King Lil Jay – “First Day Clout” | Shot By @aSoloVision

New Sauce Alert! CLOUT LORD IS BACK!!!!! The Chicago artist is back like he never left! back like. Clout Lord aka Lil Jay 00 just released his first visual since he touched “First Day Clout” & THAT SAUCE STILL THERE! If you don’t know King Lil Jay, let me put you on. He been doing his thing for years musically. He was literally one of the very few on his side keeping the flame alive until FBG Duck stepped up. Lil Jay has over 75,000.000+ views across YouTube & literally got catalogs of bangers that just bring back nothing but memories. Lil Jay has always delivered heat. Real talent is never lost. HE CREATED THE WORD CLOUT. It was him who started that trend & you see how it took over the world. You can tell he adapted to the new generation of rapping and still got his own flow. He made a statement with this one! He back & better ready to step on necks like he always did without gimmicks. 

After 7+ years of that jam, Lil jay has hit the ground running to get back where he once was but beyond. He still got the dance on lock that Drake stole too lol. He created a lot of trends that really popping today but never got his credit. Some people really got to get it from the muscle. Lil Jay is next to emerge and ready to deliver that sauce like he always did. Crazy, how he hasn’t been in the studio in 7 years & he come out sounding better than ever before. Hip hop is definitely gonna be a little more fun but heavy because Lil jay ALWAYS talking HOT. He can diss whoever because, he already stamped. This is exactly the kind of song and energy he needed to come with. He was on fire before he went to jail. Lil Jay spoke on everything that’s been happening too! He’s going to take over you can feel his energy through his music, he been patiently waiting. THE ORIGINAL CLOUT IS BACK! You know the sauce had to get it here! I been listening to him since a kid so he’s like a legend in my eyes. That sauce right here!

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