M.I.S. Ron – Loyalty (Shot by KLO Vizionz)

Heavy on it! Damnn M.I.S. Ron. finally dropping this. I remember him posting a snippet of this not too long ago. He’s been on the sauce before & this is why. The real ones know he been doing his thing for awhile holding NY down as being an emerging artist! He really go crazy. At one point, I remember him dropping nothing but heat. Another rising artist coming out of New York & he fire! This this joint right here is something different! This song is refreshing in terms of NY Drill. Sheds a light on the fact that we can do something other than what everybody He was talking hot but keeping it sauced! I was gonna throw it on the blog as soon as it dropped but It’s been on repeat lol. One of my favorite new joints out right now. He really got his own sauce & you don’t see that a lot with young artists. He’s been on the radar & once again, he here. This That Sauce Right Here!

His voice & delivery always keep him in a league of his own. He always talking that talk, but he was keeping it too real on this. The title of the song speaks for itself. Loyalty. Everybody has their own definition of loyalty & another thing we do know everyone loyalty always get tested. This beat was crazy & how he came on it, just reminded us that he’s that same monster. Hope we see more of these joints in the culture & from him. Everybody is giving us what they think we want rather than just giving us music they feeling. M.I.S. Ron got the sauce & been a fan of him for a little over 2 years now. Glad he’s finally back stepping how he should be. Once he apply pressure, IT’S UP! Straight sauce as always right here! Tune in to this. From the trenches with it!



Meda – Just Wanna Know(Foreal) Dir. By Six

New Sauce Alert! Rising new artist Meda is a recording artist and producer coming from Willingboro, NJ & just recently dropped some visuals to his latest joint “Just Wanna Know” & his lyrical wordplay in this joint show you his sauce different. Meda began as a battle rapper as a youth and being arguably undefeated at such a young age. 16 years old at that time, it gave him a rapid buzz. Records like “Just Wanna Know” shows a direct example of what he sees and goes through within the local issues of his area. Meda is definitely a new artist to tap into. He making a statement early that he’s not with all the clout chasing & gimmicks. He just focused on the craft. This joint right here really brought you into his world. The latest project “Where Ever It Takes Me” contains original production from his Honor Society partner SoundCap. He really went in on this! 

His voice immediately had me when I saw a clip of this! Pain, Hunger, Strength & more is what you fely as he giving real sauce showing his wordplay, bars & storytelling. After this, you have to tune into his latest project “Where Ever It Takes Me”.  It’s just a loose generalization of what’s happening in the trenches, how far he came, & where he going. Not everything is gold. Some people really got to get it from the muscle. Meda putting on for the home state & is next to emerge with sauce, FACTS. He talking that talk, giving you that raw, gritty, hip hop feel.. He released both projects with little to no promo, just hard work and dedication. He’s said to have a bunch of music in the stash as he’s more focused on bringing attention to his music getting into blogs, doing podcasts, appearances, and more videos this year. Meda got a lot more content around his music coming & hopes to continue to build his growing audience. Make sure you take a listen. Straight sauce right here!  From the trenches with it!

Curly Savv – GLOCKY SZN 2 [Full Album]

LET’S GO! I been waiting on bro to drop this! That sauce different! New York rapper, Curly Savv, releases “GLOCKY SZN 2“, a 11-track sequel arriving two years after the original project. The project features collaborations with some of the hottest new artists from the East Coast— Rah Swish, Quelly Woo, Dread Woo and Chicago’s finest G Herbo. The first one was fire of course but the second one, he definitely stepped in that spot. Curly Savv is and will forever be one of the pioneers of drill music in Brooklyn! He was hot before a lot of these guys. The project showcases Curly’s sauce & that effortless glide over bass-heavy drill beats as he tells personal stories of him coming up, loss and winning.“40”, “Candy Shop”, “Calendar“, “DREAMS 2 REALITY“, & “Batman & Robin” are just some of my fav songs on this project that Curly done dropped off!

