LET’S GO!! That sauce just different! New York rapper, Curly Savv, releases his latest visuals for “TOAST UP 2/NO WAHALA“ & the way he you can tell he in his bag right now. Still fresh off his latest project “GLOCKY SZN 2” featuring collaborations with some of the hottest new artists from the East Coast— Rah Swish, Quelly Woo, Dread Woo and Chicago’s finest G Herbo. He been applying pressure dropping nothing but sauce! Curly been rapping since FOREVER. Curly Savv is and will forever be one of the pioneers of drill music in Brooklyn! One of the only BK drill OGs dats still dropping heat. I’m rocking with the fact Curly Savv ran this beat too. Curly’s effortless glide over bass-heavy drill beats really shows you how his sauce is different from others.

This just another banger that added to his sauce. We already know Curly flow is unmatched! Curly always been that guy. His flow is creative & not the usual drill rap flow. If Curly talking hot, you know the track about to slap something serious. Curly Savv got his foot all the way on the gas with this one. Curly has now reached where he once fell from. He doing what he want now & it shows. This man getting better each day. Curly’s too underrated. This run he is on proves he still got his sauce! He already flipped 50 cent’s “Candy Shop” & Michael Jackson’s “BILLIE JEAN” that was too crazy. It’s safe to say HE’S BACK! Curly sauce never left just got BIGGER. Keep being great. He snapped on this. The visuals was heavy! That sauce right here!


Steph – RealLifeLA (Official Audio)

New Sauce Alert! The homie Steph got another banger! He out here creating the vibe! Emerging artist Steph’s new joint “RealLifeLA” audio is finally here! Steph is giving us something to ride around to during the summer! If you heard joints like “Under My Bed” & the “demo tapes” which was a few older tracks on the site, this one definitely gonna have you feeling this. He was giving us a rap flow on this. Not your average R&B artist, his style ranges from classic R&B to singer/songwriter vibes to pop rock with rap influences as you can hear through his music. The way he incorporates pop rock vibes with hip hop is just too fire. The visuals are on the way. He talking heavy on this joint. He definitely elevated his sound & catering more to his drops.

After Steph received his public relations degree at West Virginia State University, he’s been moving more like a brand than an artist making some power moves with his career. So free spirited & with the a voice like his, it just takes you away and have you in another space. His storytelling got so much better as an artist. He’s a fun artist & you feel him when he speaks. Steph is always giving out positive messages through his music. This year he’s more focused on bringing attention to his music getting into blogs, doing podcasts, interviews, and music videos this year. While putting together his next few releases which are coming pretty fast one after another but we definitely gonna enjoy them when they drop. Steph is next to emerge with these new vibes he giving off, letting us know he’s ready to deliver. This joint is a straight vibe Make sure you tuned into the sauce & ready for those next releases as they come! Tune in! Get with him on social media @RealLifeSteph & tune in!

BG MOONEY – Still At It [EP] Presented By Dj Flippp

New Sauce Alert! Independent artist BG Mooney linked up with DJ Flippp & they made a sauce piece! He recently dropped off his latest EP “Still At It” & caught one with the whole EP. BG Mooney was born & raised in Louisville, Kentucky. He began his interest in music around the age of 11 years old, started recording his self, and have been driven ever since. That’s what you call trusting your sauce. Now a father of 5 with no limitations & Founder/CEO of his own imprints GSMG & Choppa8Studios Media Group, BG Mooney new project is definitely something to tap into. This a no skip project right here. He took a chance and bet on his self, flew out to LA and linked up wit the well known DJ Flippp. With the help of 808Kartel, they produced a crazy EP. He made a statement with this one. He just focused on the craft and the bag, nothing more, nothing less. This 6 track EP really brings you into his world. 


