” City Voices ” [MOTIVATED] Performance By Kocky KA🎙 (Official Video)

New Sauce Alert! Rising artist Kocky KA really one of my favorite artists on the come up right now! He really one of the hottest in this music industry. Kocky KA dropped off his latest visuals to his track “MOTIVATED” with “City Voices” & he straight sauced on this! You  know this joint was coming to the site. I feel like he been charged up ever since the album but even a little before. Kocky KA latest project “TABO”(This A Big One)” is definitely something to tap into. We covered it on our medium because it was just that sauce! He making music grind, motivation music which is something we need badly right now. Not too many artists giving us feel good, hustle music. Kocky KA been putting on all 2022 & he only getting better.

After putting out his first project, “TABO”(This A Big One), he’s been giving just been giving us some solid ass visuals from songs off the project. Some people really got to get it from the mud & Kocky talks all about it. He talking that talk as always but this as just sauce. This joint will definitely have you ready to get some money. He really rap better than a lot of these rappers. Kocky KA is really in a league of his own. He can play with the melodies all he want & create that sauce. Even though his raps be crazy his joints like these be for the soul. Kocky holding the culture down dropping nothing but heat every time he come around. We had to speak on this. Make sure you take a listen. His sauce different!



New Sauce Alert! Rising artist Kocky KA is back with another banger! He really one of the hottest right now. Kocky KA dropped off his latest visuals to his “WAIT FOR YOU” freestyle & he straight sauced on this! He been on the sauce radar for 1 year now & he always been fire. I feel like he been charged up ever since the album but even a little before. Kocky KA new project “TABO”(This A Big One)” is definitely something to tap into. We covered it on our medium. He making a statement early that these guys cant mess with him. He just focused on the craft and the bag & you can tell he in his bag. This joint shows you he can do what he want on beats. Kocky KA is gearing up to release a lot more content around his music as he makes his appearance on IG again.

After putting out his first project, “TABO”(This A Big One), he just been showing his versatility hopping on some of the hottest new songs today. Not everything is gold. Some people really got to get it from the muscle & Kocky talks all about it.  He talking that talk as always but this was just sauce. Everything was on point. He really rap better than a lot of these rappers. Kocky KA is really in a lane of his own. He can play with the melodies all he want & still create sauce. Even though his raps be crazy his joints like these be for the soul. Kocky holding the culture down dropping nothing but heat every time he come around. We had to speak on this. Make sure you take a listen. His sauce different!

Zilla – Smoke Sessions (Official Music Video)

New Sauce Alert! Emerging artist Zilla from Williamsport, PA (UPTOP). Zilla back with another one! That sauce right here! He just dopped the latest visuals for “Smoke Sessions”. This joint was a straight vibe. He kept it light but that talk was still there. The West Philadelphia artist has been dropping nothing but content since he been home. Don’t forget he dropped the documentary to his upcoming EP & it’s here on the site. Zilla is definitely an artist to tap into! Zilla has been working non stop giving us visuals, music, docs, & more just in the cut waiting to drop. The sauce love this type of talk. This definitely something to throw on & smoke to.

 Zilla got so much to offer the culture not only musically, but experience wise. He still was talking that talk on this but he kept it light. He ate this joint, effortlessly tho. Too much drill in rap & not enough real. Zilla talking pain & hustle at the same time. Zilla got the sauce & is next to emerge to become one of the top artists in Philadelphia. This was too relatable.  He spitting bars, giving you that sauce talk. “Pint Of Real: The EP” and The Documentary dropping this summer! Excited to see him dropping fire right now! Turn this joint on & let it just vibe out as you smoke & think about something. Make sure you tune in. Straight sauce right here! From the trenches with it!

DRIZZY JULIANO – HEAD SHOTS (Music Video) | Shot By @MeetTheConnectTv

You know what it is! Sauce talking about that sauce regular! My Guy Drizzy! I keep saying it but they don’t believe Drizzy Juliano is really one of the best at it & I just love when he drop. This joint crazy right here but it’s nothing new! The New York artist just released his latest visual “HEADSHOTS” & he talking HEAVY! Drizzy still moving with that chip on his shoulder & it got him in his bag musically. That energy & along with the bars just different. One of the very few artists that can actually rap on any beat but his flow is just nasty. This man is too underrated at this point!

The homie Drizzy Juliano is really one of the GOATS of the NY Scene. He got the bars, the delivery, the authenticity, the pain, & the story. It’s like, not only do he put that pain into his music but real drill rap. Emerging artist Drizzy Juliano cadence & attitude be everything. You feel it, & know he not playing. He straight sauced on this! Just off energy alone. He’ll get you in that mood with this one. Every joint he drop, he on bully. NOTHING BUT PRESSURE! He doing what he want & it’s a must we speak on it. That talk different. Tune in!

