That Pressure Right Here!

Lawz – “Chasing Chicken” (offical music video)

Brooklyn born and raised rising artist Lawz just dropped his new video for the dope joint “Chasing Chicken”. He did his thing with jawn. Lawz is a heavily new York influenced artist but still also has a versatile sound to create any genre of music. He been on the music grind heavy saucing his way up. He also has his own clothing brand( illuminate nyc) & (born in the 90’s) so he no stranger to real bars and mixing it in with new innovative flows that go with today’s sound in music to create timeless records that can always be relatable and melodic giving you the best of both worlds. This that sauce right here! Run It Up!

PaqGod – Covid 93

PaqGod (formerly known as Khari G) is talented artist residing in the Bay Area of California orginally from southeast Washington, DC. Paq has made his own lane for himself within his own lane, managing to mix a nice blend of two different coasts nearly effortlessly. After the passing of his mother due to cancer in early 2013, Khari found refuge in music, it was his outlet to life. His first solo independent dropped in April 2013: “Stay Tuned”. His 2nd project “Smokers’ Session: The EP” dropped early June 2013 with guest features from DC’s own LightShow & The SluttyBoyz to compliment the tape. In August, he dropped a collaboration mixtape with SluttyBoyz titled “#OTFPSB” with features from Fat Trel, Dew Baby, P.Wild & Boosa Da Shoota. Khari is also the CEO of PaqGang clothing. The idea of the clothing line was to expand off is brand and music career. PaqGang is different because its more than just a name, it pays to live the lifestyle. This song was just a teaser for his next album. He dropped 3 this year so far plus this his 3rd single so far. Pretty solid joint right here. Anxious to see how he sauce in 2020. He definitely have that artist potential.

Darryl P – Body, Mind, & Soul

Darryl P aka “The Grind Artist” is a RnB artist & songwriter coming from Chicago, Illinois. He Just dropped his album titled (Body, Mind And Soul) recently & its riding! It’s on all streaming platforms as we speak. I had to take some time to sit back & take this album in & it was well worth it. This was kinda like a breath of fresh air. Ain’t nothing like no good R&B now which is hard to find. This project got all the sauce you need. Darryl P was talking that talk on this project. This definitely something you can turn on & up, just to let it play. He definitely bring that 90s/early, 2000s RnB together with modern RnB as far as music to create what he calls the “Darryl P Sound”. You gonna like this project right here. Nothing but vibes. It’s in the Spotify Playlist as well. Expect some visuals for select songs off the album in the near future. Check out that sauce right here!

SAMBO x Spliff – Sumn In Da Water [EP]

SAMBO (all caps) also known as Chikki Kush links up with Spliff to deliver us an EP titled “Sumn In The Water” while we deal with quaratine. They’re both independent artists from Louisiana on the grind. I listened to this jawn a few times and they definitely age well. Some joints was already recorded but they just fixed it up to drop off. SAMBO & Spliff was going in on this project. My favorite songs off this was ” Watcha Call It”, “Cold Soul” & “22504”. Some quality music for the ears. They was giving me them Mozzy vibes kinda. Watcha Call It was straight raw. They went crazy on that jawn. Sambo always blessing tracks with that raw & grittiness. Wished more rappers had it but he definitely be coming heavy on these tracks.Sat back & enjoyed this joint. They putting out some solid work for this to be their first joint joint tape together. This EP will be on all digital platforms soon.. Anxious to hear more of Spliff this year. They both know how to put the sauce together. Some sauce right here.

Bigslicc- Fool Me ft.YoungJK (Prod. by six_hunnid)

20 year old old rising artist Big Slicc from Moreno Valley, Ca who’s been rapping since he was 7. He’s been on a serious grind growing into his craft for the past few years. He made this track out of inspiration of an incident one of my friends been through. He just twisted some parts up and made it a story ! But make sure y’all check it out. Currently, he has several of tracks & music videos with features coming out soon!. Stay tuned to the sauce & follow his (Instagram: @big.slicc). Straight sauce right here!

New Music & To Listen To? Here is "InTheSauceWeTrust" Playlist on Spotify!

What’s going on folks. I know in this day & age finding new music and new artists to listen to can be very hard. Saturation on social media, streaming platforms etc.. is at an all time high! Exact reason why I created my own Spotify playlist. It’s a lot of new artists doing their thing but won’t get much spotlight because most of these so called curators or taste makers is all about the money. It’s a lot of quality music that’s been dropping lately and this past year. I like moving the culture forward so it would only be right that I actually put the culture on to what is really going on in the music industry. I’ve been in the music business for awhile now & got my hands in a lot of new artists releases. My Playlist was started over 8 months ago & now CURRENTLY has over 20,000+ playlist followers/listeners. It features some of the hottest up & coming artists in the streets & the internet such as Fivio Foreign, Cruch Calhoun, Sheff G, Jim Jones, Sleepy Hallow, Quilly Millz, Pop Smoke, Drizzy Juliano, Lil Tjay, Zm5, SimXSantana, Neek Bucks, Matti Baybee, Rah Swish, Piif Jones etc.. I can go on & on all day but the playlist is full of new artists on the rise. My son Fivio just signed his deal with Columbia Records. This playlist is only for music lovers who’s always looking for new music/artists to listen to or become a fan of. The playlist have been getting a lot of love this year & we just hope to get more. I’m doing my job which is putting people onto artists they should be hearing rather than forcing them to listen to mainstream B.S. Only original, quality, mostly indie/underground music but it can top any mainstream playlist on the net. If you are always looking for new music, This is the playlist for you! Stream The Hottest Music Out That’s Not Getting Talked About!


Damn this is it on gang, straight 🔥🔥🔥 once again! I told yall before that he was gonna be a problem. Tazz is soon to be up next. Boy on another level perfect. First off. His beats be crazy. Definitely can see this hitting a mill if it catch the right flame. Tazz bodied this joint. New York really got the rap culture right now. Tazz was talking real heavy on this. He chewed this from beginning to end. Can’t wait until this really catch fire like it should. WOO running the city. This joint is evil right here!! He got so much heat in the cut. 2020 looking good for him. He gives me that feeling that he’s gonna be a threat once he applies real pressure. Straight Pressure Right Here!