Ultra_eko merges Balearic beats with a lyrical rap on “A Disconnect, Part One”

In his latest video Ultra_eko delivers an interesting blend and emotional cadence to the way that the song swings back and forth. The Croydon artist delivers a mix of optimism and defiance within the lyricism and his also delivery shares this ability to find a balance between the two competing feelings. This tension helps to define the track, to give it a greater sense of meaning.

Taking inspiration from Tyler, The Creator he keeps things unexpected by featuring some unusual twists and turns, purposefully disorientating listener expectations. The song’s buildup brings to mind the svelte electronic stylings of Flying Lotus, and the house elements bring to mind some of Kerri Chandler’s work, for it has that same sense of timelessness. Yet, for all these touchstones, Ultra_eko manages to sculpt his unique approach.

Look out for this on the forthcoming album ‘On Trial, Part Two’ out on June 3 2022.

Listen to Ultra Eko’s music here

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