All my real ones that’s been in tuned with this New York drill  remember “Curly Savv & Dah Dah 1st Quarter” way back in 2016. They really the first to jump on UK drill beats and never got the recognition they deserved. Curly always been hot. His flow is creative & not the usual drill rap flow. If Curly talking hot, you know the track about to slap something serious. Curly Savv just put his foot on necks with this new project. He need to go mainstream already, It’s not fair. I feel like as long as he consistent, he can do what he want. This man getting better each day. Curly’s too underrated fr. This album “GLOCKY SZN 2” proves he still got his sauce! That 50 cent “Candy Shop” sample was too crazy & definitely top 5 best samples out right now when it comes to drill. It’s safe to say HE’S BACK! Curly gonna be viral if he continues like this. Keep being great. This whole tape heavy! The culture needed this. That sauce right here!


Nina Gi – Please Don’t Let Me Go

New Sauce Alert! Sauce got some R&B over here now! The homegirl Nina Gi really got a beautiful voice & this joint highlights that. Nina Gi is a female recording artist coming from Asheville, NC & you can tell from her music, she got some sauce. Nina is a force to be reckoned with musically and is truly authentic to herself and her vision. She just dropped off her most recent single “Please Don’t Let Me Go” on all digital platforms. She did her thing on this joint. Her voice had me in my seat just listening. I can’t wait till she starts flooding us with music & content. She is a strong confident woman who sets out and completes any goals she sets for herself & her brand.

This year is about the grind & growth. She is focused on the music grind with her latest single “Please Don’t Let Me Go”. Already receiving some amounts of support on this track, she seems to have hit this one right on the head. It has already been placed in multiple playlists across streaming platforms & continues to grow. Hoping her new listeners can use her music as guidance and comfort. Nina Gi wants to make sure her music resonates with those going through some sort of obstacle, hoping her music can be used to heal. If you have not had a chance to check out the audio to “Please Don’t Let Me Go” it can be found via all major streaming platforms. Also, be on the lookout for new music coming soon from her. She got a few things up her sleeve. This should be interesting.

Hahn – Mad Man [Album Review]

Sauce Alert! You know I had to bring this to the sauce! This is one of the most creative artists we’ve ever covered. Emerging New York artist HAHN dropped an album “Mad Man” & this whole project is FIRE! HAHN has been honing his skills as an artist since 2014. However, coming from a musical family HAHN is the nephew of Motown legends Eugene, Frank, & Herbert Pitt of “The Jive Five” which is pretty cool. Music was always a passion of his originally starting out as an R&B singer & occasionally writing rock music with his high school friends – their band” They Faked The Moon Landing” was his first foray into performing.

Originally, working in the tech field & creating streetwear design as a side passion with his brand HWAJAE DESIGN LABS, HAHNN blended his love for tech anime & influences from other genres to hone his specific style. In 2016, he co-founded CODE SIX MUSIC GROUP with his cousin – releasing his first debut project “Mad Man” on the label in 2021. This project will have your mental everywhere. As a new artist, he’s definitely kicking some doors in. This project showed HAHN’s development, bars & storytelling is really on another level. This album is just a loose generalization of what’s happening all around us told beautifully. His versatility an artist is just amazing. WE LOVE artists who can give you more than one sound. He’s stamping his own route to the top with some of his releases. Timeless project right here if you ask me. My favorite joints on this project are “Mark 8:36”, “Father”, “Sterling & “SQUAD” Stay tuned in with him! This was incredible!

I-I Fetti – Taliban [ Shot by : BigApeTv ] Prod : Texaco

Yup! You know the sauce here!! The homie I-I Fetti is just dropping banger after banger after banger. He’s been kicking up this whole 1st quarter dropping back to back visuals & new songs. I appreciate his passion & the work ethic for this. He been dropping nothing but fire. He out here doing what he want on beats. This new joint “Taliban” immediately had me turned up when he start going off. One of the hottest new artists on the rise coming out of New York & we gonna keep saying it. His flow is really crazy & he knows how to catch it, & just go. Even though, we definitely wanna see him experiment more, he going off with that flow. One of the very few young new artists who elevates with his new music every time he drop. He was in his bag & “Taliban” is a joint that’s gonna get you in yours.

