M.I.S. Ron – Loyalty (Shot by KLO Vizionz)

Heavy on it! Damnn M.I.S. Ron. finally dropping this. I remember him posting a snippet of this not too long ago. He’s been on the sauce before & this is why. The real ones know he been doing his thing for awhile holding NY down as being an emerging artist! He really go crazy. At one point, I remember him dropping nothing but heat. Another rising artist coming out of New York & he fire! This this joint right here is something different! This song is refreshing in terms of NY Drill. Sheds a light on the fact that we can do something other than what everybody He was talking hot but keeping it sauced! I was gonna throw it on the blog as soon as it dropped but It’s been on repeat lol. One of my favorite new joints out right now. He really got his own sauce & you don’t see that a lot with young artists. He’s been on the radar & once again, he here. This That Sauce Right Here!

His voice & delivery always keep him in a league of his own. He always talking that talk, but he was keeping it too real on this. The title of the song speaks for itself. Loyalty. Everybody has their own definition of loyalty & another thing we do know everyone loyalty always get tested. This beat was crazy & how he came on it, just reminded us that he’s that same monster. Hope we see more of these joints in the culture & from him. Everybody is giving us what they think we want rather than just giving us music they feeling. M.I.S. Ron got the sauce & been a fan of him for a little over 2 years now. Glad he’s finally back stepping how he should be. Once he apply pressure, IT’S UP! Straight sauce as always right here! Tune in to this. From the trenches with it!



Zilla – Smoke Sessions (Official Music Video)

New Sauce Alert! Emerging artist Zilla from Williamsport, PA (UPTOP). Zilla back with another one! That sauce right here! He just dopped the latest visuals for “Smoke Sessions”. This joint was a straight vibe. He kept it light but that talk was still there. The West Philadelphia artist has been dropping nothing but content since he been home. Don’t forget he dropped the documentary to his upcoming EP & it’s here on the site. Zilla is definitely an artist to tap into! Zilla has been working non stop giving us visuals, music, docs, & more just in the cut waiting to drop. The sauce love this type of talk. This definitely something to throw on & smoke to.

 Zilla got so much to offer the culture not only musically, but experience wise. He still was talking that talk on this but he kept it light. He ate this joint, effortlessly tho. Too much drill in rap & not enough real. Zilla talking pain & hustle at the same time. Zilla got the sauce & is next to emerge to become one of the top artists in Philadelphia. This was too relatable.  He spitting bars, giving you that sauce talk. “Pint Of Real: The EP” and The Documentary dropping this summer! Excited to see him dropping fire right now! Turn this joint on & let it just vibe out as you smoke & think about something. Make sure you tune in. Straight sauce right here! From the trenches with it!

Zilla ft. Lil Kurr x Young Chris – Jokes Up (Official Video)

New Sauce Alert! Rising artist Zilla from Williamsport, PA (UPTOP). Zilla linked with Philadelphia’s own Lil Kurr & State Property’s own Young Chris for this smash banger “Jokes Up”. They all snapped on this joint. It was a must this hit the site the way they was talking. His roots is in West Philadelphia, and he’s been writing music since he was 7. He begin taking it serious while he was incarcerated for 10 years. He got the chance to meet Wali Byrd while incarcerated and through his connections was given an opportunity. He dropped off his latest EP Zilla is definitely an artist to tap into! Zilla not with all the clout chasing & gimmicks. He just focused on the craft and the bag, nothing more, nothing less. They give this joint a 3 piece with a biscuit. The sauce love this type of talk. They giving off that “not playing you” energy & you can feel it! Lil Kurr straight chewed this on up. He snapped too. 

After 10 years of being behind the jam, Zilla came home & just hit the ground running. This that sauce we need more of in the culture. . Young Chris was icing on the cake with this one. He ate this joint, effortlessly. I been a fan of his since I was growing up. He still out here catching bodies on tracks. Zilla got the sauce for this one. This was perfect. Zilla is next to emerge and become one of the top artists in Philadelphia. This was not relatable but pure fire from beginning to end. They spitting bars, giving you that rawness. “Pint Of Real: The EP” and The Documentary dropping this summer!. He came home putting in work! Excited to see what he do with the craft & how far he take it! The sauce gone be here. This trio is definitely adding sauce to the culture with this one! Make sure you tune in. Straight sauce right here! From the trenches with it!

