Dave East – 1000 Miles (Official Video)

New Sauce Alert! This joint just proves that Dave East will always be that guy when it comes to real music. I like that he don’t try to fit in with these new guys. He has been floating with the crazy flows for a minute. Dave East recently dropped his visuals for “1000 miles” & he snapped on this. Glad he been in that mixtape East mode! This man never fails. He put me on my grind with along Nip and Dolph. Straight motivation & hustle music. Get ya ass up and do something even if it’s that 9-5! He’s one of those artists that been solid from the beginning. He talking that talk. His latest joint “1000 miles” is is just another joint added to his sauce. The visuals was so dope & original as usual. Dave got the sauce. Had one of the dopest flows in the game for years.

He set the bar high & just keep reaching every chance he get. Dave East never disappoints he’s always getting better and better. He be going in. He really holding the culture down. This was exactly how I thought the video should be. Nothing too much, just you feeling the vibe of the beat with a nice bop. I loved this joint! The way he shows off lyricism in topics he’s precisely molded for. Dave paying tribute to Nipsey in his own way with this video. Go look at racks in middle visual roof scene wit the homies and the cars. Stay holding it down East! Real ones do real things! The Marathon Continues. East just enjoying life, you can feel him through his music. It don’t get more consistent than Dave East. Heat from day 1, today, and tomorrow. You can count on it. Catch it in the playlists as well. He always had the sauce! This crazy!

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