ZenCris Returns With New Hit Single “Summertime Fallout”

Indie artist ZenCris is back with another hit single release titled “Summertime Fallout.” The single is out now on all streaming platforms. Over a soulful backdrop, his slightly raspy vocals convey the details of a fallout. He mentions arguments, a switch up in moods, less affection, and more. The relatable content along with raw emotion from ZenCris drive the track. Stream the single and connect on Instagram @smokeyvoiceguy.

T3mpo Tai Releases Brand New Single, “Push Back”

T3mpo Tai (a name given by past cellmates) and SKYIV Records announce the release of his brand new single “Push Back.” Not only does Tai show off his witty lyricism and storytelling, he also shows off his east coast grittiness with some southern swag. While others in the game attempt to push him back, he won’t budge or move. He’s not one to rhyme about something he isn’t or things he hasn’t been through, he can only write his truths. The catchy hook lingers while cinematic production highlights Tai’s raw lyrical deliverance. Stream “Push Back” and stay tuned for his mixtape release through SKY IV Records, ‘Bar Bully.’

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P.A.T.T.O.N. Delivers New Single “Pop It”

Houston, Texas indie Hip Hop artist P.A.T.T.O.N. releases his latest hit single “Pop It” out now on streaming platforms. He delivers a lyrical tale that serves as a modern Bonnie and Clyde. Over a blend of smooth melodies and knocking bass, P.A.T.T.O.N. describes how his lady pops it for him in every sense of the word. She might dry racks for him, catch a case for him, or even die for him. One thing is for certain as long as she has him, he has her. Stream “Pop It” and connect below.

Instagram: @tharealcmoney
Twitter: @buy_the_album
Facebook: Carlton Patton

Poetic Killa To Real Ones, “Stand Up” (Single)

Boston’s very own Poetic Killa has Hip Hop heads on their feet head-nodding to his new anthem-style single titled “Stand Up.” The track is available now on all streaming platforms. Don’t be mistaken though, this track isn’t for everyone. Killa is very clear it’s only for real ones who are on another level just like him.

His gritty punchlines and bars are underlined by intense, dramatic melodies that resonate long after the track is over. It’s clear after pressing play just why Poetic Killa comes from the school of hard knocks. “My names heavy it holds weight/ Murder murder my aim steady a cold case/ The fame’s deadly it ain’t get me like OJ/ Look at y’all still stuck in your own ways.”  If you fit the bill of a real one then stand up, put your hands up, and violate the repeat button!  Stream the single here on preferred platforms and below.


JLC & A.A.G. Records Deliver “Illuminate One” (Single)

JLC, seasoned Texas artist/CEO, and A.A.G. Records present his new charting single titled “Illuminate One” out now on all platforms. The single sheds light on decisions artists ongoingly face in the music industry, some of which can alter their lives for the better, but at what cost. Which shoulder will guide their choices, a halo-risen one, or one burning in flames?

These decisions also affect JLC, should he change his style and name? Should he sell his soul to fame and fortune? Any of his doubt and uncertainty are immediately ceased in the climax where he reminds fans that he steers down his own path of originality. He refuses to fall victim to any type of intimidation. His realness is what keeps him winning in life and reigning on top in the music industry.

Audiences are sure to grip his vocal lyricism and raw emotions, both underlined by dramatic tones and hard bass. Stream “Illuminate One” and connect with JLC below.


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IG @jlcaagrecords

Website www.allaroundaag.com

Email @info@aagmanagementteam.com

DJ Mr Famous & B.Morgan Heat Things Up In “Wanted” Single

Kicking off 2022 with afrobeat/R&B vibes is DJ Mr Famous and B.Morgan along with O.Banga (co-producer). “Wanted” is ideal for channeling summer nights dancing in the sand or cooling out on city rooftops. If the vibe alone isn’t enough there’s also a dance contest with a prize of $1K and choreography featured in the official music video for “Wanted.”

