New Sauce Alert! S.M.N Tyrique finally dropped what we been waiting on. Hailing from East Stroudsburg, PA, this up-and-coming hip hop artist has been making waves with his latest release, “Me & Myself.” The visuals & track is off his “Throat Chakra” EP that dropped in 2022. This joint combine club and drill showcasing Tyrique’s versatility as an artist.

The sample is Brittany Spears “Me, Myself & I” if you don’t know! The beat for “Me & Myself” is a perfect blend of club and drill music. The bass is heavy, with a driving kick drum that will make you want to move. Tyrique’s flow is aggressive and effortless, with clever wordplay and metaphors that shows his sauce

His ability to combine different styles and sounds into his music. He’s not content to stick to one genre or style – instead, he’s constantly experimenting and pushing the boundaries of what hip hop can be.

This juxtaposition of different images and sounds is what makes Tyrique’s music so compelling. He’s not afraid to take risks and try new things. Yeah, some artists are doing it but it don’t sound like this! He snapped on this! One of our favorites from him.

You need to check out S.M.N Tyrique‘s latest banger, “Me & Myself.” With his unique sound and style, he’s definitely an artist to watch right now. He caught a body with this one! The visuals was on point. Tune in!

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