Eric Cohen – Don’t Let Me Fade

New Sauce Alert! Emerging artist Eric Cohen coming from from Kansas City, Missouri got some sauce for us. He dropped this track “Don’t let me fade” not too long ago & he got real on this. Truly an underdog artist right here with a story to tell. Eric has been doing music for the past 2-3 years now & his goal is to spread light. With a history with darkness. From a chaotic childhood of poverty and addiction, to my his experiences with sin & vice. Definitely a sauce story right here. The right way is never easy, we all just got to do it. It hasn’t been an easy road, but he making a statement by believing in the craft and chasing a dream for a WORLD purpose. This track really is my favorite by him. When you speaking real, it has to touch the site. He’s been through some things but he’s still here PUSHING which says a lot. Eric has so much more content around his music on the way as he hopes to build a following with his music.

After putting out a few singles last year, “Paint A Picture” “Back To Basics” & this joint “Don’t Let Me Fade” he’s been focused on bringing attention to his music getting into blogs, doing podcasts, and more this year. He has a very decent catalog for a musician. Showing his development and bars while telling his story through each song. His music is for people who coming out of darkness or looking for a way to come out of it. It’s not easy but you could do it. All of us experience darkness at a point but it’s how we find the light. He recently had a performance at at the Groundhog Theater as well as released another song “Salvation” which is on all platforms. Eric just grinding & proving that he still got the sauce. He has 2 performances coming up, (one on June 18th for Juneteenth celebration & another on June 25th which is the Spirit & Fire Festival in Independence, Missouri. He’s been on the grind, creating, releasing with little to no promo, just hard work and dedication to share his story which can possibly help others on the journey. Make sure you take a listen. Some sauce right here. Tune in!

Fivio Foreign – Slime Them (Feat. Lil Yachty) [Official Video]

Aww man! The homie Fivio Foreign really out here saucing like crazy & to see him at this point is fire! The Big Woo aka Mr. Big Drip Fivio Foreign just released the visuals for his new joint “Slime Them” featuring Lil Yachty which is off his latest album “B.I.B.L.E” & it’s one of my favorites! He’s been in his bag & I’m loving it because he really holding down the streets but giving us that sauce. The album is phenomenal & he might have a classic on his hands early. His music getting better & better! This shit surprised me honestly Yachty is so under rated like this man has flows for days. This is the Duo we ain’t know we needed. Fivio deserves a lot more respect than given! To watch his growth from the beginning is amazing. This man came from the bottom. He always had the sauce we told him when he dropped “Noahs Ark” with Sosa Geek & Gino in 2019. Ever since “Off The Grid” Fivio just been in Attack mode, not just on features but his own songs too.

He killing everything right now. Fivio is definitely going to the next level after this album. Everything he’s dropped since getting out that lately has been fire! He sauced on this. It’s been awhile since artists came out like Fivio. This joint get you in that mood, but this is the ALBUM! I hope more collabs come from these 2. They flow effortlessly together. Fivio one of the hottest ones out of New York & he deserve it. He going straight to the top! One of my favorite artists out right now & he been saucing since he touched. 2022 gonna be crazy for him. That sauce right here Let’s take the moment to appreciate how much effort he puts into his content for us! Fivio back again with another smash hit! Tune In!


New Fire Alert! The homie Tsu Surf always give you chills when he gives you joints like these! He’s definitely the #1 artist in the homestate right now. One of the best if not the best battle rapper out here right now. Tsu Surf can switch it up any moment but he’s always delivering sauce. This new joint “UNBOTHERED” was been supposed to hit the site but I’ve been playing it so much that I forgot. This beat is crazy and Surf just flowing talking real heavy on this. When surf get in his bag he never disappoints! When he said “Vanguard he watch the whip No warzone experience, it’s cold out he was trying chill ain’t have his pole out ,thankful for that self revive cuz he ain’t have his loadout” I was like damn Tsu lol. He know how to make you think.

I don’t think people peeped how Surf went about this. During this time when these battle rappers dropping all these names in diss tracks, Surf went about it in a different manner. He let his rap skills show how different he is by dropping names throughout the whole song without dissing at all. It’s levels to this! I Felt every bar! Tsu Surf makes dope classic music. He’s not just a battle rapper! He a true artist. Beat selection & production on point. That’s what separates him from other battlers. It’s been on repeat every day. So many bars and so much game in this. You got to really be from the trenches to understand what Surf talking bout. That Sauce Different! Tune in!