The duo of esteemed celebrity DJ and Jamaican American R&B sensation reach out to the ladies in “Wanted.” However, B.Morgan has his eyes set on one woman. He will do whatever it takes to get her and keep her by his side. Through enticing, flirty vocals he does just that. The island melodies resonate throughout the song sure to have listeners pressing repeat and shaking hips. Stream “Wanted” and connect below.

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JdZeno Prepares To “Bring The Pole OUT” (Single)

JdZeno is holding the ATL down with his latest track “Bring The Pole OUT” which serves as the lead single from his new album ‘JdZeno & KeonOnTheTrack.’ Listeners are sure to grip onto the intro of breaking news with gun violence and shootings. JdZeno follows suit with aggressively delivered lyrics revealing what happens when he’s disrespected. His blunt proclamation is intensified with gritty, knocking production. Stream “Bring The Pole OUT” to hear how and why JdZeno is bulletproof.

Instagram: @skywardMG_ 

Twitter: @haginsskylyn 

It’s Mari’s Time To “Play For Keeps” (Single)

Singer/songwriter Mari releases another chart-topping single with “Play For Keeps.” The track is taken from his latest album ‘Lost & Found.’ The upstate NY artist delivers smooth vocals over upbeat melodies. His story, a relatable one of love gone wrong, is sure to have listeners embrace Mari’s unyielding emotions. He’s not a man to retaliate with pain, rather he’ll use that energy to regroup and refocus on himself. Stream “Play For Keeps” and connect with Mari on Instagram and TikTok @_marigramm.

Ron “Bee-Stinger” Savage Claps Back In “I’m On The Run” Single

Hip Hop Movement Records and OG Ron “Bee-Stinger” Savage release his new single “I’m On The Run.” The track hits hard with unyielding storytelling about Savage’s past and present pain. He addresses the devil disguised as bullies and manipulators who threaten him time and time again. He goes further to disclose past trauma that affects both his life and career. In the middle of the track, Savage mentions being encouraged to go public with his story only to have the media and radio use his pain against him. Listen to the emotionally gripping single and connect with Ron “Bee-Stinger” Savage below.

Hon. Ron Savage
Former Member of the New York State Democratic Committee

Ron Savage
Executive Board Member of the National Action Network Bronx Chapter

Ron “Bee-Stinger” Savage
Hip Hop Movement
Owner of Servicemark

CeeTheWorld is Pretty Good At Bad Decisions

Everyone is good at something. According to the title of CeeTheWorld’s new album one of his many talents is making bad decisions. Though, Pretty Good At Bad Decisions may be one of the best decisions CeeTheWorld has made to date.

If one is going to go hard, the fourth quarter is undoubtedly the time to do it. CeeTheWorld must be pretty good at making good decisions as well, because the late October release of his new album Pretty Good At Bad Decisions was a brilliant choice.

Just weeks before COVID-19 brought the world to a standstill, CeeTheWorld made r’n’b fans swoon with the ballad “Imagine A Love”. Lovers of love songs went crazy and for a moment in time it seemed like the singer/songwriter could do no wrong. The nearly two year wait for the release of Pretty Good At Bad Decisions had people questioning the mega talented Chicagoan’s judgement. But in the spirit of understanding that everyone makes questionable choices every now and then, fans welcomed “Imagine A Love” back and it’s full length counterpart, for the first time, with open arms.

Obviously, CeeTheWorld’s decision making skill deserve more credit than he gives, because Pretty Good At Bad Decisions is 14 tracks of vibes. Despite his self proclaimed knack for making questionable choices, CeeTheWorld hand picked 14 of his best songs to date to deliver to his supporters. One of which is the new single “Ain’t Done (Hoe)”.

