New Sauce Alert! Rising Jersey artist Geedot got some sauce with him. Don’t remember too much how I found this but glad I did. Geedot was talking some of the realest you’ll ever hear on this. Geedot is an emerging artist coming out of Orange, NJ & he dropped off this joint “ILLEST GIRLS FREESTYLE” not too long ago & he caught one on this, Facts! He started taking rap & the whole craft seriously around 2020 & been pushing ever since. He recently dropped the deluxe to his latest mixtape “4TWL” (4 Those Who Listen) & his project is definitely something to tap into. He got creative with this one in a good way but still came with pressure. I loved how the video was him in a therapy session. That’s too real right there. He just focused on the craft and the bag. Geedot is gearing up to release a lot more content around his music and hopes to continue to build his growing audience.

After finding him on Instagram, it was a must we run through his catalog. He really fire! “4TWL” shows his development, bars & storytelling ability through each song. The project is just a loose generalization of what’s happening in the trenches. With both of us coming from Jersey, I can understand a lot of what he saying! He talking that talk, & you feel it. This joint “ILLEST GIRLS FREESTYLE” one of my favorite new songs out right now. Speaking on real hardships & struggles of just growing up in a wild environment. He released both projects with little to no promo, just hard work. He’s planning on dropping a new single “Gelato” very soon as he is focused on bringing attention to his music as well. So, expect to see & hear more from him. “Maybe A EP with a few songs. Don’t know yet, he said”Tune in! From the trenches with it! That Talk Different!

Drop some sauce

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