That Sauce right here! A Pressure is one of the nicest underrated artists not getting his credit right now & it’s been that way for a little while now. He released visuals to his joint “Stand On Business” not too long ago which is out on all platforms right now. A Pressure is a rising independent artist who’s been into music since the age of 7. His father gave him the art. A Pressure’s music is a reflection of his life and the struggles he’s faced. He grew up in Paterson, New Jersey, a city known for its poverty, crime, and violence. Despite the challenges he faced, A Pressure remained determined to pursue his passion for music. If you run through his catalog you won’t be disappointed at all. He’s been on the sauce watch list. He be talking his talk.

Most might not understand but he was talking business! His versatility with his music is just crazy. From business to talking heavy, he can switch it up effortlessly. He may not get too much attention but he’s up there with some of the top guys that’s on the scene now. He actually has a message in his music even though he speaks on actual events from his life.

A Pressure He’s just been happy to be free & as you can see he’s using this time to establish a name for his self musically. In “Stand on Business,” A Pressure talks about the importance of working hard and being self-reliant. He knows that success doesn’t come easy, and he’s willing to put in the work to achieve his goals. He also talks about the importance of overcoming obstacles and not letting negativity or the suckas hold you back.. We need more artists like him in the music game. We not with the politics. You know we got that sauce here! Make sure you’re tuned in with him on social media (@Apressure185). Tune in.