M.I.S. Ron – Loyalty (Shot by KLO Vizionz)

Heavy on it! Damnn M.I.S. Ron. finally dropping this. I remember him posting a snippet of this not too long ago. He’s been on the sauce before & this is why. The real ones know he been doing his thing for awhile holding NY down as being an emerging artist! He really go crazy. At one point, I remember him dropping nothing but heat. Another rising artist coming out of New York & he fire! This this joint right here is something different! This song is refreshing in terms of NY Drill. Sheds a light on the fact that we can do something other than what everybody He was talking hot but keeping it sauced! I was gonna throw it on the blog as soon as it dropped but It’s been on repeat lol. One of my favorite new joints out right now. He really got his own sauce & you don’t see that a lot with young artists. He’s been on the radar & once again, he here. This That Sauce Right Here!

His voice & delivery always keep him in a league of his own. He always talking that talk, but he was keeping it too real on this. The title of the song speaks for itself. Loyalty. Everybody has their own definition of loyalty & another thing we do know everyone loyalty always get tested. This beat was crazy & how he came on it, just reminded us that he’s that same monster. Hope we see more of these joints in the culture & from him. Everybody is giving us what they think we want rather than just giving us music they feeling. M.I.S. Ron got the sauce & been a fan of him for a little over 2 years now. Glad he’s finally back stepping how he should be. Once he apply pressure, IT’S UP! Straight sauce as always right here! Tune in to this. From the trenches with it!



K3FrmDa4 – Kobe (Prod. By Atlas) (Official Video)

New Sauce Alert! Rising new artist K3FrmDa4 just dropped some new sauce on us. He dropped off his latest visuals “Kobe” & he did is thing on this as usual. K3FrmDa4 tapped in to his music with influence from family(brother) who was rapping also but no longer has since a PTSD incident back in 2017. searching for the right sound and quality K3 linked up with a Hometown Friend Flight Gritty to work & create. North Carolina native “K3” began rapping January 2018 with force. As he release “K3’s World” as his first official mixtape. Following the first mixtape “K3’s World” K3 keeps the fire going with his second official mixtape “40 Round” to solidify his spot as an upcoming artist from the North Carolina’s Charlotte area. K3 who was born in Salisbury North Carolina known as “ShotzBurry” due to gun violence in the city. With influences from “Chief Keef”, “Gucci Mane”, “Future” and many more artist. K3 will strive to put out great quality and creative content as he continues to move in a professional fashion.

After putting out a project in 2020, “K3 World”. K3 created “K3’s World” his First Mixtape EP That Was Originally Dropped April 2020 & now streaming on all platforms. “K3’s World” is a rapper finding his creative flow as well as staying true to himself with the star song “Venting” on the K3 Tape brings you into his life and struggles but remains driven and keeps the flows going. In May of 2022, K3FrmDa4 has built a nice following on Instagram so far being consistent dropping on YouTube and will continue to do so With his new Drop “KOBE” on YouTube. K3 dedicated this song to Kobe Bryant on May 28th this year K3 turned 24. So this was the perfect drop to display his pain personality and character. He’s said to have a bunch of music in the stash but he’s more focused on bringing attention to his music getting into blogs, doing podcasts, appearances, and music videos this year. So, expect to see & hear more from him soon. Where he’s planning to give us a few tapes, videos etc... Make sure you take a listen. Straight sauce right here! Tune in. From the Carolina trenches with it!

Your Digital Music Experience Is Only Going To Get Much Better In Time So Be Prepared

Digital music is something that has really grown on me throughout my years of listening to music and also to this particular day is still absolutely impressive to me. Regardless of exactly how you pay attention to your digital music, you are most likely to delight in every second of it and also can always eagerly anticipate hearing the more recent tracks appearing among the brand-new musicians out there. Your electronic music collection will certainly expand enormously if you continue staying on top of the times, there is absolutely no little doubt regarding that at all due to the fact that who doesn’t simply love their music at some point throughout their day anyway?

Every person that I know personally just loves being able to take pleasure in paying attention to their digital music and if you resemble every person else then you have a good deal to be thankful for when it pertains to digital music and modern technology and also you additionally have a large amount of trendy things to eagerly anticipate in your near future. Your digital music experience is really just most likely to explode throughout the years and also you are most likely to regularly be blown away by the quality and also excellent top quality of everything.

