Let’s get it! Sauce Alert! One for all the hard workers, “Project P.U.M.A” (P.layas. U.sually M.ake A.djustments) is the brand new album to come from the homie 2 Dub Official & it’s on all platforms right now! This 10 track release encourages everyone to really learn life, be aware & just keep working towards their goal, reminding us that obstacles will come but Diamonds are formed under pressure. He gave us some joints that we definitely gonna be playing in the future. The emerging artist 2 Dub Official has been putting on for Toledo, Ohio went crazy with this new released project! He always been associated with music & working with other people but 2 Dub Official been serious about his own music for about 4 years now. His journey looking back has been one hell of a grind. He started off doing spoken word then tweaked it all the way up. He’s managed to make alliances with producers and other artists from California, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Texas & as well as his hometown. The bars and word play is so hip hop, LITERALLY. This project was full of life stories & gems. The way he laid his life on a few tracks. This project been on repeat since the drop. Actually spitting bars & giving substance while trying to have your head rocking. Grown man rap always hit different especially when they just giving nothing but game!

2 Dub Official has released quite a bit of content since he jumped in the music game in 2018. His catalog is fire! A True OG. Leading through his music. “P.U.M.A” definitely showing his development, bars & storytelling through each track. A loose generalization of what’s happening in the the world back then & today. Some people really had to survive when that was the only thing they could do. The project is not only relatable but solid from beginning to end. He talking that talk, giving you that raw hip hop feel & the beats were just right. “P.U.M.A” which is one of the joints on the album just happens to be my favorite joint from it. The title of the song speaks for itself. Players always have to make adjustments. It’s all apart of the game. Just make sure you paying attention as he elevates & continues his effort on making memorable music. He’s dropping some quality sauce right now. A few of my other favorite songs on this project are “Energy”, “What’s My Name”, “Anyone”, & “Dog Walker”. Those really set the tone for me besides “P.U.M.A”. I’m gonna be rocking this till the end of the year. SAUCE! 2 Dub is said to have a bunch of music in the stash but he’s more focused on bringing attention to his music getting into blogs, doing podcasts, appearances, and music videos this year. So, expect to see & hear more from him all 2022. Make sure you take your time when you listen. Straight sauce right here!