Emac Money – Wit Us

https://open.spotify.com/track/1fhmpv3xPXtr5VDbFRVWB3?si=e85ac6e5ee894ca3 New Sauce Alert! Rising artist Emac Money (aka “BiG LiT” or the “LiTGoD”) was born in Brooklyn, NY but relocated as a child to North Miami Beach, FL, & is now stationed in Central Florida. He recently dropped off his latest single not too long ago "Wit Us" & this joint right here will … Continue reading Emac Money – Wit Us

Florida Rapper Fly Gitt Drops “Blues Clues” (Single)

SkyIV Records and Fly Gitt announce the release of his latest single “Blues Clues” available on all major platforms. The Florida-based artist delivers a hit single coinciding with his iBANG motto. Over invigorating cadences and striking tones, Fly Gitt drops crafty punchlines letting the world know he’s flexing with street and booth diplomas. Around the … Continue reading Florida Rapper Fly Gitt Drops “Blues Clues” (Single)

Yooda – D.A.D.E The Album

New Sauce Alert! Rising new artist Yooda (Born April 21, 1981) is an American artist, songwriter & record producer who was born & raised in (Dade County)Miami, Florida. At an early age, Yooda moved around due to his mother’s occupation. Moving around Miami: South Miami, Liberty City, Carol City and Richmond Heights allowed him to … Continue reading Yooda – D.A.D.E The Album

Thunny Brown “Gators, Wolves, & Generals” Video

What do you get when you bring bloodthirsty MC’s together from Florida’s Evagladez, Killah Crown Heights, and Bucktown together on one track…Gators, Wolves, and Generals. Thunny Brown (Gator) is back this week with new visuals, cavorting with his Bucktown and Boot Camp soldiers. “Gators, Wolves, & Generals” features Ruste Juxx (Wolf) and Supreme The Eloheem … Continue reading Thunny Brown “Gators, Wolves, & Generals” Video

HEARTLE$$ – Too grown (Official Music Video)

Hybridosity is a rising artist born & raised in Miami, FL. He has always had a connection with music since he started producing and writing around the age of 13. Hybrid was told to release his music throughout the years until now. Hybrid has decided to dedicate his everything into his music, pouring out his … Continue reading HEARTLE$$ – Too grown (Official Music Video)

FCG HEEM – Letter To My People

One of best projects out that I've heard from an independent artist. Definitely one of the hardest projects out now! The homie FCG Heem is Going Crazy right now. I was waiting for this to drop too! Already done listened to the EP over 5x. FCG Heem just dropped his highly anticipated project "Letter To … Continue reading FCG HEEM – Letter To My People

New Music & To Listen To? Here is "InTheSauceWeTrust" Playlist on Spotify!

What's going on folks. I know in this day & age finding new music and new artists to listen to can be very hard. Saturation on social media, streaming platforms etc.. is at an all time high! Exact reason why I created my own Spotify playlist. It's a lot of new artists doing their thing … Continue reading New Music & To Listen To? Here is "InTheSauceWeTrust" Playlist on Spotify!