Migz – My City (Official Video)

New Sauce Alert!  If yall don’t remember the homie Migz from last time when he dropped that banger “Paranoid” man tune in right now. One of the hardest artists coming out of Connecticut. Migz is that guy when it comes to real music. His latest project “Do Not Disturb” is out on all platforms & currently in all of our playlists. EXCITED for him this year, foreal! He’s one of those artists that been solid from the beginning but really been going under the radar & I don’t know why. That Talk Different! He make you feel everything he speak. His latest visual “My City” is one of the best songs I’ve heard dealing with today’s new music & artists. The visuals dope. He set the bar high when I first heard on “Paranoid” & just keep reaching every chance he get. Migz haven’t disappointed yet! & He’s only getting better.

After putting out “Do Not Disturb”  which one of the hottest projects that came out late 2021 in my opinion. Showing his development, bars & storytelling through each song. That project is a straight up classic! Migz is next to emerge and ready to deliver that heat. This joint “My City” is not only relatable but just pure fire. He talking that talk, giving you straight sauce. Migz really holding the culture for new rappers since he jumped in. This is one of the joints on the EP that just happens to be my favorite. The title of the song speaks for itself. He always had the sauce! This crazy! Make sure you tune in to this. From the trenches with it! Straight sauce right here!




Luh Bdee – No Need

New Sauce Alert! We always stay with fire & so this is nothing new! Rising new artist LuhBdee doing his thing right now as he dropping that sauce. LuhBdee from Roanoke Rapids, NC & he nice too! He dropped off his latest single “No Need” recently & he was talking his talk on this. LuhBdee says he’s been writing since he was younger but started taking rap seriously around 2018. LuhBdee is definitely new an artist to tap into. His music can vary from pain/melodic rap to drill rap. He just focused on the craft and giving us some good music. LuhBdee is gearing up to release a lot more music & content around his music as he hopes to continue to build his audience already.

After putting out only 3 songs, he has a few more things up his sleeve before he give us an EP. You can expect an EP real soon. The EP is just a loose generalization of what’s happening around him. A few more songs coming out the stash. LuhBdee is next to emerge & ready to deliver that heat. He’s said to be working on an album titled “Bigger Than They Thought” which is gonna be bringing you into his world. Just watching how he put this together should be dope to see. He’s more focused on bringing attention to his music getting into blogs, doing podcasts, appearances, and music videos this year. So, expect to see & hear more from him soon. Make sure you take a listen. Straight sauce right here! Tune in to this. From the trenches with it!


The internet had spoken, KWA OMARI is a top dog in South Carolina’s booming music scene.

Born in Chicago but raised in the Lowcountry section of South Carolina, KWA OMARI is putting both Chicago & SC on the map with his latest project “Raised On The Nawfside”.

ROTNS, which was released back in August 2021, has gotten a resurgence in 2022 as multiple major music news platforms and a new legion of fans have begun to take notice of his undeniable star power and effortless hit-making ability. The lead single also titled “Raised on The Nawfside” is an emotional, passionate song about growing up on the “Nawfside” of Beaufort, SC; the ups, the downs, the good, and the bad. The official video is sitting comfortably at 24k at the time of this writing and it’s well worth it.

Where most rappers will give you hyperbolic, over-the-top lyrics about being a super gangster or the next El Chapo — KWA OMARI bares the real him on each track and gives you the deepest look into his life. whether He’s talking about the fear of losing his close family on “My Brothers Pain”, his belief in himself, and how he is gonna take his family out of the hood on “Patient”, or when he talks his shit on a track like “Options” and “392 music” you feel every emotion he wants you to because his music comes from such a real place. He could quite possibly be the next big thing in music if he continues the path he’s on. I, for one, can’t wait to see what 2022 has in store for the Top Dog of SC Street rap.

His latest EP “Raised On The Nawfside” is out now everywhere music is streamed and sold. get you a copy and find out why the industry is taking notice. Follow him on all social media which you can find the links for below and stay up-to-date on all things KWA OMARI.

I am 448 Suge and this was The Sauce Report!

KWA OMARI Raised on the Nawfside







Duley1k: the 21-year-old piece of gold who is quietly taking over the Georgia Music scene.

I’m not gonna even waste your time; DULEY1K should already be famous.

Before we start I want to be fully transparent, I didn’t know who Duley1k was before being tasked to write this. That’s not a knock on him but there are just so many artists releasing music I can’t keep track of them all, but this young brother is FIRE! I’m not gonna even waste your time by making you wait, DULEY1K should already be famous.

