New sauce alert!! Emerging artist Hank Dollaz is on his way! A dope melodic trap artist from New York who has been paving a way in the music industry for some time now. His unique style of blending melodic hooks with hard-hitting trap/drill beats has gained him a following, and his latest release “Angelica Freestyle” has fans excited for his upcoming project “Extra 3.”

“Angelica Freestyle” showcases Dollaz’s skills as a rapper. The track features clever lyrics & metaphors that rides the beat perfectly. Dollaz’s flow is smooth and effortless, and he delivers his bars with confidence.

“Extra 3” is Dollaz’s latest project, and it seems to be generating a lot of buzz among his fans. The project promises to be a continuation of Dollaz’s signature sound. Dollaz’s rise to fame has been a long time coming. He has been honing his craft for years, and his hard work is paying off. He has gained a following of loyal fans (SG’s) who appreciate his unique style and his ability to blend different genres of music.

Overall, Hank Dollaz is an artist to watch in the Melodic Trap genre. His latest release “Angelica Freestyle” adds on to his catalog of sauce already, and his upcoming project “Extra 3” promises to be a hit among his fans. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Hank Dollaz’s music and see what all the buzz is about

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