H3TheArtist – The Dreams [Album]

https://open.spotify.com/album/2MSyypUrBCXcxaGyd8ZgBl?si=3zATkDC2TAGTySjmgiQp9g New Sauce Alert! Emerging artist H3TheArtist coming from Atlanta, Ga recently dropped off this project "The Dreams" back in 2019 & this joint was a whole vibe. He's actually making music to listen to over time. He's been taking the craft seriously for some time now & his growth is serious. Reviving authenticity, emotion, … Continue reading H3TheArtist – The Dreams [Album]

Premium Mike – Hiatus [EP]

https://open.spotify.com/album/5Uv7KsY8G5xf7l0oLSeZGf?si=e3n_ygOASB-HEpxUnHHN5A New Sauce Alert! Rising artist Premium Mike coming straight from Brooklyn, New York recently released a solid EP "Hiatus" on all platforms & this project was sincerely tough. In terms of rapping, he's been writing since 2018, but it took him some time to progress into what he is today. An artist that pays … Continue reading Premium Mike – Hiatus [EP]

Perico Papi – Planet Papi 2

My Guy Perico Papi is a rising artist Born in Cuba, but currently residing in the Florida area. He recently just released "Planet Papi 2" which is the follow up to his first project "Planet Papi". He sauced on this project, LITERALLY. He's been on the music grind since a teenager but these last couple … Continue reading Perico Papi – Planet Papi 2

New Music & To Listen To? Here is "InTheSauceWeTrust" Playlist on Spotify!

What's going on folks. I know in this day & age finding new music and new artists to listen to can be very hard. Saturation on social media, streaming platforms etc.. is at an all time high! Exact reason why I created my own Spotify playlist. It's a lot of new artists doing their thing … Continue reading New Music & To Listen To? Here is "InTheSauceWeTrust" Playlist on Spotify!

Pop Smoke x Lil Tjay – WAR

The Homie Pop Smoke linked up with Lil Tjay for this banger! The homie Pop Smoke been doing his thing all year. Welcome To The Party was just the beginning. Something tell me Pop gonna make other artists better. This jawn was crazy. I first heard the snippet & was like I need this. I … Continue reading Pop Smoke x Lil Tjay – WAR