After putting out 4 projects in 2021, “X-RATED”, “Bipolar Disorder”, “MVP”, “Purple Heart BG” which was fire. He’s just been cooking up new sauce left & right. Followed up with some singles & this latest project “Still At It which is hosted by. DJ Flippp. This project really is a step up from his other music. You hear the progress & growth through his whole catalog. This project showed his development as an artist. He was talking real through this whole joint. This EP is generalization of his views on everything, the grind, & life lessons while giving us game at the same time. This 6 track project is not only relatable but solid from beginning to end. He talking that talk, giving game, talking HEAVY & more. “Die Down” which is one of the joints on the EP just happens to be my favorite joint from it. He was talking too effortless on that joint. BG Mooney released this project with just hard work and determination. He’s said to have a bunch of music in the cut but he’s more focused on bringing attention to his music getting into blogs, doing podcasts, appearances, and music videos this year. So, expect to see & hear more from him soon. Make sure you take a listen to this WHOLE project. Straight sauce right here! It’s in our playlists & definitely in rotation!

Migz – Do Not Disturb [Album]

New Sauce Alert! Lowkey, One of the dopest projects out right now. Migz really put the culture on his back with this project. He snapped! Emerging CT artist dropped off His latest project “Do Not Disturb” not too long ago & made straight SAUCE! One of the hardest artists coming out of Connecticut. I been listening to the project almost every day because Migz got a joint for whatever I’m feeling. Migz is that guy when it comes to real music. His latest project “Do Not Disturb” is out on all platforms & currently in all of our playlists. He’s one of those artists that been solid from the beginning but really been going under the radar & really don’t know why. That Talk Different! He make you feel everything he speak.  This project definitely got me through some times. His latest visual “My City” is one of the best songs on the album. I’ve heard dealing with today’s new music & artists. The visuals dope. I still remember when I first heard “Paranoid” & couldn’t believe I didn’t know who he was. Migz haven’t disappointed on nothing yet! He’s only getting better as he goes.

This album “Do Not Disturb” one of the hottest projects that came out late 2021 on the indie scene & that’s FACTS! You don’t have to skip nothing. From the 1st song to the last, ALL SAUCE! Showing his development, bars & storytelling through each song. This is definitely a classic! This project is just a generalization of what’s happening in the trenches, around us, etc.. Constant trial & tribulations. Some people really got it on they own. Migz is next to emerge and ready to deliver that heat. A few of my favorite joints are “My City”, “When I Call”, “Respectfully”, “Perfect Time”. I just love how he took his time & delivered TOP TIER QUALITY. The way he put this together & production is just on point. He talking that talk through this whole project. Migz really holding the culture for new rappers since he jumped in. I don’t do singing rappers but Migz definitely is not one of them! That talk different. He always had the sauce! This crazy! Make sure you tune into this. From the trenches with it! Straight sauce right here!

I-I Fetti x Koda Sparks – Wanna Cry [Shot By] : @Bigape tv ( Prod : War )

New Sauce Alert! The homie I-I Fetti know how to show that sauce when he need to. Emerging artist I-I Fetti just dropped one of the craziest joints I’ve heard in awhile. The sample was too damn hard! He recently dropped off his latest visuals “Wanna Cry” featuring Koda Sparks. they flipped & straight sauced on this. Fetti been kicking up lately dropping back to back visuals & new songs. I appreciate his passion for this because he could be dropping weak content just because he can but he dropping straight BANGERS. He making a statement that he’s definitely an artist to really watch out for. This new joint “Wanna Cry” something different. Immediately slap as soon as you turn it on. This had the aux heavy lately! He go crazy on everything he jump on, truthfully. One of the hottest new artists on the rise coming out of New York. It’s like he be gliding on the beat effortlessly lol.  He knows how to catch it & flip that sh*t. Different type of sauce right here. One of the very few artists who elevates with his new music.

They both got wavy on this! Koda Sparks did his thing how he was supposed to. Sturdy. Fetti always talking his talk on tracks but the way he came on this & sauced was too hard. Lowkey, one of the hottest joints in the city right now. I was gonna throw it on the blog as soon as it dropped but I been playing it since it dropped. Like I said before, he really got his own sauce & you don’t see that a lot with young artists. His potential crazy & he’s proving he got that sauce. I-I Fetti just jumped on the gas with all this heat he been dropping. “Wanna Cry” beat is one of the best I heard this year. Fetti straight sauced on this! They on demon time with this joint!



