New Sauce Alert! Junkie Dave just dropped off his latest single “Now What?” & we definitely rocking with this. He ate this track up with no effort. Junkie Dave is a rapper/singer from Lower Eastern Shore, Maryland. Some hip hop artists that left an impact on him are Biggie, Pac, Big Pun, Big L, Method Man, Joe Budden, and Eminem. His favorite R&B group is Dru Hill, and their second album Enter the Dru was the album where he fell in love with music. Other groups like 112, Black Street and Boyz II Men were also in heavy rotation back in the day. At the age of 16, he began freestyling which quickly led to a competition where he would write a verse and spit the next day. At the age of 18 rapping led him to singing, and he became part of an R&B group called Obvious. They opened up for artists like D Block, Loon, Mr. Cheeks, and performed at venues like the Apollo Theatre, Wicomico Civic Center, Delmar Convention Center, several clubs and local festivals. So as you can see, he is no stranger to music & some might say, this was destined to happen.

They didn’t advance at the Apollo, but this lady sent her daughter on stage to give the group her business card, and they couldn’t leave for 45 minutes, because people were asking for pics and autographs. Something definitely came out of nothing. After the passing of his best friend/brother Tyler Polk, he quit doing music for a while. Ended up giving his life to God & did a mixtape called #TestimonyMusic which was released on DatPiff under the name David Jr 50:20. After falling from the church, he started Engineering in a trap house, & slowly became part of a group called Well Dressed Junkies. “The black sheep wherever I go, I embraced the concept of things being different on the inside from what appears on the outside & started calling myself Junkie Dave.” he said.

He released his first single titled “Off Of My Chest” in 2019 to remind people of his start in hip hop, and to introduce himself to you. He don’t make the kind of music that you play in the club. He makes conversation music which we don’t get very much of nowadays. The first line of “Off of My Chest” says, “Can we talk for a minute? I just wanna speak my mind and get this off of it.” His newest single “Now What?” he’s talking about the struggles and adversity that he’s faced, and what’s been going on in his life, ” but am I gonna let any of that stop me? No. So, the question is… Now What?” Make sure you tune into what Dave’s got going on. His music is sort of therapeutic because he’s making music about life. What we go through & how we go through it. We need more of this! The beat definitely made me a fan of the song but he did what he had to do on this. We love an artist with a story. Check him out!

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