LET’S GO! I been waiting on bro to drop this! That sauce different! New York rapper, Curly Savv, releases “GLOCKY SZN 2“, a 11-track sequel arriving two years after the original project. The project features collaborations with some of the hottest new artists from the East Coast— Rah Swish, Quelly Woo, Dread Woo and Chicago’s finest G Herbo. The first one was fire of course but the second one, he definitely stepped in that spot. Curly Savv is and will forever be one of the pioneers of drill music in Brooklyn! He was hot before a lot of these guys. The project showcases Curly’s sauce & that effortless glide over bass-heavy drill beats as he tells personal stories of him coming up, loss and winning.“40”, “Candy Shop”, “Calendar“, “DREAMS 2 REALITY“, & “Batman & Robin” are just some of my fav songs on this project that Curly done dropped off!

All my real ones that’s been in tuned with this New York drill  remember “Curly Savv & Dah Dah 1st Quarter” way back in 2016. They really the first to jump on UK drill beats and never got the recognition they deserved. Curly always been hot. His flow is creative & not the usual drill rap flow. If Curly talking hot, you know the track about to slap something serious. Curly Savv just put his foot on necks with this new project. He need to go mainstream already, It’s not fair. I feel like as long as he consistent, he can do what he want. This man getting better each day. Curly’s too underrated fr. This album “GLOCKY SZN 2” proves he still got his sauce! That 50 cent “Candy Shop” sample was too crazy & definitely top 5 best samples out right now when it comes to drill. It’s safe to say HE’S BACK! Curly gonna be viral if he continues like this. Keep being great. This whole tape heavy! The culture needed this. That sauce right here!


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