It is all just going to maintain getting better and also much better throughout time, so be prepared for what awaits us, probably just right nearby as well. There are many wonderful things in our lives to be eagerly anticipating and also realizing all of the changes being made with our music each time that we reverse ought to be something else on your mind, that is for sure due to the fact that if you do not keep up with all of this you are just going to be totally as well as totally lost through it all.

No one intends to be excluded at night, whenever it concerns paying attention and also enjoying all that technology needs to offer to us, whenever it comes to our electronic songs experiences, commonly taking place each and daily. It is so crucial to proceed doing points in your life that make you pleased because life is just simply means as well brief for anyone of you to neglect what it really is that makes you smile.

If listening to your digital songs every day gives you a fellow feeling or places a big smile on your face, then you keep doing what it is that you are doing to constantly really feel much better, whatever could be taking place within your life. Some people have a difficult adequate finding anything that actually makes them feel happy within, so for those of you who do hang on to what makes you satisfied, helpful for you, maintain the great.

Digital songs can be various points to many different people as well as obtaining the chance to listen to tunes that advise you of something or someone in your life is always an amazing experience itself. Being prepared for the future is always an excellent thing to attempt as well as do anyways as well as the same absolutely goes for new and also advanced methods of reaching listen as well as appreciate several of those old tracks you matured paying attention to with your momma.

Fivio Foreign – Slime Them (Feat. Lil Yachty) [Official Video]

Aww man! The homie Fivio Foreign really out here saucing like crazy & to see him at this point is fire! The Big Woo aka Mr. Big Drip Fivio Foreign just released the visuals for his new joint “Slime Them” featuring Lil Yachty which is off his latest album “B.I.B.L.E” & it’s one of my favorites! He’s been in his bag & I’m loving it because he really holding down the streets but giving us that sauce. The album is phenomenal & he might have a classic on his hands early. His music getting better & better! This shit surprised me honestly Yachty is so under rated like this man has flows for days. This is the Duo we ain’t know we needed. Fivio deserves a lot more respect than given! To watch his growth from the beginning is amazing. This man came from the bottom. He always had the sauce we told him when he dropped “Noahs Ark” with Sosa Geek & Gino in 2019. Ever since “Off The Grid” Fivio just been in Attack mode, not just on features but his own songs too.

He killing everything right now. Fivio is definitely going to the next level after this album. Everything he’s dropped since getting out that lately has been fire! He sauced on this. It’s been awhile since artists came out like Fivio. This joint get you in that mood, but this is the ALBUM! I hope more collabs come from these 2. They flow effortlessly together. Fivio one of the hottest ones out of New York & he deserve it. He going straight to the top! One of my favorite artists out right now & he been saucing since he touched. 2022 gonna be crazy for him. That sauce right here Let’s take the moment to appreciate how much effort he puts into his content for us! Fivio back again with another smash hit! Tune In!

MarleyFrmDaBush – 4th Quarter (Music Video)

Let’s get it! New Sauce Alert! You know I had to bring this to the sauce! Another hot new joint out from Marley. I been bumping this like crazy since it dropped! He really in his bag getting comfortable & it’s showing! Pretty soon he definitely stepping on necks, I can feel it. Ever since the EP “Never Left”, he’s just been working & cooking up some more! These joints he dropping letting us know, he can make music outside of just drill. The rising Brooklyn artist Marley talk heavy but get real with you in the same breath! He just dropped a new visual “4th Quarter” & just like his last few visuals he went off on this! This time was different! We seeing him different light and how good he really is. Definitely not your ordinary New York artist. He’s not looking to be flashy or pump fake in his music A very versatile artist right here, Just how he move on the beat sometimes, it’s like he gliding.

The real is definitely gonna love this. This joint will have you head rocking but you listening to him talk bag talk the same time. As a new artist, he’s definitely kicking some doors in. This so happens to be one of my favorite songs right now. That beat was too fire. It’s definitely feeling like 4th quarter out here in the world. That hustle got to turn up just a little more. Right now, you can tell Marley is locked in musically & with so much more in the stash makes me anxious how he about to come. I like artists who can just give you the real but also can give you straight sauce quick! These artists can’t switch their style nowadays because with most it’s not even theirs. This joint is definitely in the playlists. My guy is who he say he is! I’m really loving his energy right now. Stay tuned in with him! That Sauce Getting Crazier! He Sauced Right Here!

