New Sauce Alert! Rising new artist Celsius is a Hip hop artist representing Sacramento, California. Not your average artist when it comes to what’s current. With influences from Royce 5’9” to Juicy J with twist of Nipsey & Jay Z, Celsius can definitely be one of them great artist mentioned in Hip hop debates. A true spitter right here. He dropped off his latest single “Get up” not too long ago & he got down on this. As a veteran MC, Celsius is a hidden gem for the culture looking to balance creativity and go against the grain by standing on standing out. Another dope creative that’s not with all the clout chasing & gimmicks. He just focused on the craft and the bag, nothing more, nothing less. With songs such as “Get Up” produced by Legion Beats and “Checkmate” produced by Dj Steez, the message is to elevate, grind, invest and repeat to succeed. Celsius is gearing up to release a lot more content around his music as he brings you into his world & hopes to build his growing fan base. 
Celsius is definitely a breath of fresh air for the culture and should be appreciated in today’s world. His catalog is pretty solid with joints going back to 2017-16 showing his development, bars & storytelling through each song. His music is just a generalization of what’s happening in the world today. Not everything is gold. Some people really got to get it from the muscle. Celsius is also a beat smith. His versatility as an artist is truly amazing. His sauce is just different. He talking that talk, giving you that hip hop feel. “Get Up” is just that joint that’s gonna get you up in your bag doing something. He released a lot of quality joints with little to no promo, just hard work and dedication. He’s said to have a bunch of music in the stash but he’s more focused on bringing attention to his music getting into blogs, doing podcasts, appearances, and music videos this year. So, expect to see & hear more from him soon. We had to touch this, it was only right. Straight sauce right here! Tune in to this.