New Sauce Alert!! In the vast realm of music, where artists strive to make their voices heard and their stories told, there are those who manage to rise above the noise and captivate audiences with their unique perspectives. One such artist is $hymoney, a talented and passionate female artist who hails from the suburbs of Long Island, NY, specifically Bellport. With her authentic style and heartfelt lyrics, $hymoney has quickly made a name for herself in the music industry.

Growing up in Long Island, $hymoney always felt like the black sheep of her family. However, she found solace and a means of expression through writing her thoughts over a beat. This creative outlet soon became her therapy, enabling her to convey her emotions without explicitly stating them. Writing became her medium to navigate the complexities of life and connect with others who shared similar experiences.

Seven months ago, $hymoney took a significant leap forward in her musical journey when she recorded her first song, “Bussdown,” which she released on SoundCloud. Since then, she has been tirelessly honing her craft, dedicating herself to her music. Despite being relatively new to the scene, $hymoney has already made impressive strides in her career. She has had the opportunity to perform at six shows and has recorded nearly nine records. This early success serves as a testament to her talent and the dedication she brings to her artistry.


  • Major Record Label Showcase : NY March ‘23 kickstarted my career met SoDrewski & DJ Will Styles
  • Daze Summit NY x Gabe P from on the Radar : April ‘23 met Gabe P & Nathanial the Great
  • 1st Annual Premium Feast : with ItsBizkitt, Rah Swish, King Of Long Island (Valentino) , & Stunna Dior at premium lounge copiague

Another standout track in $hymoney’s repertoire is “Bang Bang,” a collaboration with artist Drew.Fendii. This song holds a particular significance to $hymoney as it sheds light on her roots and the love and recognition that Long Island deserves but often goes unnoticed. Through her music, $hymoney aims to represent her hometown and showcase the talent that resides within it.

What sets $hymoney apart as an artist is not only her raw talent but also the network of individuals who believe in her and support her journey. She has been fortunate enough to meet and collaborate with the right people who have recognized her potential and are invested in her growth. Her close friends often accompany her to shows and studio sessions, acting as pillars of support and motivation.

Moving forward, $hymoney is poised to continue her ascent in the music industry. With her unwavering dedication and authentic approach to storytelling, she is sure to make a lasting impact on the music scene. As she elevates herself, she also aims to shine a spotlight on her beloved Long Island and its thriving artistic community.


  • Reviewed by Tay Kelley, David Mullins from Royalty Respect Management, & Scott Morris head of QC DJ’s & runs Mors Booking Agency
  • Epxc weekend August 4th-6th fashion show, concert, content creator take over sponsored by power 105.1 performances by myself on ladies night the 4th Murda B, & Prince Raheem
  • Great Day Fest : August 19th Brighton Park Atlantic City, NJ sponsored by dirty politics, Artist playground, fonz television & more live performances, skate boarding, vendors, live art, games etc. special performance by Remy Boy Monty.
  • Girlfriend” Music Video dropping Mid August

$hymoney’s journey is an inspiring testament to the power of self-expression and the strength found in embracing one’s unique voice. As she continues to create music that resonates with her listeners, her authenticity and relatability will undoubtedly pave the way for her success. Keep an eye out for this rising star, as $hymoney is destined to leave a mark on the music scene.

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