Sauce The Future Mogul... I've been an entrepreneur since I was 15 while in & out of the streets but music saved me in a way. The sauce ain't nothing to play with! I started off doing marketing & been doing it for 10 years. Of course it was only right to finally LLC my marketing skills lol. It made sense. I created my own platform eventually in 2019 (almost 3 years ago) because it's a long story lol. A digital media platform is something I always wanted & I love writing. I have so many stories to tell but have to help so many people tell theirs. I've been doing my due diligence Sauce Networks Is My Digital Marketing & Management Agency. Consulting & PR - Social media marketing - Content Creation - Social Media Promotion - Growth hacking Artist Development - Music Marketing - Google Ad Campaigns & More As Innovation brings us new sauce! Increase Visibility + Outreach using my creative marketing strategies & my platforms Here’s my music business stats. Atleast, the ones I can remember 👽: 1. Got to A&R 100+ recording sessions/camps with multiple artistes, producers & songwriters. 2. Charted On Apple Music Albums. 3. 5 TikTok Campaigns. & maybe some more lol , My past campaign results Of September 2022 ⚡️9,000,000+ views on YouTube ⚡️6,000,000+ streams on Spotify; 550+ playlist adds ⚡️4,000,000+ streams on Apple Music; 150+ playlist adds ⚡️20,000+ albums sold; $15,000+ in sales COLLECTIVELY 1. I have 10+ years of doing marketing, social media marketing & development marketing & for over 100+ emerging artists, clothing lines & more! Assisted on music campaigns for some well known some now signed artists. 2. I have 7+ years of being a Editor / writer for music publications (e.g., According2Hiphop, True Magaznie, Bluntiq, OnTheSceneNY, HipHopIndieMusic, NewFireMusic.Net & 1stDayFresh, DailyDose, 247HH, BLUNTIQ, Hype Magazine, True Magazine & others) SauceFromVeliTV is a Multimedia platform for creatives! Its an uprising platform for Independent/buzzing artists, new brands + creatives to get their albums, videos, and singles, products & more to be viewed by 250,000+ fans directly (2,000,000+ indirectly) across our digital media platforms! Exclusive album reviews, interviews & more! Dedicated to being a pillar of support to the rising musicians + creators that all share a similar passion for music & the business. Introducing emerging artists to the right audience & helping them develop a listener base Helped & worked with artists in overseas + with my blog network + with helping media get to clients festivals & more.. Making History & Adding Sauce!
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B. Austin – Nightmare EP

B. Austin is a rising star in the world of music, known for his unique style. He recently released a EP titled “Nightmare” which is 4 tracks showing how his music is both powerful and poignant, with lyrics that explore the his experience and touch the hearts of his listeners. B. Austin grew up with…

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Unveiling “Pure Soul”: Finesse Juvie’s Suffolk Soundtrack of Life

Introduction: In the realm of music, there’s a unique ability to capture the essence of life’s rollercoaster of emotions, and few artists have mastered this art quite like Suffolk, Virginia’s very own Finesse Juvie. With his latest release, “Pure Soul,” this up-and-coming artist takes us on a journey through life’s troubles and triumphs. Finesse Juvie’s…

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Pr3ssur3 Harris: Keeping the Essence of Rap Culture and Bars Alive In Latest Visuals “The Coldest Coast”

Pr3ssur3 Harris takes us back to the Golden Era with his new single “The Coldest Coast”. Produced by Sypooda, “The Coldest Coast” symbolizes a sound that became prevalent in the east coast during the 90s. A sound that has since re-emerge and is being embraced due to its authenticity and pristine taste. It’s refreshing to…

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A Pressure King Slizzy – If I (Official Video)

New Sauce Alert! Emerging artist A Pressure coming all the way from Paterson, New Jersey. He dropped off the visuals to “If I” not too long ago which is off his latest project “King Slizzy 2”. A Pressure definitely got one with this. Not only was speaking sauce talk but the way he flowed with…

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Drizzy Juliano – I’m Back (Blockworktv Performance)

You know what it is! Sauce talking about that sauce regular! The ermerging artist & homie Drizzy Juliano just jumped back in his bag! We’ve always said Drizzy Juliano is really one of the best to do this music stuff & wemjust love when he drop. This joint right here was just a message letting you…

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Cruch Calhoun – JOJO FLOW [Official Video]

New Sauce Alert! The New Jersey artist Cruch Calhoun recently released his visuals for “JoJo Flow” & It’s definitely A BANGER FOR THE STREETS!. Pure sauce as always when the homie Cruch drops. Cruch Calhoun is keeping the real alive with his music & it’s so much needed in today’s society! The deluxe is even…

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Big Moose 280 – Cry Me A River | 🎥 by @UpstateGroove

Sauce Alert! This energy right here, I’M LOVING IT!. The homie Big Moose is back home as you can see he not missing a beat! Back home like he supposed to be & letting the people know how he coming! Big cousin just doing what he do & that’s straight smash everything! Emerging New Jersey…

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