“Ain’t Done” is an apology of sorts to all the women CeeTheWorld wasn’t quite right with due to his desire to continue to life his best, non committed life. Reminiscent of Mario’s “Could You Be” or Jay-Z’s “Girls, Girls, Girls” CeeTheWorld lists the women and their lovable qualities and admits he was the problem. 

The visual is almost more lovable the the song , featuring an aged CeeTheWorld reminiscing on all of the women he hurt. A bit of a who’s who, some of Chicago’s most beautiful and talented women make cameos in the “Ain’t Done” video.

Stream Pretty Good At Bad Decisions and watch “Ain’t Done” below.


JLC “No Walls” Ft. Crystal Lalucci x Dee Stakz (Single)

A.A.G. Records and JLC present his latest, explicit track “No Walls” available now on digital platforms. The single features Crystal Lalucci and Dee Stakz.

The cinematic melodies along with striking tones and knocking bass sets the tone for this exclusive, grown folk’s music.  There’re women out here with no walls slipping and sliding through the streets living a loose lifestyle and both JLC and Stakz hold no bars calling them out.  However, take heed to Lalucci’s verse as she declares her search for a man who’s packing and stacking jewels on her wrist.

“No Walls” is sure to create waves of steam adding to summer’s scorching temperatures. Stream “No Walls” and connect with the artists below on Instagram.




Florida Rapper Fly Gitt Drops “Blues Clues” (Single)

SkyIV Records and Fly Gitt announce the release of his latest single “Blues Clues” available on all major platforms.

The Florida-based artist delivers a hit single coinciding with his iBANG motto. Over invigorating cadences and striking tones, Fly Gitt drops crafty punchlines letting the world know he’s flexing with street and booth diplomas. Around the way chicks and wack rappers are irrelevant to his glow-up. The track is fresh enough for the clubs, yet authentic enough for the blocks. Stream/download “Blues Clues” on preferred platforms and connect with Fly Gitt below.

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/iamflygitt/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/iamflygitt 

Twitter – https://twitter.com/iamflygitt

skyivrecords.net ⠀


FatBoy Fetti – Listen Up ( Prod by @11:01)

Heavy on it! New Sauce Alert, The homie Fatboy Fetti just dropped some heat again. The rising Brooklyn artist Fatboy Fetti only been serious with music for a year & he already pushing out pressure. Hearing his unreleased music & what’s to come got me excited as he continues to drop new sauce. He recently released his new visuals “Listen Up” & you can tell he stepped his sauce up. The way he came it on it was interesting. This joint right here speaks for itself. Not even gonna lie, Fatboy Fetti lowkey went harder on this than his last joint just off his attitude.

Fatboy Fetti dropped his new project “Forever Solid” as well not too long ago & it’s still bumping. It’s so much more heat to come from him. 2021 gonna be a good year for him. New York’s talent is unlimited.. You gonna run this back a few times. He’s just finding his footing & getting comfortable. Once he adjust, he’s gonna be on some necks. The homie Fatboy Fetti is only getting started! One of my favorite new guys out right now. Him & the whole “FettiWay” camp got their own sauce. Waiting for it to catch fire as it should. Fatboy Fetti is ready to show why he’s an artist to watch. Banger alert right here. Fetty Way! That Sauce Right Here!

Killa Cal’s “4 A.M. In Miami” Video

Killa Call, an independent Rap/GoGo artist releases his new hit single “4 A.M. In Miami.”

Cal comes with a smooth, and catchy delivery over a melodic track setting the vibe for cruising the streets of South Beach. “I’m the one that photographers would love to capture / low key but high key your favorite rapper.” The veteran artist paints a picture of maintaining a very laid-back personality, while in contrast being one of the most popular and respected artists out of the DMV music scene.

Cal teams up with the Rockstar gaming community to deliver a very entertaining and creative visual based on the ever so popular video game Grand Theft Auto 5. This single is available on all digital platforms with visuals on Worldstar, Apple Music, Vevo, and Youtube.  

Watch the video and connect with Killa Cal below.

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