New Sauce Alert! The New Jersey artist Cruch Calhoun recently released his visuals for “Prayers Up” & It’s definitely one of those joints for the soul!. Pure sauce as always when the homie Cruch drops. Cruch Calhoun is keeping the real alive with his music & it’s so much needed in today’s society! The deluxe is even crazier but that’s another article. This project has nothing but timeless songs & this joint is one of them! Had me thinking about my own life as he was dropping real bars back 2 back on this. He so smooth when he talk. If you’re the type to value true bars, real life, this for you. He’s just completely honest on his records, sometimes even ruthlessly so — his message in his music has been the same for awhile now, GROWTH. This joint was no different. His new album “Once In A Blue Moon” is a straight up classic! Just marked by growth in both an artistic and personal sense, a 5 track endeavor that touches on life!

Only a certain few can feel this type of music & it’s understandable. This been on repeat since it dropped. This one of them songs that you can bump EVERYWHERE! He making Jersey look good. Each body of work getting better & better. His project replay value is crazy as all his music. I can listen to him rap about life all day. His latest album “Once In A Blue Moon” is still bumping through the speakers to this day. If you ever feeling the motions, you can always turn his music on for a sense of not only peace but clarity. The hook complemented him as he complemented this beat, everything was on point with this one. This the type of music we love over here. He’s giving nothing but game in his music. If You haven’t tuned into the project, we suggest you do. This one of our favorites. Soul Music! Straight sauce right here! Tune In!

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