Sauce Alert! Please don’t be mad at me but this should’ve been touched the site. I been listening to this project almost everyday since it came out. The homie MoeMoney made a classic right here! Definitely one for the books. Brooklyn’s very own MoeMoney, otherwise known as MoeMoney TheGoat released one of the hardest albums on the indie scene to date. Released at the top of the year, you know I took my time & almost forgot as I just enjoyed this project. MoeMoney has had a passion for rapping since his early childhood days. At the young age of 8 years old, the East New York/Brownsville bred artist was shocking everyone around him with lyrics that were way ahead of his time. By 12 years old he was already in the studio recording songs over whatever beats were thrown his way.
Unbeknownst to the masses, the young MC was dealing with the pain, anger, and agony that came with growing up in foster care apart from his siblings & parents. These factors combined led to the dark path that MoeMoney soon found himself on, involving alcohol, drugs, guns, rival gang members, multiple incarcerations, and even nearly being gunned down by the police.

Fast forward a few years after his final release from prison, the parole system, and other barriers he faced in 2018, MoeMoney has recently released undoubtedly one of the greatest bodies of work that has come out of his generation. The album, titled “The Hood Bible” is a true masterpiece from beginning to end. I couldn’t review this in a time frame. Each week I had a new favorite song. Just one of the many things MoeMoney has in store for 2022. Taking his talents to the big screen, you can catch him as one of the leading cast members in the upcoming film “A City On Fire”. Rumor has it that the film’s soundtrack will include some more new music from the young MC. We can also expect a ton of visuals off “The Hood Bible” as well as another stellar album this year from the Brooklyn native. Stay tuned to find out what else TheGoat has been working on in due time. This project is one of my favorites & not too many albums can get with this one. It’s personal. That Sauce Different!


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