Lester Sanchez Releases His Latest Single “Sand Falling”.

Lester Sanchez is a singer/songwriter and guitarist born in Puerto Rico and raised by a single mother in Texas. He moved to Florida and his music reflects his life experiences being raised by a strong female figure and the depth of those experiences. His songs are honest, beautiful, emotional, and relatable. He recently dropped off his new single “Sand Falling” & he was showing off his sauce. A soothing voice, & you can hear the passion in him but also his music. A heartfelt & honest song from the perspective of the person close to the heart. Even though it’s my first time hearing Lester, we over here did our due diligence by digging in his catalog & he’s been dropping heat. He making a statement early that he’s not with all the clout chasing & gimmicks. He just focused on the craft nothing more, nothing less. He even has his own podcast.

After putting out multiple songs in in 2022, “Dear Mary Jane” & following up with “It’s OK Both song showing his development, voice & storytelling with each joint. He’s said to have a bunch of music in the stash but he’s focused on bringing attention to his music getting into blogs, doing podcasts, appearances, and music videos this year. So, expect to see & hear more from him soon. Speaking on podcasts, he has his own podcast where he speaks on the creative lifestyle, but also real life issues & more! Make sure you take a listen. Straight sauce right here!

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