Fivio Foreign – For Nothin (Official Video)

Aww man! The homie Fivio Foreign really out here saucing like crazy & to see him at this point is truly amazing! The Big Woo aka Mr. Big Drip Fivio Foreign just released the visuals for his new joint “For Nothin” which is off his latest album “B.I.B.L.E” & it’s fire! He’s been in his bag & I’m loving it because he really holding down the streets but giving us good music. The album is phenomenal & he might have a classic on his hands early. His music getting better & better! The album is INSANELY good for Fivio Foreign. He did his thing with everything on this from concept to visuals! Fivio deserves a lot more respect than given! To watch his growth from the beginning is amazing. This man came from the bottom. He always had the sauce we told him when he dropped “Noahs Ark” with Sosa Geek & Gino in 2019. Ever since “Off The Grid” Fivio just been SNAPPIN, not just on features but his own songs.

He damn near body everything. Fivio is definitely going to the next level after this album. Everything he’s dropped since getting out that lately has been fire! He sauced on this. It’s been awhile since artists came out like Fivio. This one just hit different, real emotion along with the hype, but this is the ALBUM!. Fivio one of the hottest ones out of New York & he deserve it. He going straight to the top! One of my favorite artists out right now & he been saucing since he touched. 2022 gonna be crazy for him. That sauce right here Let’s take the moment to appreciate how much effort he puts into his content for us! He Becoming A GOAT!

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