Bleezy – Live From Sutter (Official Music Video)

New Sauce Alert! Sauce talking about that sauce of course! Bleezy is on different type timing once again!! This joint too real right here & he really give me real hip hop vibes! He just released his latest visual “Live From Sutter” & It’s real as you can get! Bleezy was spitting bars on this one, effortlessly. This joint had to get played back more than a few times. The Brooklyn music scene got some artists to talk about & Bleezy is one of the main ones that’s been holding it down. The nature of the hip-hop sound is struggling to pinpoint what’s the next road out NY but If you ask me, Bleezy already there. This man been dropping sauce all year & he’s only getting better! The way he spits & flips tracks, it shows you he really in his own lane musically. He really influenced the whole NY with his sound whether you believe it or not.

The homie Bleezy D.O.D always deliver that sauce whenever he jumps on somethingHe got the lyrics, the delivery, the authenticity, the pain, & the storyIt’s like, not only has he been putting out some fire material, he’s really catering to his music drops. Bleezy talk that pain talk in his music when he not talking HOT. He straight sauced on this! It’s always a step up with his music every time he drop something new. Every joint he seem to drop gets better & better. Whether it’s drill talk, or that storytelling, Bleezy can DO IT ALL! This joint right here IS WHAT NEW YORK SOUND LIKE! THAT PRESSURE RIGHT HERE! We need more of this from Bleezy. That talk!

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