Sauce Alert!! This energy right here, I’M LOVING IT!. The homie OT9 Beno ending the year in that mode. He been putting in work the entire 2022 dropping nothing but knockers & heat seekers! Emerging artist OT9Beno recently released his latest single “8.0” & you know he always come with it. Making hot music is something he’s very good at. Almost every joint you get from him, is either some real or a banger. This had to hit the blog. Too much energy came with one. Some of this is off a freestyle. Beno been having that energy with the sauce all year. He’s someone you can’t get tired of. I was just waiting for the visuals. OT9 Beno elevation, grind & work ethic keeps getting better. He always working or cooking up something new.

He stepped his music all the way up since he first came in the game. Beno is keeping the party lit at all times with his music. Beno is really an artist to watch as his music keeps getting better. Him & Gino really gave us some good music this year as a duo. OT9 Beno gave us nothing but fire visuals & new music every time we turned around. It’s definitely looking up for him 2023 as he got a few more bangers in the tuck. Beno coming strong every time & that’s why he really one of my favorites. The visuals was on point but Beno made this a movie as always! Look forward to seeing more of him next year! His break out year is coming! 8.0 let you know he in that mode and its no games being played. You know what side it is! Tune in!

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