SAMBO – French Quarter (Official Music Video)

Sauce Alert! SAMBO always got some sauce up his sleeve & this one was nothing different! SAMBO just released his latest visual for his track “French Quarter” which is on all platforms as well. He has already accumulated over 25,000+ views in almost 2 weeks & it’s still going up. The rising independent artist from Louisiana has been dropping nothing but sauce. His most recent project “Situations” was a headbanger. Smoked a wood to it & didn’t skip a song. His hiatus got him coming back with more sauce than he started with. Just more cadence and better content. You still hear the fun but raw sound in his music. He telling more stories & talking more sh*t. One of the rawest indie artists on the circuit. SAMBO is on the come up and people are starting to catch on slowly but surely. With attention catching lyrics, and high quality visuals, SAMBO talk is rare & we love rare!

The video was directed by Opusmercury & features a beautiful look at a New Orleans culture that is known and loved all around the world. His video had me locked in the whole time he was snapping! Ever since SAMBO jumped into this music game & started getting busy, he’s been working! Every song & video always have gotten better & some of his old music sound better now. He’s said to have a bunch of music in the stash but he’s more focused on bringing attention to his music doing podcasts, appearances, and interviews this year. Expect to see & hear more from him soon. As you can see, THAT SAUCE DIFFERENT. He’s also on the music entrepreneurial side with one of the hottest indie clothing brands out! Sauce got some! He’s already released some fire merchandise from His “Nine Lives” clothing brand with more coming very soon. He came with that sauce on this. Tune In. That sauce right here!

Check out the “French Quarter” visual below:

Luh Bdee – No Need

New Sauce Alert! We always stay with fire & so this is nothing new! Rising new artist LuhBdee doing his thing right now as he dropping that sauce. LuhBdee from Roanoke Rapids, NC & he nice too! He dropped off his latest single “No Need” recently & he was talking his talk on this. LuhBdee says he’s been writing since he was younger but started taking rap seriously around 2018. LuhBdee is definitely new an artist to tap into. His music can vary from pain/melodic rap to drill rap. He just focused on the craft and giving us some good music. LuhBdee is gearing up to release a lot more music & content around his music as he hopes to continue to build his audience already.

After putting out only 3 songs, he has a few more things up his sleeve before he give us an EP. You can expect an EP real soon. The EP is just a loose generalization of what’s happening around him. A few more songs coming out the stash. LuhBdee is next to emerge & ready to deliver that heat. He’s said to be working on an album titled “Bigger Than They Thought” which is gonna be bringing you into his world. Just watching how he put this together should be dope to see. He’s more focused on bringing attention to his music getting into blogs, doing podcasts, appearances, and music videos this year. So, expect to see & hear more from him soon. Make sure you take a listen. Straight sauce right here! Tune in to this. From the trenches with it!

Hahn – Mad Man [Album Review]

Sauce Alert! You know I had to bring this to the sauce! This is one of the most creative artists we’ve ever covered. Emerging New York artist HAHN dropped an album “Mad Man” & this whole project is FIRE! HAHN has been honing his skills as an artist since 2014. However, coming from a musical family HAHN is the nephew of Motown legends Eugene, Frank, & Herbert Pitt of “The Jive Five” which is pretty cool. Music was always a passion of his originally starting out as an R&B singer & occasionally writing rock music with his high school friends – their band” They Faked The Moon Landing” was his first foray into performing.

Originally, working in the tech field & creating streetwear design as a side passion with his brand HWAJAE DESIGN LABS, HAHNN blended his love for tech anime & influences from other genres to hone his specific style. In 2016, he co-founded CODE SIX MUSIC GROUP with his cousin – releasing his first debut project “Mad Man” on the label in 2021. This project will have your mental everywhere. As a new artist, he’s definitely kicking some doors in. This project showed HAHN’s development, bars & storytelling is really on another level. This album is just a loose generalization of what’s happening all around us told beautifully. His versatility an artist is just amazing. WE LOVE artists who can give you more than one sound. He’s stamping his own route to the top with some of his releases. Timeless project right here if you ask me. My favorite joints on this project are “Mark 8:36”, “Father”, “Sterling & “SQUAD” Stay tuned in with him! This was incredible!

