Brother Polight Presents The Janitor (Interview by Sam Paul Gene Tomas & Bunny Rabbit)

Prepare for an intensely graphic interview conducted by Sam Paul Gene Tomas, one on one with Bunny Rabbit. He opens up about Dr. EnQi and Brother Polight feuds and more. Proceed with caution… Sam: Peace my name is Sam. How should I address you for this interview? Bunny: Bunny Rabbit  Sam: Many say he is…


Brother Polight & Loaded Lux (Video News)

Author, Consultant, Nutritionist, Ordained Minister, and Master Herbalist Dr. EnQi returns this week with another viral video. This week he sheds light on how Brother Polight scammed Loaded Lux. Watch the video below.


Math Hoffa vs Brother Polight

This is a crazy story that just broke. Math Hoffa was threatened and warned to avoid supporting Dr. EnQi healing people with coronavirus. Math Hoffa recorded a live stream where Dr. EnQi commented via the chatroom and Math Hoffa told everyone to watch Dr. EnQi Coronavirus Testimony video where he shows how he heals the…

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