LeflossMarv – WIN (Official Music Video)

New Sauce Alert! Emerging artist Lefloss Marv just released his latest audio & visuals to his track “WIN” on all platforms. You know now I had to talk about it. Lefloss Marv been stepping his sauce up with each release but he definitely showed it in this! The Haitian American rapper coming from (Canarsie)Brooklyn, NY AKA The Flossy as we know. He still fresh, only been rapping for a few years now & just been grinding giving us vibes & that talk. This charismatic rapper managed to combine stunning melodies with bars and good beats in order to create a catchy joint like this, AGAIN. His joint “Dropping tHe wHa?” addressing disrespect to people dropping other sets, or disrespecting other people’s countries was fire & still bang to this day. He knows how to create good music. Lefloss Marv is a great example of solid work ethic with sonic vision, marking a really unique step forward for him. His sound is becoming increasingly more define, one release at a time.

This is a song anyone can relate too! Everybody out here got people hoping they don’t win. He was delivering nothing but sauce from the dance moves to everything he was speaking on. It’s full of energy makes & don’t let me get started with the females. The visuals for this had me locked in. “Win” is one of those joints you throw on when you get in that “nobody can f*ck with you” mood. He spreading a message. Win regardless! He was giving you witty lines and sauce at the same time. Lefloss Marv is next to go up and is consistent with the sauce. Lefloss hopes to continue to build his growing audience as he drops more content. The culture needs more of this type of realness. Only a certain few can feel this type of music & it’s understandable. Definitely will keep you updated with his moves. You gonna listen to this & like it more each time you listen. It’s in the blog’s playlist. Tune In! Straight sauce right here!

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