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Emerging Female Artist $hymoney: Expressing Emotions and Elevating Her Craft

New Sauce Alert!! In the vast realm of music, where artists strive to make their voices heard and their stories told, there are those who manage to rise above the noise and captivate audiences with their unique perspectives. One such artist is $hymoney, a talented and passionate female artist who hails from the suburbs of…


KAM-ALYN is Houston’s Most Promising Upcoming Act

“Fritz Carlton” is Houston’s most promising upcoming act KAM-ALYN’s latest offering. The 12-track project detailing KAM-ALYN’s lifestyle uses southern flair, elements of NYC-style production, and West Coast bounce. With tracks like “Mint Condition” KAM-ALYN remains focused, knowing he’s destined for a greater purpose. He’s on his grind. And no one is stopping him. “Selling Lows,”…

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Versé: The Chicago-Born Rising Artist Ready to Take the Music World by Storm

New Sauce Alert!! Chicago, known as the birthplace of jazz and blues, has a rich history of producing exceptional musical talents. Among its rising stars is Versé (VER-SAY), a young artist whose passion for music ignited at a tender age. Hailing from the Windy City, Versé’s journey began when he moved to Fort Worth, Texas,…

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CHEEBA By. CHYTOWN Featuring Pooh T’d Up (Official Video)

New Sauce Alert!! In the world of music, sampling has become a popular technique used by artists to create new sounds and pay homage to the classics. One such example is CHYTOWN’s latest hit single “CHEEBA,” which features Pooh T’d Up and samples “Smoking Cheeba Cheeba,” a 1976 single by Harlem Underground Band. CHYTOWN, an…

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Dot Hawkem – Shake It

Sauce alert!! Dot Hawkem is an underground artist from Chicago who is making waves in the independent music industry with his latest release “Shake It”. Born and raised in Chicago, Dot Hawkem has been making music since he was a youngster; listening to a variety of artists and genres that have played an influential role…

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Victor Rashad – Future Of Black Lives

New Sauce Alert!! Hailing from small town Covington, Georgia, Victor Rashad is making waves in the music industry as the “Vlogging Rapper”. With his latest release, “Future Of Black Lives”, Victor showcases real hip hop intellect and culture representation. Victor always had a passion for music. His music is a mix of traditional hip hop…

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Leflossmarv: The Talented Hip Hop Artist on the Rise. – Top 5 (Official Music Video)

Leflossmarv is a rising hip-hop artist who is quickly making a name for himself in the music industry. He has been dropping a freestyle every month, showcasing his skills and talent as an underground artist.He started by using Metroboomin’s beat superhero for a freestyle that was done at fywtv. He recently featured on Mic Up…

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