Cez – Fraud ft. Cusswordz

New Sauce Alert! Emerging new artist Cez just dropped off his latest single “Fraud” & he lowkey snapped on this! Cez is a Hip-Hop artist from South Shore, Massachusetts, but now is currently residing in the “Shoe City” otherwise know as Brockton, MA. His gritty delivery and raw lyrical ability give his music a early east coast Hip Hop kind of feel. We love that type of sauce over here. Growing up, he was heavily influenced by his father who was a Christian rapper who would have Cez attend studio sessions and concerts with him just to see the action. He also got some inspiration from his neighborhood friends, older cousins who exposed him to artist like Big L, Jay-Z and Eminem at the young age of 11. My guy is not with all the clout chasing & capping. He just focused on the craft and getting better. Cez is gearing up to release a lot more content around his music to continue to build his growing fanbase.

While attending Downey Elementary school Cez would lose a close friend & classmate to him in a horrible turn of events. Something I can relate to & wish I didn’t. Inspiring the young lyricist to write his first rap dedicated to his belated friend Karina Barbosa. Cez is next to emerge and ready to deliver that heat. He just gotta keep talking how he talk with more content. He was talking real heavy on this. “Fraud” is also in the blog’s Spotify playlist because that joint was just pure sauce. The title of the song speaks for itself. Cez has transitioned from an avid Hip-Hop listener to a one who could and very likely will stand toe-to-toe with some of the best of them. Creating a buzz in his region, it doesn’t look like Cez will be stopping any time soon. Right now, he’s focused on bringing attention to his music & brand doing podcasts, appearances, doing shows, and music videos this year. So, expect to see & hear more from him soon Straight sauce right here! That TALK DIFFERENT!

Riot moves League of Legends’ US championship from Prudential Center due to COVID-19

Riot Games announced Saturday that the final two matches of the League of Legends US Championship Series (LCS), which are slated for later this month, will no longer be held with fans at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, “due to the rise of COVID-19 cases in the United States.” The matches will instead be held at the LCS Arena in Los Angeles. Current ticket holders will be issued full refunds.

“We scheduled the LCS Championship as a road show with fans and made the decision to move forward based on the very promising roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccine in the Spring,” Riot Games said in its announcement, adding that it had been monitoring the recent uptick in cases. “Given the current state of affairs, we cannot in good conscience conduct a massive fan event at this time. After much consideration, it is with extreme disappointment that we’ve elected to relocate the LCS Championship event from the Prudential Center to the LCS Arena.” The company didn’t immediately reply to a request for comment Saturday.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the league moved to an all-virtual format where players competed online. It moved the spring championship event to in-person, holding the final two matches of the April Midseason Showdown tournament at the Greek Theater in LA, but without a live audience. For much of the summer, players competed in-person at the LCS Arena with no fans in attendance, but returned to remote play late in July because of positive COVID tests associated with people connected to Immortals and an unnamed team.

Chris Greeley, Riot Games’ head of esports for North America and Oceania and the LCS commissioner, told The Verge in July that while the league didn’t have a specific backup plan in case COVID cases spiked, it was ready to make changes if necessary. “There’s no pandemic playbook, so it’s hard to start to put those contingency plans in place because there’s no known set of variables,” he said at the time.

Riot said in its announcement that it had hoped to reunite fans in a celebration of the game. “Unfortunately, the persistence and rapid spread of the COVID-19 delta variant has forced us to table that reunion for now. Our fans deserve nothing less than a high-quality LCS event experience full of excitement, connectivity and joy. After assessing the risks, no set of protocols or plans allowed us to deliver that event without jeopardizing the health of our teams, staff and fans.”