He applied some pressure on this! Fetti always talking his talk on tracks but he just step on this different. I love his beat picks. It make all his music seem effortless. I was gonna throw it on the here as soon as it dropped but I been playing it a lot like I do every joint. Like I always say, he really got his own sauce & you don’t see that a lot with young artists. Everybody too busy trying to be something they see. He’s proving he got that sauce with every joint he give us. I don’t think there’s too much he can’t do. I-I Fetti really got his foot on the gas with all this heat he been dropping. Fetti 2022, WE HERE FOR IT. Tune in!

Duley1k: the 21-year-old piece of gold who is quietly taking over the Georgia Music scene.

I’m not gonna even waste your time; DULEY1K should already be famous.

Before we start I want to be fully transparent, I didn’t know who Duley1k was before being tasked to write this. That’s not a knock on him but there are just so many artists releasing music I can’t keep track of them all, but this young brother is FIRE! I’m not gonna even waste your time by making you wait, DULEY1K should already be famous.

I checked his music out on YouTube; the first song I listened to was “Long Live The King” and I Had to put it on repeat about 3 times. This kid has an amazing flow and the way his voice melts over the tracks with pain and vulnerability is something you only hear from artists like Roddy Rich or Rod Wave; them gangsta blues that only the real can relate to.

You can hear the DNA of Georgia in his music which makes sense seeing as though he is a native of The peach state. Raised in zone 6 Duley1k, born Abdul Diarrassouba started making music at the age of 15 at the behest of his big brother; using his upbringing and his surroundings to create a musical picture that many can vibe to and some can relate to. With experience living around all around the state of Georgia, he was able to get experiences from many walks of life and you can hear it in the expansive topics his music covers. He for sure isn’t just a one-note rapper. He engineers his music, plays the guitar and writes every word you hear Him spit. He is a Jack-of-all-trades in the music industry and has even branched out into doing photography. This young mogul in the making isn’t letting any door stay closed for him and is an example of hard work and talent paying off in the long run. Mark my words DULEY1k is gonna be on the top of a lot of peoples list by the end of 2022.

with over 9 albums and 120 songs already released this 21-year-old there is a ton of music that you can check out now on all streaming platforms. I’m sure you will find something you like in his extensive catalogue of bangers. Be on the lookout for His upcoming project “Astronaut Kid” dropping sometime this year but date has yet to be announced. Make sure you follow him on all social media because this young brother is set to blow!

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Introducing HitTheGnote One Of The Hottest Young Producers On The Rise With That Sauce!

New Sauce Alert! It’s a pleasure to introduce you to one of the hottest young producers doing his thing right now. Emerging producer HitThaGnote really got the sauce & he representing Easton, Pennsylvania. He’s been producing music for a little over 4 years & he’s making moves. Right now, HitThaGnote just got music going on! New placements on the way with new collabs being made everyday. Definitely got a lot of new music on the way. He just focused on the craft and the bag, nothing more, nothing less. If you don’t know, he got a few placements already on one of Key Glock’s latest projects “The Yellow Tape 2” which is fire! He’s finding his mojo as he gears up to release a lot more content around him and his production. He just hopes to continue to build his growing audience as he gets better at producing.

As of now, he’s focused on bringing more attention to him & his beats getting into blogs, So, expect Key Glock was talking that talk on this & he just complimented him so well. This project is definitely something to tap into. Key Glock was talking motivation & hustle talk & you know we love that. That production was too much sauce & to know that HitThaGnote had a hand in this is crazy! Best believe it’s more sauce on the way. He’s releasing a tape with an artist that he executively produced for a second time within the next couple of months. All this sauce he got & he don’t plan on stopping no time soon! Definitely got a lot of new music on the way from him! The sauce gone keep you alert. Make sure you keep up with his sauce on Instagram (@hitthagnote). He really got the sauce!

