You know what it is! Sauce talking about that sauce regular! The ermerging artist & homie Drizzy Juliano just jumped back in his bag! We’ve always said Drizzy Juliano is really one of the best to do this music stuff & wemjust love when he drop. This joint right here was just a message letting you know who he back & music is still in his hear! The New York artist just released his latest visual “I’m Back” & THIS WHAT BROOKLYN SOUND LIKE! Drizzy still moving like he got something to prove now. He took a step back after giving us numerous bangers from drill, trap & more! That energy & along with the bars is always on point. One of the very few artists that can actually rap on any beat but his flow is just nasty. His music is really a description of him. He’s all about his family, his money & his music. This joint he was just giving us that real sauce. This man is too underrated at this point! He can gave us these type of joints at any given moment & you FEEL EVERY WORD.

Always putting that pain & sauce talk in his music. Drizzy Juliano cadence & attitude be everything in his songs. What sets Drizzy Juliano apart is his unwavering commitment to representing the true essence of rap culture. In an industry that can sometimes be overshadowed by superficial trends, he stays true to the roots of hip-hop, infusing his lyrics with substance and storytelling. Drizzy Juliano captures the resilience and determination that define the rap culture, emphasizing the importance of staying grounded while striving for greatness. He straight sauced on this! He was smashing alot of drill beats but now he back telling stories & dropping that mood music. He talking to you on this. Every joint he drop, he really spit that sauce. NOTHING BUT PRESSURE! He doing what he want & it’s a must we speak on it. That talk different. Tune in!

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