New Sauce Alert! Rising artist Premium Mike coming straight from Brooklyn, New York recently released a solid EP “Hiatus” on all platforms & this project was sincerely tough. In terms of rapping, he’s been writing since 2018, but it took him some time to progress into what he is today. An artist that pays attention to the growth of the art & the craft that comes with making music. His latest EP “Hiatus” was good from beginning to end. The production was fire but he kept it heavy with the bars. Premium Mike new project is definitely something to tap into. Versatility is the most important aspect because it shows the ability to be flexible with the creative process. Right now, he’s currently working on building his catalog with good tunes, as to figure out new innovative ways of promotion. How can his sound be pushed around the world is the question he ask his self daily. He making a statement early that he’s not with all the clout chasing & gimmicks. He just focused on the craft and elevation, nothing more, nothing less. This 3 track EP really brings you into his world. Premium Mike is gearing up to release a lot more content around his music and hopes to continue to build his growing fan base.

After putting out 2 projects this year “Before I Leave, Part 1” & “Before I Leave, Part 2” which was some solid pieces of work, he’s been focused focused on bringing attention to his music getting into blogs, doing podcasts, appearances, and music videos this year. Both projects showing his development, bars & storytelling over some fire production & as you can see he gets better every time he drop. This EP is just a loose generalization of what’s going on in his world & around him. His most recent release “HIATUS” is a 3 track project that fits around the themes of heartbreak & triumphing through situations. He wanted to have this release conceptualize that idea so that it can be more relatable to others. The difference between this release and his other projects “Before I leave Part 1&2 along with everything else within his catalog is that he was more so was rapping about anything, & with “HIATUS”, he had a purpose. Each song consistently ties with the themes mentioned above. He was talking that talk, giving you that real hip hop feel. “Nightmares” which is one of the joints on the EP just happens to be my favorite joint from it. That beat fed the soul. He released both projects with little to no promo, just hard work and dedication. Expect to see & hear more from him soon. Make sure you tune in. Straight sauce right here!

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