Milliongrands(1K) – Bikes Remix

Sauce Alert! Rising new artist Milliongrands(1K) coming all the way from Las Vegas, NV. This joint sat on me for a few days because this song really smooth but that talk! He started writing music at 15 than began recording and making music at 19. Milliongrands(1K) came into the game doing a lot of ghost writing for a couple years before his hiatus. He came back in 2017 & the rest is what i love to say HISTORY. Milliongrands(1K) dropped his EP “Free” in 2020 which I think is a pure gem. He is definitely someone to tap into. His music is like elevation of the minds but he still giving us that trap, that sauce etc.. I love how he put his joints together especially with the beats. Milliongrands(1K) is gearing up to release a lot more music with content around it and hopes to continue to build his growing audience.

After putting out a project in 2020, “Free” he’s just been focusing on on releasing more singles. I think his projects show his development, bars & storytelling as an artist but also as a creative.. This project free is just a loose generalization of what’s happening in the world around us. Trap music with a little soul & realness. Milliongrands(1K) is next to emerge and ready to deliver. He;s not in a box which is one of the best things i can say in awhile about an artist. He gives me A$AP vibes but also reminds me a little of ScHoolboy Q who is one of my favorites. He released both most of his music with little to no promo just to get them on the surface but they’re all gems. Word on the sauce, he has a bunch of music in the stash but he’s more focused on bringing attention to his music getting into publications, doing podcasts, appearances, and music videos this year. So, expect to see & hear more from him soon. Make sure you tune in because he talks substance. Giving us all the trap, and real rap we want but it comes with Sauce. His new EP coming out Jan 31st called “Villains” which is a darker more trap heavy sound but straight sauce! That sauce right here! The beat is just beautiful.

Duley1k: the 21-year-old piece of gold who is quietly taking over the Georgia Music scene.

I’m not gonna even waste your time; DULEY1K should already be famous.

Before we start I want to be fully transparent, I didn’t know who Duley1k was before being tasked to write this. That’s not a knock on him but there are just so many artists releasing music I can’t keep track of them all, but this young brother is FIRE! I’m not gonna even waste your time by making you wait, DULEY1K should already be famous.

I checked his music out on YouTube; the first song I listened to was “Long Live The King” and I Had to put it on repeat about 3 times. This kid has an amazing flow and the way his voice melts over the tracks with pain and vulnerability is something you only hear from artists like Roddy Rich or Rod Wave; them gangsta blues that only the real can relate to.

You can hear the DNA of Georgia in his music which makes sense seeing as though he is a native of The peach state. Raised in zone 6 Duley1k, born Abdul Diarrassouba started making music at the age of 15 at the behest of his big brother; using his upbringing and his surroundings to create a musical picture that many can vibe to and some can relate to. With experience living around all around the state of Georgia, he was able to get experiences from many walks of life and you can hear it in the expansive topics his music covers. He for sure isn’t just a one-note rapper. He engineers his music, plays the guitar and writes every word you hear Him spit. He is a Jack-of-all-trades in the music industry and has even branched out into doing photography. This young mogul in the making isn’t letting any door stay closed for him and is an example of hard work and talent paying off in the long run. Mark my words DULEY1k is gonna be on the top of a lot of peoples list by the end of 2022.

with over 9 albums and 120 songs already released this 21-year-old there is a ton of music that you can check out now on all streaming platforms. I’m sure you will find something you like in his extensive catalogue of bangers. Be on the lookout for His upcoming project “Astronaut Kid” dropping sometime this year but date has yet to be announced. Make sure you follow him on all social media because this young brother is set to blow!

Follow Duley1k on Instagram:


Stream all of Duley1k’s music here:


None Before – I Like

New Sauce Alert! We talking sauce as always! The south is known for many things that impact the music and entertainment industry. One notable quality is that the south continues to generate new waves of MC’s such as South Carolina duo None Before who has now made their official stamp in the music industry after inking an equity distribution deal with Roc Nation in late 2018. They recently dropped a single “I Like” & they definitely delivered with this one. Before the group members, Marvolus & Gemstar Da GoldenChild deal came about with one of the hottest labels, None Before released their 17-track mixtape “Upper Echelon” hosted by The Breakfast Club radio host DJ Envy and running a South Carolina Battle league called Barbarian Rap League where they became friends with Wild N Out stars Charlie Clips and Conceited. None Before is gearing up to release a lot more content around their music with hopes to continue to build their growing fan base.

