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Rising Artist TY. REESE Reigns Supreme with ‘Kingsland Kingpen’: A 10-Track Rap Album Loaded with Heavy Beats!

New Sauce Alert! Rising artist Tyrese Watts, and I go by the stage name TY. REESE WATTS. Originally born in Fernandina, Florida, but was raised in Kingsland, Georgia, while also spending significant time in the DMV area. Since his senior year of high school, he’s been dedicated to developing his skills in music and business,…

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“A Pressure: Rising Rap Star from Paterson, NJ Unleashes ‘King Slizzy 3’ – A Remarkable Step Up From 2!”

The rap scene has always been a thriving ground for emerging talents, and one name that’s recently been causing quite a stir is A Pressure, hailing from Paterson, New Jersey. His latest rap project, ‘King Slizzy 3,’ has been making waves and showcasing his undeniable growth as an artist since his last release, ‘King Slizzy…

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Pr3ssur3 Harris: Keeping the Essence of Rap Culture and Bars Alive In Latest Visuals “The Coldest Coast”

Pr3ssur3 Harris takes us back to the Golden Era with his new single “The Coldest Coast”. Produced by Sypooda, “The Coldest Coast” symbolizes a sound that became prevalent in the east coast during the 90s. A sound that has since re-emerge and is being embraced due to its authenticity and pristine taste. It’s refreshing to…

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Cruch Calhoun – JOJO FLOW [Official Video]

New Sauce Alert! The New Jersey artist Cruch Calhoun recently released his visuals for “JoJo Flow” & It’s definitely A BANGER FOR THE STREETS!. Pure sauce as always when the homie Cruch drops. Cruch Calhoun is keeping the real alive with his music & it’s so much needed in today’s society! The deluxe is even…

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Versé: The Chicago-Born Rising Artist Ready to Take the Music World by Storm

New Sauce Alert!! Chicago, known as the birthplace of jazz and blues, has a rich history of producing exceptional musical talents. Among its rising stars is Versé (VER-SAY), a young artist whose passion for music ignited at a tender age. Hailing from the Windy City, Versé’s journey began when he moved to Fort Worth, Texas,…

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Dot Hawkem – Shake It

Sauce alert!! Dot Hawkem is an underground artist from Chicago who is making waves in the independent music industry with his latest release “Shake It”. Born and raised in Chicago, Dot Hawkem has been making music since he was a youngster; listening to a variety of artists and genres that have played an influential role…

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Hank Dollaz – She Shine

New sauce alert!! Emerging artist Hank Dollaz is back more sauce! The dope melodic trap artist from NY who has been paving a way in the independent music scene for some time now. Blending melodic hooks with hard-hitting trap/drill beats is what he’s known for and his latest project release “Extra 3” showed us exactly…