OT9 Beno – Sage (Official Music Video)

This energy right here, I’M LOVING IT!. The homie OT9 Beno just did this joint real dirty. He getting real critical right now! My guy Beno been on his bully since the project dropped. After releasing his latest project “Fully Active 2” earlier this year which is everywhere right now including the blog playlist on Spotify. He look like he in bully mode & it should be that way because he coming for a lot of spots. Making hot music is something he’s very good at. Almost every joint you get from him, is either some real or a banger. This had to hit the blog. The project on repeat since it dropped. I was just waiting for the visuals. OT9 Beno elevation, grind & work ethic really different. He always working or cooking!

This one of my favorite joints from the album. He stepped his music all the way up. Beno is keeping the party lit at all times with his music. Now, I feel like he’s in sauce mode because that’s all been dropping. Showing us he can make music as well as bangers. He proves that he’s the artist to reckon with with songs like “I Ain’t Got It”, “Money Up”, & “64/93” which is on the project. The visuals to this joint was solid. Beno got everybody rocking with his sauce. The WOO run New York period & Beno is really an artist to watch with these heat seekers he keep dropping. Beno coming stronger every time!. This was fire! Tune in!

Drizzy Juliano – My Everything (B-Lovee Remix) Dir By | @MeetTheConnectTv

New Sauce Alert!  The emerging New York artist Drizzy Juliano been on his bully the whole 4th quarter. Once again, he is back with yet another banger! New visuals “My Everything” out now & it’s pressure! It’s a bunch many freestyles & remixes to this beat but everyone sounds the same except Drizzy. I can literally say I’ve been a fan of him since he started. He’s been busy these last few months. Drizzy dropped like 3 videos in the past few weeks. All of them is full of sauce & going crazy right now! Hopefully, nothing takes him from the music because 2022 is definitely his year of the Sauce up. This beat is really something else. I love the way a lot of these new artists are sampling classics with drill music but everyone can’t do it. Drizzy actually started this new trend & that’s facts! He got the structure, flow, storytelling etc. that just makes him stand out from his peers. He definitely got the sauce right now! All of this after dropping one of the realest projects this year “R.E.A.L”.

The whole album is a no skip project! I already played this joint back more than a few times because the more & more you listen, Drizzy went dumb on this with no effort. Drizzy never fails to deliver that sauce on all levels. Everything was on point. His energy, the energy in the video, the females etc.. with this joint. Hope to hear more of these from him in 2022! Definitely, one of the most underrated artists coming from New York City. He definitely an artist you should be paying attention to in 2022 after dropping countless timeless joints. He’s making joints like these which should tell you he’s not nothing to play with. Can’t believe with all the fire he’s dropped, he’s still in the underrated mix. This joint get you more lit each time you listen & watch the video. He just showing off his sauce & making it look easy. With all the new artists doing drill beats, Drizzy Juliano is doing more than putting words together. Lowkey, one of the hardest joints out right now, PERIOD. He straight sauced on this!

Jake James – Letter Of Intent [EP] Review

New Sauce Alert! It’s some new artists coming into the game ready to make their presence known & Jake James is definitely that guy. Emerging new talent Jake James coming out of Albany, New York recently dropped his Debut EP “Letter Of Intent” & this one had me shook! I done heard a lot of projects this year (over 50+) & this is definitely in the top 10 on the indie scale. One of my favorite projects to date. I had to sit on the project for awhile because it was just too much pressure & motivational as ever! Everything was on point when it came to the project down to the production. When you hear the bars but also the energy matching the bars, you know it’s done right. Not too many giving sauce like this especially white artists. If you listen first, then see who’s talking it, you won’t be surprised but you will be.