I-I Fetti – Timing (Music Video) [Shot by BigApeTV] Prod. By 2KBeatz

Yup! You know the sauce ending the year right! The homie I-I Fetti know how to show that sauce when he need to. He’s been kicking up lately dropping back to back visuals & new songs. I appreciate his passion for this because he could be dropping weak content just because he can but he dropping fire. This new joint “Timing” shows you how with little to no effort just pressure it can still hit hard.. He go crazy on everything he jump on, truthfully. One of the hottest new artists on the rise coming out of New York. It’s like he be gliding on the beat lol. His flow be crazy & he knows how to catch it, & just go. Different type of sauce right here. One of the very few young new artists who elevates with his new musicHe was too sturdy on this. I loved it!

He applied some pressure on this! Fetti always talking his talk on tracks but the way he slid on this was different. Lowkey, one of the hottest joints in the city right now. I was gonna throw it on the blog as soon as it dropped but I been playing it all month. Like I always say, he really got his own sauce & you don’t see that a lot with young artists. Everybody too busy trying to copy somebody or ride a wave. He has his own lane & he’s proving he got that sauce.. I-I Fetti jumped on the gas with all this heat he been dropping. Fetti getting us ready for 2022. Tune in!

Eli Q – Come And Go

New Sauce Alert! Rising new artist Eli Q coming all the way from Newark, New Jersey recently dropped off his latest track “ComeAndGo” & definitely was a surprise. This joint is a straight vibe but the real definitely gonna feel it. The mixed emotions that this song gives makes you throw it on repeat. He started taking music & the whole craft seriously in the summer of 2019. He says being an artist was his passion but it was all bout Timing. Eli Q new joint is definitely something to tap into. He making a statement early that he’s not with all the clout chasing & gimmicks but actually into making music. He just focused on the craft and the business of it all nothing more, nothing less. Eli Q has a song that will be released January 11th called ‘V1S1ON’ & already have that feeling that this one will be a favorite.

“V1S1ON” is about his bounce back from being in a dark place and forgetting his worth. Around that point & time he was hanging around people who didn’t want to better themselves or didn’t have my best interest. That’s something we all know about. He had to choose whether he was going to be trapped in that situation or leveling up and becoming the best version of himself. This definitely needs to get talked about more. Situations make or break people & he’s showing us that it didn’t break him but made him stronger.

In the beginning of 2022, Eli has a couple of music videos that will be releasing. Along with of 2 EPs that correlate with each other. With music being his passion, he mapped out a way to be able to commit himself to it full time without having to work a 9-5. “No disrespect to the ones who work 9-5s but it’s not for me” he says. Eli Q is next to emerge & ready to deliver that sauce. This joint is not only relatable but the sounds takes you places. Eli Q is gearing up to release a lot more content around his music and hopes to continue to build his growing fan base. So, expect to see & hear more from him soon. Make sure you take a listen. Straight sauce right here! Tune in!

Don Dolla “No Hook” (Official Video)

Sauce Alert! This energy right here, WE NEED IT! The homie Don Dolla had a good year musically & this joint is definitely one of his best tracks to date. He always had the sauce but now it’s showing in the music! Emerging NY artist Don Dolla been on his bully lately. He released a visual “No Hook” not too long ago & it’s HEAVY as usual! After releasing a few visuals, you constantly see him working & cooking up that sauce on Instagram. Once he get comfortable with the music & he gone be even better. Almost every joint you get from him, is either some real sauce or he got a heat seeker. This had to hit the site. It should’ve been hit the site but it’s here now.

This one of my favorite songs by him easy. He stepped his music all the way up since the first time I became a fan. Don Dolla really putting on for the real. Soon to be one of NY’s hottest artists & that’s what we here to see. I feel like he’s in beast mode because he got something to prove with this music. Dolla really coming stronger every time he drop a new joint!. This was fire & yeah I’m late but it’s here!! Tune in & see how Dolla really not playing with nobody this time around! Don Dolla grind & work ethic is showing that he’s one to keep your eyes on. “No Hook” is straight pressure.

