New Sauce Alert! Rising new artist Chiefy00 coming from New Jersey recently dropped off his latest EP “Self Devised” & the beats on this was too fire! He’s been making music seriously for four years now going on five. He said he started out writing mini rap disses about his teachers back in high school then by the time he graduated, he amassed a knack for poetry. Chiefy00 new project is definitely something to tap into. He making a statement early that he’s not with all the clout chasing & gimmicks. He just focused on the craft and the bag, nothing else. This 4 track EP really brings you into his world as he talking his talk with some soulful beats. Once you listen, you definitely listening again.

He has a nice catalog of music & this only adds to the sauce. His latest “Self Devised is showing off his development, bars, poetry skills, & storytelling through each song.. This EP is just a loose generalization of what’s happening in his life and how he’s got to this point. 4 songs with a chill vibe that you can just wit with & get lost in the sounds. This 4 song project is not only relatable but solid. He talking that talk, & got deep with a few joints. “It’s Not Over” & “Lost In Thought” are 2 of the joints on the EP that I really enjoyed listening to. The production on this was really fire, & I’m definitely gonna be spinning the block on this whenever I get in that mood. His new music is a true shift into my perfect pocket of rap. It’s introspection, self reflective, coarse cut gems from an unheard perspective. His music genre is more of Neo Hip Hop Soul, think Nas and Lauryn Hill, Method Man & MJB. He released some quality music this year with little to no promo, just hard work and determination. He’s said to have a bunch of music in the stash but he’s more focused on bringing attention to his music. So, expect to see & hear more from him soon. Make sure you take a listen. Straight sauce right here! His plan to carve his face on to the Mount Rushmore of rap and reach a pioneer level. He’s definitely on his way!