“Fritz Carlton” is Houston’s most promising upcoming act KAM-ALYN’s latest offering. The 12-track project detailing KAM-ALYN’s lifestyle uses southern flair, elements of NYC-style production, and West Coast bounce. With tracks like “Mint Condition” KAM-ALYN remains focused, knowing he’s destined for a greater purpose. He’s on his grind. And no one is stopping him. “Selling Lows,” “Addmit,” and “More Love 4 Me” take a slower approach compared to KAM-ALYN’s gritty mic presence on previous songs, but this is where he shines best. His signature melodic, rapper-singer flow feels both calming and cooling, reminding us to cut distractions, remember our purpose, and know how to move in the face of adversity.  

“Step Outside” is the second music video for KAM-ALYN’s world “Fritz Carlton.” With KAM-ALYN’s creative mind behind the entire video ideation and creation process, “Step Outside” has generated 400 views in just under 2 weeks, all independently. The song details KAM-ALYN not only persuading himself, but his audience as well to disconnect from social media and reconnect with nature. He kindly reminds us that life exists beyond our 6-inch phone screens and we should take a second to enjoy the outside world. Go to a park. Read a book. Meet someone new. Have an irl conversation. Just step outside. 

Stream “Fritz Carlton” and its accompanying music video for ‘Step Outside’ available everywhere you get your music!

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