Since his “Letter Of Intent” EP release, he’s just been in hustle mode! This project has already amassed over 600,000+ streams across streaming platforms & will be at a million soon, no doubt. I love everything that he gave in this project. It was like he showed us who he was, how he evolved & where he is now all in 7 songs. His elevation is crazy! He give you that real hip hop feel. Whether it’s getting a new video shot, handling a features, release parties, Tour etc.. The homie Jake James really out here grinding like no other! This project touched on touched on the how he came up, loyalty between people, the streets changing, protecting your peace, how being yourself & never giving up can get you to a good place. Not too many artists speak on hustle & he did that well. Everything is 100 with him & you got to love it. He’s dropping some quality sauce right now Definitely not your ordinary artist because he can give you straight bangers but also give you something you got to sit down & really listen to. Nothing is being faked. I love when artists us their story & it’s interesting. One of my favorite new artists in the game right now & Jake only getting better! He gave us that sauce with this one! It can also be found in the Blog’s playlist (SauceFromVeliTV) If you haven’t already checked it, Go do it. Tune in to this project & open your mind to some real sauce!

Zay Flamez – Mill in The Safe (shot by @RARI DIGITAL)

Sauce Alert! Emerging artist Zay Flamez going off right now! He just dropped the visuals to “Mill In The Safe” which happens to be one of my favorites from him & is already over 5,000+ views on YouTube. This joint “Mill In The Safe” is straight pressure! His work ethic is something serious. With all the sauce he been dropping the past few months, this definitely his hottest joint right now. Everything he put out he talking heavy & giving you pressure! You might miss a crazy line if you not paying attention!. You already know as soon as that sauce drop, It’s UP! He’s amassed over 100K views total across YouTube, off of just grind & it’s only getting better!

One of Jersey’s finest going hard as ever! This should let you know he’s not going nowhere. Not too many young artists in the game with their own sauce. One of my favorite new artists out right now after this. The beat selection was crazy. He had some of the hardest lines I’ve ever heard in this. He not going nowhere no time soon & will be on here more after this. One of the very few artists on the rise with crazy potential & this one of those joints worth talking about. Zay Flamez just stepped on necks with this!

OMB JayDee – Subliminals ( OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO ) [ Self Made Response ]

The homie JayDee just snapped real quick! He came for Fivio Foreign whole character, damn near everything he said in this song is true! That HEAVY talk at an all time high right now. JayDee just released his visuals “Subliminals” & he set fire with this! I was waiting on this to drop since I seen the preview clip on Instagram. He addressing some real issues on how these guys be so quick to switch up. Say what you want but this could be the fuel he needs to really get him out the hood. He been putting out that fire lately but this joint is real CRITICAL! JayDee started 2021 with that sauce! His foot been on the gas since he came home. JayDee NEED MORE RECOGNITION HE TOO TALENTED. NYC is Heavy right now with new artists on the rise! JayDee definitely one of the most underrated in NY.

You can tell his hunger is still with him & a little stronger than last. It’s crazy this guy grew up in front my eyes physically & lyrically. His growth musically has been incredible to watch. He been putting out some crazy joints. He keeping the streets fed right now. Every joint JayDee seem to drop gets better & better. JayDee was a nice addition to this joint. I really believe they are shadow banning this video on YouTube because when you look for the video “Subliminals“, you won’t find it on the first try. It should have showed me that video first because I watched it twice already. I know YouTube remembers what you like based on what you watched already. If he ain’t coming with straight bars, it’s straight disrespect & I love it. He delivered that pressure with this one. Straight Sauce Right Here!

Big Moose 280 – ROC A FELLA (Official Video) (DIRECTOR ABBSTRACT)

Moose Money 🔥!  This joint too crazy!! Big cousin putting on for jersey heavy! My guy Moose starting off 21 off just right. After recently releasing his latest project “Top Opp” which is everywhere right now including my playlist on Spotify, he just dropped his new visuals “Roc A Fella” & you know he killed it. His flow be crazy when he op on tracks. He bodied this joint. It had to hit the blog asap. It’s already in my Spotify playlist going crazy. Definitely a top 5 artist coming out of Jersey. His elevation, grind & work ethic is phenomenal. He put out a lot of sauce last year CONSISTENTLY & haven’t missed yet, honestly. Everything he put out gets better over time. This gonna have the streets jumping this summer.

