New Sauce Alert! Rising female artist also known as “Gemini Shizzy” recently dropped off her latest visuals with a performance to her joint “Weirdo”. From her latest project “Gemi Neutron” & don’t take her sauce lightly because she shows why she got the sauce! This song is a straight vibe & it’s too real. Gemini Shizzy coming from Harrisburg, PA where she first started rapping at the age of 9. While most girls dreamed of being princesses. GEMINI knew she was destined for greater things. I’ve been listening to her since her joint “Bipolar” back in 2018 & knew she had some sauce with her. She worked on her craft all while still in high school & recorded her first demo. She later worked at TMG (Tru Musik Group) where she started to gain recognition as an artist. In 2011 she made a transition to Georgia, in order to pursue her career as a performer. She really solidified herself with this one. I can see this project being a classic for me.

After the move to Georgia, she’s just been on the grind heavy & creating straight fire like this right here. Her whole project “Gemi Neutron” showed her versatility as a female artist. She can create some bangers & this one just fire! Her pen game is definitely better than most. This song too underrated because it’s like she was thinking backwards. If you think about everything she’s saying, it just make you like the song even more. Gemini continues to cause an uproar in the female hip hop category with high volume performances, leaving a strong demand for new music & expansion. Gemini Shizzy just keep proving why most female artists can’t hang with her. She raps, & makes music. Gemini is definitely next to emerge & put her foot on these other artists necks. Expect to see her doing more podcasts, appearances, and visuals videos next year. Gemini Shizzy is gearing up to release a lot more content around her music & hopes to continue to build her growing fan base. Make sure you take a listen. She know she got the sauce. You can hear it in her voice. It’s in the playlists. Straight sauce right here! Tune in!

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