I’m not gonna even waste your time; DULEY1K should already be famous.

Before we start I want to be fully transparent, I didn’t know who Duley1k was before being tasked to write this. That’s not a knock on him but there are just so many artists releasing music I can’t keep track of them all, but this young brother is FIRE! I’m not gonna even waste your time by making you wait, DULEY1K should already be famous.

I checked his music out on YouTube; the first song I listened to was “Long Live The King” and I Had to put it on repeat about 3 times. This kid has an amazing flow and the way his voice melts over the tracks with pain and vulnerability is something you only hear from artists like Roddy Rich or Rod Wave; them gangsta blues that only the real can relate to.

You can hear the DNA of Georgia in his music which makes sense seeing as though he is a native of The peach state. Raised in zone 6 Duley1k, born Abdul Diarrassouba started making music at the age of 15 at the behest of his big brother; using his upbringing and his surroundings to create a musical picture that many can vibe to and some can relate to. With experience living around all around the state of Georgia, he was able to get experiences from many walks of life and you can hear it in the expansive topics his music covers. He for sure isn’t just a one-note rapper. He engineers his music, plays the guitar and writes every word you hear Him spit. He is a Jack-of-all-trades in the music industry and has even branched out into doing photography. This young mogul in the making isn’t letting any door stay closed for him and is an example of hard work and talent paying off in the long run. Mark my words DULEY1k is gonna be on the top of a lot of peoples list by the end of 2022.

with over 9 albums and 120 songs already released this 21-year-old there is a ton of music that you can check out now on all streaming platforms. I’m sure you will find something you like in his extensive catalogue of bangers. Be on the lookout for His upcoming project “Astronaut Kid” dropping sometime this year but date has yet to be announced. Make sure you follow him on all social media because this young brother is set to blow!

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