My guy Moose really going off right now. This video looked it was fun. Moose got Jersey on alert right now! That Pressure right here! He just put his foot on the gas. He get you in your bag with almost every new song that he drop. “Top Opp” project is full of fire. His catalog already crazy & this just added to the sauce. Make sure you’re tuned in with him on social media (@BigMoose280). As I said before, it’s only getting better as he go. He need more credit. He caught a body with this one. Check Out That Sauce!

Trev Mulah – MR. MIYAGI [Official Music Video]

Trev Mulah just delivered banger with “Mr. Miyagi”. Trev Mulah been cooking up some heat lately. He stepping his game all the way up musically. I liked this joint right here. Trev Mulah really got the sauce. He been putting nothing but quality sauce since I became a fan. He walking heavy on this joint. The song 🔥 period. He was talking HEAVY on this! Didn’t expect him to body this low-key how he did.. . Trev Mulah is one of the nicest artists in the city & people still sleep. Played this back a few times. This definitely will be on the aux anywhere I’m at. He sauced on this joint. Should’ve been hit the blog but it’s here now. That Sauce Right Here!

FBG Duck – Dead Bitches (Official Video)

New Sauce Alert! Straight pressure right here. I think FBG Duck found his old self. This is the Duck that I’m used to. FBG Duck Is one of Chicago’s legendary artists. He overcame a whole lot to get where he is now. Always been an X factor musically. FBG Duck just dropped off his latest visuals to track “Dead B*tches” & its fire! He always been one of the most versatile artists coming from Chicago. The beat on this is crazy! He was talking SPICY on this. Can’t blame Duck honestly, every time he try to chill & make good music, they(King Von & lil durk, 300/600) diss them. He’s definitely been getting blackballed lately. I feel like he not getting his credit.. Duck high key been the best artist from the Drill Era.. Y’all was just sleep! This is what you call a banger. If you a real one this hit different! Duck the real new wave of Chicago music. Sauce right here.

Sappo Floss – Maniac Woo ( OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO )

Salute to the homie Sappo Floss for this BANGER! He Killed this right here🔥🔥. That XXX Tentacion sample was crazy! He came like Sleepy a little bit. I been saying NY is taking back the culture & they on fire right now. Sappo was talking hot on this. Sappo Floss been the TRUTH. I been watching him for months now. He gets better every song☄️🔥. You really hear that Pop Smoke energy when he come on the track. Brooklyn is crazy right now, Woo running it! 💫 Sappo Floss made this jawn a movie. The whole WOO is lit right now. Sappo give me that Pop smoke, Beno ora meaning he’s bound to have that banger thats gonna take off but he still Raw as ever. He bodied this joint . Need this on whatever streaming platform ASAP! Anxious to hear more from him and see his moves 2020. This is how you talk that talk. NY sounding real good right now! He putting out some quality heat right now. Straight Sauce!

Crush Poe – Greedy Freestyle (Official Video)

Listen! I got lucky on an accident 💯! I been enjoying this joint since it dropped! This some real spill for the streets right here. This joint was too real! My first time hearing some Crush Poe & he made me a fan with this. The Harlem artist been doing his thing for a little while now. Happy I listened to him chew this apart. One of the most underrated tracks on the blog. The way he puts it together is insane. He was talking real trap talk on this. He give me that old Styles P & Don Q feel when it comes to the music. We need more artists like him for the streets. This is something you can bump ANYWHERE! Hustle talk is motivation!One of my favorite songs out right now on the indie scene. Crush Poe need to drop more heat but also need more credit. He delivering quality right here. Straight Sauce Right Here!

Reem Ali – Sellin My Soul (Official Video)

Jersey stand up 👏 for em 🔥 !! The big bro Reem Ali released a project “Tomorrow was yesterday” a while back that’s out on ALL platforms! Definitely a must listen. That jawn been getting me through this corona virus madness. Especially that Intro! A few joints project can be found in my spotify playlist #InTheSauceWeTrust too! Unfortunately, this jawn didn’t make the project so he gave us visuals and of course its fire! This song & video depicts avoiding the comprehensive steps of selling his soul just to get out of the hard times of the SLUMS, with this soul felt video and record you will hear some of the struggle but also the enjoyment of taking the steps to build a brand without “selling out” Get With Bro On IG @HDD__Ali. Straight sauce right here! He got more suce coming this year, so stay tuned! That Sauce Right Here!