L/R Jeff Johnson II, CashusKing

For Leimert Park emcee CashusKing, 2022 has been a year of reflection and rediscovery as he’s grappled with the bitter pill of success and personal loss. With Jeff Johnson II, who serves as Cashus’ manager, 2022 represents his return to emceeing after a series of personal challenges.

Their newest project, Poetry in Motion, billed by Cashus’s manager as a “mega blend”, adds another chapter to their collective body of work and provides perspective in these times. 

PIM, which is eleven minutes long, concisely covers a range of material and allows the duo the proper space they need to talk about this year and the years to come. For longtime fans of the duo, familiar producer Cinematagraffiti handles the production and preserves the project’s sound. 



  1. Intro: 0:00-0:42
  2. PIM Pt 1: 0:43-1:49
  3. PIM Pt 2: 1:50-2:53
  4. Lost Innocence: 2:54-3:38
  5. Nick Lachey: 3:39-4:20
  6. Live from the Basement: 4:21-5:03
  7. X Mas Holiday: 5:04- 5:49
  8. Christopher Mims: 5:50- 7:17
  9. Minute Maid: 7:18-8:15
  10. Troubles of the World feat Jeff Johnson II: 8:16-9:00
  11. G.E.D. W.E.B. DuBois: 9:01-9:41
  12. Fate’s Counterpart: 9:42-10:29
  13. Transcendental Club: 10:30-11:18
  14. Broken Word: 11:19-11:47


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