Felt That – FlyBoii Dada [Official Video] Dir. By @StarrMazi

That Sauce right here! I keep saying it. FlyBoii DaDa is one of the illest when it comes to new artists. In a lane of his own, this year you can tell he’s locked in & ready to go off. Last year, he dropped some of the best trap music you’ll ever hear. He’s been one of my favorite artists. 2021 gonna be even better with the project “Trap Baby” on the way. It’s how he talk that talk in his rap! He get you in that mode! The emerging New York artist FlyBoii DaDa just recently dropped the visuals to his new joint “Felt That” & it was fire as always. He’s not new to delivering heat. His versatility with his music its crazy. He may not get too much attention but he’s up there with some of the top guys that’s on the scene now.

FlyBoii DaDa talk hoy anything he touch. Can’t wait to see what he’s got in stored for 2021! This is something to get you out your seat. He giving off them “I’m not playing with you” vibes. The visuals was on point. He was talking real shit through this whole thing. The real gonna love this right here. His music is strictly for the streets but it’s industry cats that can’t touch him. His catalog already fire & this just added to the sauce. Not too many artists giving the artists real vibes that go along with the music. We need more artists like him in the music game. We not with the politics. You know we got that sauce here! Make sure you’re tuned in with him on social media (@FlyBoiiDADA). It’s only getting better as he go. He bodied this! Tune in.

Mulaa – Opps (shot by @RARI DIGITAL​)

My guy Mulaa starting off 21 on these rappers heels. After releasing his latest visuals “500 Degrees” which iswas crazy, He just dropped another banger on us to sit with. This new joint “Opps” is straight pressure! When it comes to consistency, Mulaa has held up his end. Mulaa had a solid year last year musically & his elevation, grind & work ethic is something serious. With all the bangers he been dropping the past few months, he haven’t missed yet. Everything he put out he talking heavy & giving you them real vibes. When he hop on the track, you got to listen to everything because you might miss a crazy line or bar. Mulaa got Jersey on his back right now & it ain’t even up for discussion!

His bar game is getting better & better as he delivers new music . One of Jersey’s finest going hard as ever! You already know as soon as he drop, It’s UP! He smoke everything he touch. One of my favorite artists out right now & has been since I first became a fan. He not going nowhere no time soon. One of the very few artists on the rise that’s been delivering nothing but heat worth talking about Make sure you stream his latest project titled “Underrated & Underappreciated” which is on all digital platforms right now. Tune In! Straight PRESSURE Right Here!

Freshy DaGeneral – Look (Official Music Video)

Listen man! I just been binging nothing but new artists who’s going crazy right now & Freshy DaGeneral really on a come up. He dropped off his visuals “Look” late 2020 & literally one of the hardest joints that I’ve heard this year! this! Currently sitting at 1.2 Million views & still going, that should let you know he got the sauce. I’ve been watching his grind for the past few months & he’s been working! Freshy really not playing this year! This is probably his hardest joint to date. Freshy been putting out some pressure & not gonna lie, his voice make it even more scarier, honestly. The way he elevates with his music in a short amount of time is different. When he hop on the track, you got to listen to everything because you might miss a line. Freshy strictly on demon time!

He was talking real hot in this. One of New York’s hottest artist on the rise going hard as ever! You already know this had to make his way here & more coming. He smoking everything he get on right now. One of my favorite songs out right now. Expect a lot from him this year. One of the very few artists on the rise that’s been delivering sauce worth talking about but you know how major media is! Make sure you stream this which is on all digital platforms right now. Straight Pressure!

Tye Talley – Tye Talley (The Album)

It’s a sauce pleasure to introduce you guys to a nice body of work. This album is an example of how she’s been growing not only in her music but personal life as well. A step up from her last! “Tye Talley The Album” By. Tye Talley just added to her sauce!. The whole album is dope because of how pure it is & the energy it sends off. The emerging new artist Tye Talley has been on her music grind for awhile now. You can hear her raw talent through the whole project. I first heard Tye’s music years ago & to see her evolve to this is dope. I’m still on the fact that she’s released some of her best content in the middle of a pandemic, that’s work ethic different!  If you’re the type to value being yourself, finding your way, & good energy, this is definitely the album for you. From the beat selections & production, down to the words she was speaking, You can tell she was in her zone.