I checked his music out on YouTube; the first song I listened to was “Long Live The King” and I Had to put it on repeat about 3 times. This kid has an amazing flow and the way his voice melts over the tracks with pain and vulnerability is something you only hear from artists like Roddy Rich or Rod Wave; them gangsta blues that only the real can relate to.

You can hear the DNA of Georgia in his music which makes sense seeing as though he is a native of The peach state. Raised in zone 6 Duley1k, born Abdul Diarrassouba started making music at the age of 15 at the behest of his big brother; using his upbringing and his surroundings to create a musical picture that many can vibe to and some can relate to. With experience living around all around the state of Georgia, he was able to get experiences from many walks of life and you can hear it in the expansive topics his music covers. He for sure isn’t just a one-note rapper. He engineers his music, plays the guitar and writes every word you hear Him spit. He is a Jack-of-all-trades in the music industry and has even branched out into doing photography. This young mogul in the making isn’t letting any door stay closed for him and is an example of hard work and talent paying off in the long run. Mark my words DULEY1k is gonna be on the top of a lot of peoples list by the end of 2022.

with over 9 albums and 120 songs already released this 21-year-old there is a ton of music that you can check out now on all streaming platforms. I’m sure you will find something you like in his extensive catalogue of bangers. Be on the lookout for His upcoming project “Astronaut Kid” dropping sometime this year but date has yet to be announced. Make sure you follow him on all social media because this young brother is set to blow!

Follow Duley1k on Instagram:


Stream all of Duley1k’s music here:


JayyGad – True Story

Let’s get it! We ending the year off right. Talking about new artists on they grind. Rising new artist JayyGad from Cumberland, VA recently released this joint “True Story” which is on all platforms right now! His journey looking back has been one hell of a grind. He started recording music seriously at age 15 & actually started dropping music in July of this year! JayyGad started a new style of sound coming in the industry, not only through his music but his style and personality. Talking about life & his experiences. What he learned and saw in growing up inspired him to go harder with his reality, and word play. Jayy doesn’t look to be somebody he not or pump fake with what he speaks and his experiences. Everything is 100 with him and you got to respect that.

He not only catch attention with his music but is taking a different path on gaining fans, with music & social media. He has two singles that are put right now “True Story” & his other record which does not include a feature “Ballin Like Mitch”. JayyGad plans to keep us updated soon in the upcoming time of his singles. He has ALOT of NEW UNRELEASED MUSIC on the way for this upcoming New Year of 2022. He has consistently showed with dropping and bringing Different types of energy in his music to the table. He has the potential to be great. This joint is definitely something to sit back & smoke to. He’s just releasing & speaking on real events but also on moving forward. Sauce Alert!

DRIZZY JULIANO – “SLEPT ON ME” (Music Video) | Shot By @MeetTheConnectTv

You already know what it is! Sauce talking about that sauce! We ending 21 off right! Drizzy Juliano been on different type timing lately !! This joint too official right here & really one of my favs! The rising artist released his latest visual “Slept On Me” & It’s real as you can get! Drizzy moving with a small chip on his shoulder & it got him really making some of his best music yet. This is definitely the anthem for 2021. The Brooklyn music scene got some artists looking to blow next year & Drizzy is the main one. This man haven’t missed yet! The way he spits & flips tracks, it shows you he really in his own lane musically. This type of joint is needed right now because every artist or creative person should feel like this.

The homie Drizzy always deliver that sauce but ever since he feel like it it’s something to prove, its been a little different. He got the voice, the lyrics, the delivery, the authenticity, the pain, & the story. It’s like, not only has he been putting so much heart into his tracks lately but he’s actually going through the motions & picking the beats, really catering to his music drops. Drizzy speak that pain talk in his music. This joint definitely can be found on the blog’s playlist. He straight sauced on this! It’s always a step up with his music every time he drop something new. Every joint he seem to drop gets better & better. Whether it’s that swag talk, drill talk, or that storytelling, this man can’t miss. 2021 official sauce anthem right here! Straight Sauce! That talk different.

UK’s Skatta links with Oddisee for new video ‘Track of the year’

Crazy new video from Coventry, UK emcee Skatta whose new collab with well established Brooklyn based emcee Oddisee dropped, and it’s crazy! Taken from his new album, Cinema Ticket with French label Broc Recordz, the video is super engaging and it’s dope how the production sits so nicely with the emcees’ bars.

Speaking about the album being released after 4 years in the making, Skatta explained “I’ve had a lot of setbacks in life that kept me releasing this album. So now it’s finally here, it feels like it was meant to be. Although Covid slowed us down, it’s finally here, and I’m proud of every inch of it! I’m certain it’s my best sound yet.”

Check out Cinema Ticket on all streaming platforms here