New Sauce Alert! Emerging artist Ao Da Billy really been one of my favorite spitters for like a year now. Ao Da Billy just dropped his visual performance “FEEL ME” show you that sauce heavy every time. Coming all the way Brooklyn, East New York & been rapping since 2002-2003 He dropped tape called FactRapAO 2 years ago & SOLD it through cash app. I found out about him almost around that time & his bar game heavy. I love real. He real as it gets. That talk give you the ugly face sometimes.

Just wish he was more consistent musically because he would be stepping on a lot of necks. Still don’t mean nothing though, when he’s not dropping music he’s dropping freestyles on social media & I ALWAYS CLICK. One of my go to artists when I wanna hear some realness. From the moment the beat drops, you know that you’re in for something special. When AO get in his bag, he been in the zone!

“FEEL ME” is a just him acting up that speaks to the struggle and hustle that is a part of life in Brooklyn . With lyrics that are both personal and universal, the track is a reminder that hard work and determination can pay off, no matter where you come from. Overall, A gritty beat is all he needs to go stupid. Fans can stay tuned for more from Brooklyn’s emerging artist AO Da Billy is still one of them & when he come out his shell, he always let it be known! He chewed this one! Tune in!

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