New Sauce Alert!! Hailing from small town Covington, Georgia, Victor Rashad is making waves in the music industry as the “Vlogging Rapper”. With his latest release, “Future Of Black Lives”, Victor showcases real hip hop intellect and culture representation.

Victor always had a passion for music. His music is a mix of traditional hip hop and modern trap beats, with lyrics that address important social issues. He’s not afraid to tackle topics like police brutality, racism, and inequality. In “Future Of Black Lives”, Victor raps about the struggle for justice and equality for Black people in America, and the hope for a better future.

But Victor’s music isn’t just about politics and social issues. He also raps about his personal experiences and struggles, from growing up in a small town to dealing with life tribulations. His music is relatable and raw, and his lyrics are both powerful and poetic.

What sets Victor apart from other rappers is his dedication to culture representation. He’s proud of his Southern roots and often incorporates elements of his hometown into his music and videos. He’s also an advocate for Black art and culture, and he uses his platform to promote other Black artists and creators.

Victor Rashad, the “Vlogging Rapper”, is a rising star in the music industry. He’s making a name for himself using his experiences to inspire and empower others.cHis latest release, “Future Of Black Lives”, is a must-listen as his whole catalog for anyone who cares about quality art. Tune in!

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