Zilla – Pint Of Real: The Cover Story Pt. 1 [Documentary]

Sauce Alert! Rising artist Zilla from Williamsport, PA (UPTOP). just dropped a vlog giving us short view of his life story! That sauce right here! After 10 years of being in that jam, Zilla came home & gave us 3 joints back 2 back. It was a must this hit the site because this is what we all about, REAL. “Pint Of Real: The EP” is said to be on the way & he’s just giving us content before it drops. His roots is in West Philadelphia, and he’s been writing music since he was 7. He was a basketball star before all of this. He started taking music more seriouly while he was incarcerated for 10 years. Zilla got the chance to meet Wali Byrd while incarcerated and through his connections was given an opportunity to do more but better. We really can’t wait till the EP drop. Zilla is definitely an artist to tap into! Zilla not with all the clout chasing & gimmicks. He just focused on the craft and shining like a star. The path is never straight & we all have some control. We got to use our minds out here. 

10 years is a long as time behind that wall. Seeing this was dope because we the people got to see the real him & everything he’s fighting for. Dealing with losses & tribulations really helped him become the man he is today.. Too much drill in rap & not enough real. Zilla talking pain & hustle at the same time giving us joints that make us feel good. Zilla got the sauce for this one. Zilla is next to emerge and become one of the top artists in Philadelphia. His story is really dope to see because he could’ve still been doing dumb stuff & we wouldn’t know of him. He realizes the gift he has & wants to share it with the world so he can do great things  We all got people we trying to help better their situation. He spitting bars, giving you that grit of the struggle in his music. “Pint Of Real: The EP” and The Full Documentary dropping this summer! Excited to see him use his freedom to do what he love but see his intentions with his moves now! This should motivate the culture. Make sure you tune in. You either vibe with us or learn from us! 

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