I sat on this for a minute because I was just enjoying the sounds, but you know it had to hit the blog. She kept it real as possible on this project. My favorite songs on this are “Blessed(Interlude)”, “Good Guy”, “Hyphy 5.5” & “Robin Hood(Fck 12)”. Her comfortability, & confidence showed through the whole album. Her cadence on tracks from now & before is a BIG difference. Another emerging artist out here putting on for the culture. Over 10,000+ streams accumulated since it dropped. She got THE SAUCE & it’s only getting better! Since the beginning, she’s been learning & focused on the craft, learning her sound, & experimenting with different beats. Her growth with his project musically & personally was phenomenal. We need to give Tye all the credit or this credit for this. This Album showed us she’s starting to get the hang of this music thing. Now, I just expect her to be better.. This that sauce! This project was very well put together, truthfully! If I had to rate it, Definitely a good 7.8. If you looking for good vibes & sounds, I suggest you tune in!

GLIZZ – STUNTS (Official Video)

That Sauce Right Here!! My guy Glizz really just dropped some sauce! He just dropped his latest visuals “STUNTS” & He talking HOT. Glizz is a 18 year old rising artists coming from Asbury Park, New Jersey & has been making music since he was 16. He’s just now starting to take it seriouslyThis joint been on repeat since in dropped. He was talking his talk through this whole video. Over 4,000+ views in counting already & still going. Everybody need to stop sleeping on my boy. One of the very few artists from my hometown that’s really talented & can actually take it all the way. Not too many people make it where we come from. I can vouch & relate to almost everything be speaking on. I know him personally, and can tell you everything is solid with him. Glizz got a lot more including a mixtape on the way. He focused on the grind & ready to torch everything in this music industry. Everything was on point from the visuals to the beat & his cadence on on it. This is how you step up to the plate & bring it home. Expect to see his name around this year. Won’t be the last time you see or hear him on here. We just getting started! He has his own style & he’s versatile when it comes to switching it up. Going Up All 2021 With This One. Tune In!

MarleyFrmDaBush – Reaction (Prod by @GLVCK​) (Official Music Video)

Sauce Alert! You know I had to bring this to the sauce! Another hot new joint out from Marley. I been bumping this like crazy since it dropped! Loving his energy right now. These joints he dropping letting us know, he didn’t come to make friends or none of that. The rising Brooklyn artist Marley know how to talk that talk when he need to! He recently dropped a new visual “Reaction” & just like “Blitz” he went off on this! I love all music Marley is representing Flatbush & he putting on right now. 3 years in & it’s that time for him to show what he really about. A very versatile artist right here, so expect to see him dropping all types songs. He recently posted a snippet on Instagram of his joint for the ladies that’s on the way.

Only the real can relate to this. Even though he was talking heavy, you moving & listening at the same time. As a new artist, he’s definitely kicking some doors in. Be expecting some more heat from him soon & you know it’ll be here! Had to bring it here, it’s only right! I like artists who can just give you the real but also can give you straight sauce. These artists can’t switch their style nowadays because most of the time it’s not even theirs. Stay tuned in with him & make sure you stream it all platforms including my Spotify playlist. That Sauce Right Here!

Foe Hun’ed – “Right or Wrong” (Official Video)

It’s a pleasure to introduce you guys to the homie Foe Huned & his new visuals titled “Right Or Wrong” & it’s fire! The Jersey artist Foe Huned just released an album, a single & a music video all in the middle of a pandemic, that’s crazy!  If you’re the type to value true bars, real life story telling, & the grind, this is the album for you. My guy was talking that sauce talk! This song is off the album & one of my favorite songs right now. Love what he’s delivering to us right now.

He kept it real as possible in this joint. He giving out motivational vibes for the trenches right now. . Foe Huned been catching bodies with these tracks lately. I’ve been listening to him for quite a while now. He’s too underrated. My guy did his thing on this though. Watching his growth musically has been dope. His music has really been evolving over time as some of his old music gets better with time. His project is a masterpiece. That Sauce Right Here!