Jackboy Marley let’s listeners in to his most deepest, darkest thoughts with new track, “Let Us Prey” — 1 out of the 10 tracks off his highly anticipated EP, Jackal Pt. 2: The Ouroboros Effect.

The Texas based lyricist uses his personal experiences, inspired by his tough upbringing in the city of Fort Worth (aka Murda Worth). His words transpire in a melodic form to express how he’s become due to certain hardships endured throughout his journey. The song is paired with a cryptic video that was released last month that expresses an “aggressive,melodic representation of the nuclear family breakdown;a testament of failed relationships and the pitfalls of maintaining principles as a man when dealing with street-oriented situations.” This track is the ultimate vibe in nature, serving as a soundbed for Marley’s harmonic and melodic vocals that are just as poetic as they are blistering in content.

Jackboy Marley, representing the city of Fort Worth (aka Murda Worth) , has been using his music to express himself and his experiences by sharing personal stories, and considers music to be ”a foundation for mental, emotional, and spiritual exploration.” To Jackboy, a strong foundation is vital to his personal growth as the man he’s becoming.

You can always expect his new projects to be better than his last as he always strives for longevity in this industry. The rapper states, “My catalog and consistent body of work. I prefer it
create for longevity. I want to already be recognized as experimental, mystical and creative in nature so that I may have room to consistently represent growth in my music.” Jackboy Marley’s growth as an artist has been constantly evolving, driven by life itself.

Be sure to not miss the release of his first project of 2022. The 10- track EP, Jackal Pt 2: The Ouroboros Effect is set to drop on April 29! In the meantime, fans can watch and listen to “Let Us Prey” right here!

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