Before you can market yourself as an artist you must determine who you are and what you represent as an artist. We have all heard about the illusive “IT” factor. It’s when an artist has the “holy” gift of stage presence, look, feel, personal charisma, and ability to “fit in” no matter the situation. It’s what record labels, managers, and agents look for in artist before signing them to multimillion dollar deals, well, before the collapse of the music industry…. anyway… Some think you are born with the “IT” factor, others think it’s total crap, and then there are those of us who know that the “IT” factor is a combination of natural talent, hard work, and artist development training. 

Natural talent is not something you can learn or force an artist to acquire. It is the God given talent we all possess in one form or another. An artist either has talent or they don’t. Too many individuals or record label CEOs believe that a person with a good look, good heart, and strong desire to be in the music industry can be trained to have the talent needed to succeed. It simply is not true. Yes, a singer that really isn’t the best singer can succeed if they have the talent to dance or entertain a crowd. Their talent is in performance not singing. We see this to be true in many pop stars careers, but they at least have the talent to entertain a large crowd. That is there natural talent. People do not go to a Britney Spears show to listen to her sing, they go to see the show, and it sells out every single time! But even Britney has gone through massive artist development to ensure her show is the best in the industry.