Mr. Reeves – Super Dope

Let’s get it! Emerging New Jersey based MC/producer Mr. Reeves recently released his latest single “Super Dope” on all platforms, which is off of his most recent album “Henny Black”. His journey looking back has been one hell of a grind. Mr. Reeves is not someone who just popped up overnight hoping to go viral with a gimmick. You already know if they from the home state & they fire, we talking about it. harder with his melodies, reality, and word play. With lit production & a catchy chorus backing him, Mr. Reeves has no problem providing raw bars &  slick delivery. Everything with him is straight sauce.

Since his “Henny Black” Album release which is definitely a NO SKIP project. He been promoting his releases. The project was just very well put together from the concept, to the production overall. A few favs from the album are “Super Dope”, “Too Litty”, “Get You Right” & “Jody”.. Mr. Reeves speaks on speaks on a wide array of topics in the project. This joint right here definitely got some playback sauce to it. Mr. Reeves is dope because he’s not blending in with today’s sound. He’s doing more of adapting to today’s sound & making it fit him which is Smart. He has new music on the horizon & will continue to rise. Make sure you stay updated with him & all his music at Reevesent.com. He’s dropping some quality sauce right now on all levels. If you haven’t already checked out the project “Henny Black” project & open your mind to some sauce. He did his thing with this one. “Super Dope” is definitely a heat seeker.

DRIZZY JULIANO – “CANCER” (Music Video) | Shot By @MeetTheConnectTv

You know what it is! Sauce talking about that sauce ending 21 off right! I keep saying it but they don’t believe Drizzy Juliano is on different type timing right now!! He been applying pressure the whole 4th quarter. This joint crazy right here but it’s nothing new! He just released his latest visual “CANCER” & he talking HOT! Drizzy moving with a small chip on his shoulder & it got him really making some of his best music yet. One of the very few artists that can actually rap on any beat & not be repetitive. This man just can’t miss at this point! Right now, he on attack mode!

The homie Drizzy Juliano is really one of the GOATS of the NY Scene. He got the voice, the lyrics, the delivery, the authenticity, the pain, & the story. It’s like, not only has he been putting so much heart into his tracks lately but he’s actually going through the motions & picking the beats, really catering to his music drops. Drizzy speak that pain talk in his music. He straight sauced on this! It’s always a step up with his music every time he drop something new. Every joint he seem to drop gets better & better. The way he spits & flips tracks, it shows you he really in his own lane musically. NOTHING BUT PRESSURE! That talk different. Tune in!

Cancer (Official Video)

Drizzy Juliano – My Everything (B-Lovee Remix) Dir By | @MeetTheConnectTv

New Sauce Alert!  The emerging New York artist Drizzy Juliano been on his bully the whole 4th quarter. Once again, he is back with yet another banger! New visuals “My Everything” out now & it’s pressure! It’s a bunch many freestyles & remixes to this beat but everyone sounds the same except Drizzy. I can literally say I’ve been a fan of him since he started. He’s been busy these last few months. Drizzy dropped like 3 videos in the past few weeks. All of them is full of sauce & going crazy right now! Hopefully, nothing takes him from the music because 2022 is definitely his year of the Sauce up. This beat is really something else. I love the way a lot of these new artists are sampling classics with drill music but everyone can’t do it. Drizzy actually started this new trend & that’s facts! He got the structure, flow, storytelling etc. that just makes him stand out from his peers. He definitely got the sauce right now! All of this after dropping one of the realest projects this year “R.E.A.L”.

The whole album is a no skip project! I already played this joint back more than a few times because the more & more you listen, Drizzy went dumb on this with no effort. Drizzy never fails to deliver that sauce on all levels. Everything was on point. His energy, the energy in the video, the females etc.. with this joint. Hope to hear more of these from him in 2022! Definitely, one of the most underrated artists coming from New York City. He definitely an artist you should be paying attention to in 2022 after dropping countless timeless joints. He’s making joints like these which should tell you he’s not nothing to play with. Can’t believe with all the fire he’s dropped, he’s still in the underrated mix. This joint get you more lit each time you listen & watch the video. He just showing off his sauce & making it look easy. With all the new artists doing drill beats, Drizzy Juliano is doing more than putting words together. Lowkey, one of the hardest joints out right now, PERIOD. He straight sauced on this!