New sauce alert! Grxnd Mxrquis, a rising artist from Virginia Beach, VA, has recently dropped his latest four track EP titled “Quis”. Currently residing in Northern KY for the past 5 years, Grxnd Mxrquis has been rapping seriously for a little over two years now. With his unique style and flow, he’s been dropping some nice solid tracks.

The EP “Quis” is a perfect example of Grxnd Mxrquis’ ability to deliver quality and high-energy tracks with a smooth flow. The EP opens with “Believe It Or Not”, a track that showcases his lyrical prowess and ability to switch up his flow. The second track, “ODB”, packs a punch with its catchy hook and relatable lyrics.

“Hot Potato” is the third track on the EP and has a more introspective feel to it. Grxnd Mxrquis opens up about his struggles and the pressures of pursuing his dreams while dealing with trials. It’s a track that adds a layer of depth to the EP.

Mxrquis has already begun getting his feet wet outside of dropping quality music, performing at various showcases in Cincinnati and Dayton, OH. With this project, he leaves the listener wanting more. Overall, “Quis” is a solid EP that showcases Grxnd Mxrquis’ growth & development as an artist.

It’s clear that he’s put in the work and is ready to take his career to the next level. With his sauce it’s only a matter of time before he catch fire. Be sure to check out “Quis” and keep an eye out for Grxnd Mxrquis in the future.

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