Now they are running their own label U.P. Entertainment with themselves & artist Spoken Conscience & Beuo Oslo they released another album with DJ Envy called “The Endgame” in March 2021. This EP is just a loose generalization of what’s happening in the trenches. Not everything is gold. Some people really got to get it from the muscle. None Before is next to emerge and ready to deliver that sauce on all levels. The title of the song speaks for itself. They sauced on this whole joint. They released multiple tracks projects with little to no promo, just hard work and dedication. None Before said to have a bunch of music in the stash & will release as he brings attention to his music, getting into blogs, doing podcasts, appearances, and music videos this year. None Before is releasing a new album February 14th called “For You, From Us” with the lead single “I Like”. Make sure you take a listen. Straight sauce right here! Tune in to this.

Bagboy Trapp – Opinion Based(Freestyle)[Official Video]

New Sauce Alert! Rising new artist BagBoy Trapp coming all the way from Asbury Park, New Jersey which is my hometown for those who don’t know. He recently dropped off some visuals “Opinion Based(Freestyle) & he was talking real heavy on this. He been rapping since he was 7 but started taking rap & the whole craft seriously in June of 2020 when he came home from prison. This is definitely something to tap into. He making a statement with his music that he’s not with all the clout chasing & gimmicks. BagBoy Trapp just focused on the craft and the bag, nothing more, nothing less. BagBoy Trapp is gearing up to release a lot more content around his music and hopes to continue to build his growing fan base. Trapp lowkey snapped on this!

Ever since he came home, the music grind has been full throttle. Even though he always had a passion for music, he always got caught up with distractions that made him lose focus. Which eventually ended up causing a delay his career. As of now he just started his own mini tour not too long ago. Trapp did his first performance this year around 2 months ago & now 6 performances in. BagBoy Trapp is next to emerge and step into the spotlight. His debut mixtape is titled “Zay World” along with his first single is called “Community Service” which Trapp actually wrote at community service. This project is just a loose generalization of what’s happening in the trenches. Not everything is gold. Some people really got to get it from the muscle. He opened up for Mir Fontaine in Clifton, NJ. & now completed his first major strip club performance at KOD. Trapp just got invited to perform at the Fillmore in Philly in January for the Tri state freshman class. Make sure you peep his content & really listen because its actually about something. 2022 he’s more focused on bringing attention to his music getting into blogs, doing podcasts, appearances, and music videos. Straight sauce right here! Tune into this. That Talk Different!

DRIZZY JULIANO – “CANCER” (Music Video) | Shot By @MeetTheConnectTv

You know what it is! Sauce talking about that sauce ending 21 off right! I keep saying it but they don’t believe Drizzy Juliano is on different type timing right now!! He been applying pressure the whole 4th quarter. This joint crazy right here but it’s nothing new! He just released his latest visual “CANCER” & he talking HOT! Drizzy moving with a small chip on his shoulder & it got him really making some of his best music yet. One of the very few artists that can actually rap on any beat & not be repetitive. This man just can’t miss at this point! Right now, he on attack mode!

The homie Drizzy Juliano is really one of the GOATS of the NY Scene. He got the voice, the lyrics, the delivery, the authenticity, the pain, & the story. It’s like, not only has he been putting so much heart into his tracks lately but he’s actually going through the motions & picking the beats, really catering to his music drops. Drizzy speak that pain talk in his music. He straight sauced on this! It’s always a step up with his music every time he drop something new. Every joint he seem to drop gets better & better. The way he spits & flips tracks, it shows you he really in his own lane musically. NOTHING BUT PRESSURE! That talk different. Tune in!

Cancer (Official Video)

UK’s Skatta links with Oddisee for new video ‘Track of the year’

Crazy new video from Coventry, UK emcee Skatta whose new collab with well established Brooklyn based emcee Oddisee dropped, and it’s crazy! Taken from his new album, Cinema Ticket with French label Broc Recordz, the video is super engaging and it’s dope how the production sits so nicely with the emcees’ bars.

Speaking about the album being released after 4 years in the making, Skatta explained “I’ve had a lot of setbacks in life that kept me releasing this album. So now it’s finally here, it feels like it was meant to be. Although Covid slowed us down, it’s finally here, and I’m proud of every inch of it! I’m certain it’s my best sound yet.”

Check out Cinema Ticket on all streaming platforms here