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Memphis artist Key Glock has dropped his album “Glocoma 2”! The project is 15 tracks with no features!

New Sauce Alert! Memphis rapper Key Glock has just dropped his highly anticipated album “Glocoma 2” and Glock know he got that sauce! The album features 15 tracks with no features, showcasing Key Glock’s raw talent and unique sound. From the track “2 For 1” to the track “Rachet,” “Glocoma 2” is packed with quality…

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DE BANKS ft Jstar Balla – “LOVE YOURSELF” (Official Video)

New Sauce Alert! Emerging artist DE BANKS ft Jstar Balla has just released their latest music video for their single “LOVE YOURSELF”. The video, as you already know was a function & they got together for a banger! It features both artists, going off running & catching the beat as they both talking hot. The…

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$hy Boog – In That Mode

New Sauce Alert! Using new artist $hy Boog Born & raised in Goldsboro, NC recently dropped off his latest single release “In That Mode” & he was talking that talk! Shy Boog is a true artist in every sense of the word. The 26 year old rapper & songwriter has been writing along with recording…

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